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In And Out Cleaning

Or should I say DOUBLE monster day?

Or should I say DOUBLE monster day?

It’s MONSTER day but guess what……….not just inside monster but also outside monster – the leaves will be sucked up AFTER the house is finished!   That means I will have NO PEACE today.


There is one good thing about the outside bit though – – – – right now we have so many leaves down that I can’t find my grass to munch on!  It’s totally covered AND I don’t particularly enjoy walking on the leaves either.   So, after they’re “removed” by the SUPER DUPER MONSTER outside, I’ll be happy.   I’ll try to grin and bear it until it’s over with.   Mom is gonna be brave too in her OWN special way………HAHAHA

Yes Mom....we know how you feel about it all.....

Yes Mom….we know how you feel about it all…..

There aren’t any dust bunnies OUTSIDE though………..just inside……………I’ll be standing by to come out from hiding!


Cleaning out my own litter box......HAHA

No worries Mom – I’ll handle cleaning out my own litter box……HAHA

Mom and Dad think that all the leaves will be down in the next few weeks – hopefully before Thanksgiving.   I’m not so sure………..I still see an awful lot of them hanging on for dear life up in the big oak trees………..

More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

See? Still some green leaves that haven’t turned!

You may remember this photo – I usually drag it out from my photo files in the Fall…………it just reminds me of how pretty Virginia is in the Fall…………this is a photo my Mom snapped out the window of my Dad’s Cessna as they flew over the countryside several Falls ago……………every color there is!

Fall Trees

Leaves from up in the air…..

From the air it looks like a box of jewels or maybe a big box of candy……….every flavor and taste………..the beauty of Virginia Fall…………..can’t beat it!

Happy FRIDAY !!




Run Bunnies, Run!



 Yep – that’s what Mom said so today is the day!


You know I complain a whole lot about monster day but really I appreciate that Mom and Dad keep the house so nice and neat and clean all week.  With just the three of us living here and rarely having company, the place stays pretty nice and straight though.  The bunnies are few and far between………..Dad changes the filters in the A/C system regularly……when Mom dusts every Friday we don’t have so much dust you can write in it !!     Just a sprinkle here and there…….still, with two monster machines going on two different floors it can be a bit noisy around here for a while.   Today I get a bit of a break……..they won’t be simultaneously  monsterizing because Dad isn’t here!  He’s flying (again) as today is a carbon copy of yesterday with beautiful weather.  Mom will be doing the whole house BUT one floor at a time!   YAY!

So enough about housecleaning……………. how about I tell you about my vet’s phone call to Mom this afternoon.   Turns out my thyroid level is slightly high.  That isn’t a big surprise to my Mom because she’s the one who tries everything to get me to take my pill every day…..and I’m the one who digs his ginger heels in on some days and simply WILL NOT COOPERATE.   Yeah – I take the fall on this one.  Not Mom.   We’ve tried every flavor of yogurt (which worked for a long time), almost every flavor of baby food (which mostly works but not every single time) and you know we tried pill paste, pill pockets and sneaking it in people food including bacon and NOTHING works as well as the baby food.   SO, Mom is going to really work harder to get me to EAT my pill.     As it is, she gives me a little in my first taste of baby food in the morning……then if I’m really eating it well she’ll give me a bit more or sometimes all of it at that time.  If I don’t cooperate, she’ll give me a little then wait until afternoon to try again – AND AGAIN – AND AGAIN  so Mom is trying.   She will continue to try and I promise I will try harder too!    Doc says transdermal is the next step but he really thinks that because my level is only slightly elevated, if Mom can get me to eat more of the pills, I’ll be fine.   THE END.    I go back in 4 months for another checkup.

My Catsultant......hahahaha

My Catsultant……hahahaha

All you ever wanted to know about my health but were afraid to ask (hahahahaha)……………I tell you all everything anyway even if you don’t wanna hear it!

That’s about it for the Friday Report from Casa Kimmell.   I hope all of you are fine, furry and fluffy this morning (or at least FINE!!!!!)……………have a super Friday……………….

Hugs, Sammy


Watch Out Bunnies!





I bet you thought I meant “bunnies” as in EASTER or BUGS right?   But if you know me, you know I mean bunnies of the DUST type.   They collect in gangs and wait for Fridays (at my house anyway)  to hide in places Mom NEVER visits with the Monster Machine…..or the dustmop…….or ANYTHING.   We think it’s the same place where the missing socks from the washing machine or dryer go……and the twist ties from the bread and rolls…..and all sort of thing that just DISAPPEAR!

We’ll do our part to hunt them out and remove them from our premises today.  Honest we will.  then Mom will be having THIS:


I’ll be back in the coolest and quietest place in the house – which could be just about anywhere.  One place you will NEVER find me though is where the Monster lives during the week…..nosireeeeeeeee………….no way!


Maybe it’s time for another visit with my doctor???????????


Happy Friday!

Crazy Sam the Monster Man!

The Monster’s Here


Here we go again on a Friday….of course that’s monster day around here and I am as prepared for it as I ever am.   Just keeping an eye on the hallway closet waiting for it to make an appearance.    Then “LET THE CLEANING BEGIN!!!!!”…………………

"Mr. Clean" (?)

“Mr. Clean” (?)

There are two ways of looking at the cleaning thing………..one of course is that we keep our homes nice and neat and clean and  tidy, but we should also consider that when we clean, we might be destroying the lives of millions of dust bunnies all across the world!


I say I’d rather do without the bunnies and the sneezing from the dust and live in a nice clean house…….if anyone’s gonna mess this place up it should be ME!   Right?

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Yeah the place is a mess but I like my stuff where I can keep an eye on it!

Tomorrow is Bacon Day as you all know but Sunday is a HUGE day………..it’s Mother’s Day ( yay for Mom) AND it’s my 4th blogaversary and the party I’ll be giving for YOU – all my friends  –  to celebrate that occasion.  Make sure you stop by  even if it’s just for a minute OK?


Now get out there and start your Friday———————-it’s  the end of the week and  you have to START today to get to the end of today and the weekend!  Right?  Right!

Hugs, Sammy

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Squeaky Clean


Friday is cleaning day of course and while our house will NEVER – NEVER be “squeaky clean” , Mom and Dad do their best to get it at least presentable.   I help.   I really do.   I put all my toys back in my toy wagon, I point out the dust bunnies to Mom, and most of all, I try to stay out of the way as much as possible.

My thoughts on cleaning......

My thoughts on cleaning……

Mom's thoughts on cleaning.......

Mom’s thoughts on cleaning…….

Mom says she’s thinking of hiring a maid………..this is the one she says  could probably do the best job.   I say she’s SCARY.



Oh well………… it’s gonna be done whether I’m happy about it or not so I guess I’ll just toddle off and wait until things settle down then I can come back and get on the computer again.   I’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready to go to Paris tomorrow.   My “Sammy’s Travel Group” at Cat Scouts are heading off to Paris!    Can you believe it?    I’ll have lotsa photos next week you can just bet!   Including at least one of me hang-gliding off the Eiffel Tower.    Which reminds me, we have a SURPRISE GUEST hang-gliding with us……wonder who THAT will be?    You’ll just have to wait and see!

Happy Friday

Hugs, Sammy the Dust Bunny Hunter