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Australia Day!


That’s right!  It’s not just another Monday – today is Australia Day and the Tabby Cat Club is celebrating – are you?   We have friends/followers “Down Under” and we’ve always thought it was way cool that when we’re having our WINTER, they’re sliding into their SUMMER and vice versa.   Topsy-turvy!


I did a few photographs in honor of the occasion which I’ve posted on Tabby Cat Club today but thought I’d show them here in case you don’t have time to visit the TCC!   These were FUN to do….tee hee.



And last but not least…….they have some brilliant spots to snorkel…..


Another thing that’s happening today is my friend and fellow Cat Scout Raz from Friends Furever Blog  will be waiting at home to hear from his Mom that his Dad has come out of surgery and is fine and dandy.   Raz’s Dad is having a catheterization procedure today as he had to go into the hospital Friday due to chest pains…….He’s resting comfortably but of course everyone is worried and we’ve got all the POTP we can muster going to Raz’s Dad so feel free to join in!   We all know how the Power of The Paw works so let’s put it to work for Raz and his family.

A friendly reminder that tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER and it will NOT be a Guest Teaser……………not sure if that’s good or bad (haha) but it is what it is – tomorrow’s toughie will be courtesy of my Mom!   Batten the hatches, get out your magnifying glasses and atlas reference materials and be ready to examine a photo and tell me where it was snapped!    If you’re first you get that FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award – if you’re right but not first you get the RIGHT GUESSER award, and those of you who are BIG FANS of never getting it right will get yet another BIG GREENIE!    Some of you are collecting your GREENIES….maybe some day they’ll be worth something!   Tee Hee

So until tomorrow – try to be good………….try to stay warm (or if you’re “Down Under” try to stay COOL) and I’ll be anxious to see your guesses on the Teaser!  Remember it will pop up at a random time……….you never know when!

Hugs, Sammy