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Giving Mom A Break….


Well everybody – my poor old Mom seems to be coming down with SOMETHING…….like a cold or cough or flu or something icky.  She really didn’t feel good yesterday AT ALL but she was brave and did the grocery shopping, laundry, ironing, then shared her lap with me (yay) for nap time and by evening she felt worse……..

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Come sit down and rest Mom….you don’t look well! I’ll keep you warm!

I haven’t seen her yet this morning so I’m not sure how she feels after sleeping last night.  Poor Mom.   It’s bitter cold here – yesterday was super windy and while she had on a heavy parka with fur-lined hood it was still mighty darn cold.  I DO try to take care of her but you know how stubborn humans can be.  They insist on doing stuff they maybe shouldn’t do like indulge their spoiled rotten cats by going outside with them in the ice cold to let their cat children have a munch of grass (yes – I confess – I did that twice yesterday)…….

So, if we’re not hopping on and off responding to your comments quickly today – please forgive us…….I’m going to concentrate on “TAKE CARE OF MOM DAY” today.  I need her to be totally feeling good for my birthday pawty next week you know.  But I also love her a lot and don’t want her to be sickly! 

A sickly human is NOT fun to be around…….but Doctor Sam is on the case!

Huggies on Friday……..(oh – and yes it’s monster day but Dad’s going to do the housecleaning all by himself – what a guy!!).

Sammy 😀 😀 😀