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A Just Plain GOOD Day!


My "umbrella" tree!

Wow – yesterday was a pretty day – well, honestly it didn’t start out all that great but that just gave me a chance to have a decent nap when Mom got home from her errands….but the REST of the day I spent inspecting the front yard.  When I went to the front garden I found that my FAVORITE plant was way bigger than it was just a week ago!

I call this my “umbrella” because if I’m out in the rain it keeps me dry (sort of) and if I’m out on a sunny day it keeps me out of the sun (mostly) and if I’m spying on a squirrel or bird it’s PERFECT cover!  It is of course Mom’s dwarf Japanese red maple tree.  It’s 15 years old – older than me even…..

My Dad went flying today because it was such a nice day.   I know most of you have seen Dad putting the plane away after he’s taken it out for a spin but just in case!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Dad "parking" the plane in it's hangar after flying......

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a swell day again.  I’m sure I’ll be able to go outside and do another yard inspection tour.  My parents count on me for SO MUCH around here!  Another way cool thing I realized today is that my one year “Blog-A-Versary” is coming up in a few weeks.  I started my blog on May 10, 2011.  Just think!  Almost a whole year I’ve been telling you every single day what I’m up to….not earth-shattering stuff I suppose, just another day in the life of a spoiled cat….but I sure enjoy doing it.  I’ve met and made SO many new friends all over the world.  I’m thinking of doing something special for the occasion so stay tuned OK? HAPPY FRIDAY….Your Hugging Buddy Sammy 😀 😀

“Our” Front Garden


Hi Peeps!  I call the front garden OUR garden because one of my favorite things to do when I go out front with my parents is to hop into the front stone garden and hunker down under the miniature Japanese maple tree.  The branches after they get full leaves on them make a round dome and I can go between the branches and hide!!!  I get to see birds and squirrels and sometimes the chipmunks WAY UP CLOSE.  They don’t see me.  I see them though……… 🙂

Front Garden 2012

My little personal "umbrella" otherwise known as a miniature Japanese maple tree.....

Cool huh?  Once that little tree leafs out it’s a GREAT hideout. 

My parents went to the nursery this morning (plants not babies!) and got a new shrub for up by the garage.  One of the two plants that lived there died this past winter for some reason…..so they got a replacement.  I gave it the sniff test and it passed so I allowed them to plant it.  It looks happy. 

Two years ago my Dad was walking by one of the alberta spruces  when he noticed what he thought was a stick in it – he thought it was just some branch from one of our big oaks that blew out and fell into the shrub.  He got closer and saw it was a SNAKE.  Yep – just a black snake but it was sunning itself I guess – sticking straight out from the shrub about a foot and a half.   Dad did a double-take (or maybe a triple-take!) and told Mom about it.  Mom HATES (and I say HATE?  I mean DOUBLE-HATES) snakes.  They just left it there but Dad offered to take it out of the shrub and let it go in the woods.   Mom didn’t want him to mess with it and sure enough it was gone the next day………..thankfully……….I wouldn’t have wanted to see Mom passed out on the driveway if SHE’d been the one to find it. 


Happy Saturday !!!!!