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Teaser Tell All Class In Session


Greetings and Salutations Students!   Have a seat…………..

Today’s class is of course the TELL ALL and we are happy to tell you that this time around, we not only had a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, we had a LOT of RIGHT GUESSERS.    Concatulations – but first – may we have a drum roll for our FIRST COMMENTERS please????


No Chester, sorry but it is NOT you………………..you in fact were asleep in the back of the room when we went “live” yesterday!    But there were THREE students who were on the ball enough to be FIRST COMMENTERS:

Sharon at Friends Furever, Charles Huss at BadCatChris, and Jackie at Two Devon Cats!


Darn……I tried!

Each of you get one of these FABULOUS badges of your VERY own!:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of January 22, 2019! YAY FOR US!

No worries students – there’s always NEXT week to try again!!

We want to show you the TEASER photo again and as we told you Tuesday, it was NOT a Guest Teaser it was from our Graphics Department and here it is one more time:

This is a great view of Georgetown area of Washington, DC and that’s the Francis Scott Key Bridge with Georgetown University up on the hill!    This is 41 miles away from where Ding Dong School is located in Virginia……..and ONE of you students said you knew it because you had boated under this bridge before!


Charles Huss of BadCatChris which makes him a DOUBLE WINNER today!

I was a FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 22, 2019! A DOUBLE WHAMMY WINNER!!!

There were a BUNCH of you who recognized this as a photo from Washington, DC and if you were one of them, you get one of these to show off on your blog!

I guessed the TEASER correctly on January 22, 2019, BUT I wasn’t the first one to do that….I still got THIS cool badge though!!

Those of you who TRIED but didn’t guess correctly – well – you still deserve something for the time and effort you put into trying to figure it out!    You get one of our FABULOUS GREENIES:

Darn! I tried to guess correctly on the Teaser of January 22, 2019 BUT I didn’t……there’s always NEXT week!


YAY – I guessed right so I get a RIGHT GUESSER badge….


So this was a BANNER week this week for many of you………………concatulations – see what studying does for you???????

I studied and all I got was HEARTACHE!!!!!

Let’s see if the Cheer Team can cheer you up – ready, set, go!

It was an Easy-ish Teaser but we owed you one
The previous ones were toughies and you didn’t have fun!
Now we handed out some badges this week yes it’s true….
And Charles Huss was so good HE won TWO!
We’ve seen his photo on his blog and he’s a snappy dresser……
But he wasn’t the only FIRST COMMENTER there were TWO MORE!
Sharon and Jackie were just as fast to come through the door!
So concatulations to you all who won badges this week……
Study hard again and go for a WINNING STREAK!

Thanks ladies………….you did well considering you had a few names to get through……..but you know it’s a VERY RARE Tuesday when we only have ONE First Commenter.   That makes your cheer too darn easy – more fun with more winners!

Well I’m still UPSET cuz I wanted to be FIRST RIGHT….I think I’ll just pout all day.

Go right ahead and pout but whatever you do, don’t cry on your lunch tray and get your lunch all soggy.   Who’s up for lunch????

Hi Students……..well…..seems I may have to leave you again for a little while in order to have some – er – REVISIONS to my surgical procedures done.   Things seem to be “moving around” a little and I don’t like the direction they are headed (like to my hips for instance!).    I’m sorry but I’ll be back again soon – until then we’ll have coverage here so no worries.    Enjoy your lunch!!


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See you next week students!!!!!   Your Professors

‘Twas A Windy Wednesday


Oh boy oh boy was it one windy day yesterday…………..in fact it’s been windy for SEVERAL days now and I’m worried about how the beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington, DC are gonna make it.  This weekend is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival parade and the blooms are supposed to be “at peak”……….it’s been a real struggle for them this year with the super long winter and now the winds of April – they showed them live on the news this morning (the blossoms that is) and while some were open, most were in tight little buds like they had their sweaters on because of the cold.

Now THIS is windy!

Now THIS is windy!

It’s one of the busiest times in Washington, DC……………my Mom and Dad and I live about an hour and a half away from THE BIG CITY (and we’re fine with that!)…..and Mom and Dad haven’t even been to D.C. in YEARS.   It’s a shame but it’s just not easy getting THERE from HERE……….the highway system for a big city is not at all user friendly – there’s nowhere to park – they want you to take public transportation BUT out here where we are that means taking a train to the underground to a bus……it’s not gonna happen (so says my folks).   SO, instead of enjoying the museums and all the monuments and stuff in person they watch it all on the local news.  It’s safer and you don’t have to worry if you have a sweater or an umbrella or the right change for the Metro.  I say they’re just a couple of WIENIES!   See what they’re missing????


This is how they looked LAST year at the Tidal Basin!

This is how they looked LAST year at the Tidal Basin!

DC is a beautiful city – well a lot of it is anyway – around the Mall……..but once you get out of that general area, it’s every man, woman, dog, cat and bird for themselves.

There are some fun places to visit though….like the Spy Museum.  Did you know there was such a thing?  Oh yeah……….back when it first opened some friends of my Mom and Dad were going and invited my parents along……it was super interesting – they’ve got some really cool exhibits there.


Washington, DC is a beautiful city and you’d think being this close my parents would be going there often but they much prefer living in “the country” – it’s quiet here – it’s “horse country” – lots of open space and the mountains are only about an hour away – my folks would MUCH rather drive along Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge than go into town and hope they don’t get mugged.   Sad isn’t it.   I say they’re just WIENIES.   But they’re MY wienies and I love them.