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I think that might be the way people in Maine would say “monster” don’t you?  Maybe?   Anyway, it’s MONSTA day.   I’m ready.  I have TWO plans for how to deal with it.  One involves being brave (not likely but possible) and the other involves being a wienie (more likely and probable).


My doctor says I should do what makes me FEEL good when it comes to the MONSTA.

What would make me feel good is if the Monsta lived in the closet and never made another appearance but that’s not gonna happen SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………..watch out dust bunnies and old ginger kitty cat!


Once things quiet down I’ll be back out being a pest – I’ll admit it – the last few days I’ve not had much of my medication even though Mom has spoiled me even more than my usual “spoil” with ham and ham gravy baby food, chicken and sweet potato baby food, and turkey and turkey gravy baby food……..even my old FORMER favorite, strawberry yogurt.  I’ve turned my nose up at ALL of it.  I can tell she’s hiding that dingy dangy pill in there SOMEWHERE.    Anyway,  when I haven’t had my meds in a few days I get RESTLESS………..I scream more……….I pop up in Mom’s lap (at my insistence in the first place that she sit down IMMEDIATELY) and stay for approximately 2 minutes and 23 second before I pop back off and head somewhere ELSE to scream for something.  Pest?  Yeah I think that just about describes me.   I know – I know – I hear you lecturing me already…..”you have to take your pills Sammy”………”please take your pill Sammy”……..honest, I am trying to cooperate but…………………SO Mom will talk to the vet guy about transdermal meds – I’ll have to go to the vet in the next couple of weeks for my 4 month thyroid check anyway.

I’m such a little devil aren’t I ??????

Anywho…………after cleaning today not sure what my parents are gonna do……….hopefully it won’t disturb my nap.   Snoopervising cleaning is exhausting.

Yes Mom....we know how you feel about it all.....

Yes Mom….we know how you feel about it all…..

Hugs, Sammy