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Snow? Yah We Got Some….

January 2012 Snow

The view from my porch toward our driveway

When the weather guy said “a few flurries” we kind of thought “big deal”…..and really it wasn’t a big deal overall but it was NOT flurries…………we got about an inch AND it covered my sidewalk and my grass.  Sure did.  That meant even though I was brave and asked Mom to let me go out in it, I had to get wet feet and no grass munching for my trouble.  Harumph.


January 2012 Snow - another view

View from my porch toward the left side of the yard

I like this shot best though because you can see how the snow was sticking to every single teensy tiny itsy bitsy limb on the trees – looked like a fairyland (not that I know precisely what that looks like of course)…..but wanna hear something kinda funny?

By yesterday at 1PM it was all gone…….totally – like it never happened.  Our temperatures got into the low 50s and it’s just a distant memory now………sure was pretty though while it lasted.

Happy Wednesday!!