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Drive-In Movie Nite!


Happy Monday!   I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day?  We did at my house………..I got my Dad a book by one of his favorite authors and a card from ME ME ME that he kept by his chair all day so he could look at it often.  He’s saved every card I’ve given him for the last 14 years……What a Dad he is!

So I wanted to share some fun photos from an event we had at Cat Scouts that was just SO MUCH FUN……………I suggested that we have a “Drive-In Movie Nite” and everybody hopped on board with the idea – it turned into quite a fun time but we also wound up turning it into a “Retro Fifties Drive-In Movie Nite” with some great old cars that we all drove, some super fifties outfits and tons of fun through the evening – even during intermission where some of us Cat Scouts worked in the concession stand at the drive-in!    Here are a FEW of the tons of photos posted during the evening……….like I said, everyone hopped on board the “retro ride” and it made it a SWEEEEEET evening of fun!

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Cat Scouts is tons of fun – if any of you decide you’d like to join up – head over to http://catscouts.com and register………..then make sure you join MY Troop – The Wildcats!!!   If you have any questions about Scouts let me know……

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser as you know……………..I have been toying with the idea of having a SURPRISE time for the post to appear in your mailbox………you’re all used to it popping up at 6AM Eastern Standard Time – what if you had NO IDEA when I let it go “live”??   Would that make it more fun????  What do you think?  Let me know!!   For now though, just know that we have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow and it will be “live” at the usual time……..

Happy Monday!   See you for the agonizing Tuesday Teaser tomorrow………………

Hugs, Sammy