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Friendly Filling In!


Let’s Fill In Shall We???

Every Friday our friends at 15andmeowing and Mcguffys Reader co-host a FUN blog hop wherein we get FOUR sentences (two from each host) and we get to “fill in the blanks” !!    It’s a fun way to get to know each other and more and more people are filling in every week!    If you want to pawticipate – please do – just click below to go to McGuffy’s then use the LINKY tool and that’s that – it will link to your blog and you can strut your sentence fill-in stuff like I do.


Here are this week’s sentences AND I’m letting Mom fill in today!  Her answers are in RED.

1. My favorite herb or spice is hot curry powder!.
2. An herb/spice I dislike is ginger.
3.Lately, I have been working on trying different dried fruits in my biscotti recipe – raisins, dates, dried peaches – some rather strange sounding things for biscotti but I like experimenting!.

4.This Winter was almost non-existent (not that I’m complaining!) .


We want to show you how Teddy dressed up yesterday for Dr. Seuss Day……………………….he was a lucky boy in that his “Auntie Ellen” from 15andmeowing crocheted some toys for him AND a couple of hats!    The Seuss hat AND another one which you’ll see on St. Patty’s Day!    Miss Ellen is an amazing crochet-er (is that a word?) and I was lucky enough to get a lot of toys she made which I left behind in the toy wagon for Teddy to have when I went to the Bridge.   Teddy is STILL exploring that wagon – it’s full of fun!    So here’s Teddy in his hat – well – ALMOST in his hat……he was totally uncooperative when it came to posing…..which is a shame because it was an adorable hat!



Silly Teddy – this is how it’s SUPPOSED to look – below is 15andmeowing’s beautiful Phoebe modeling HER Dr. Seuss hat – why couldn’t YOU do this????



Now we’d like to show you a photo Mom took the other afternoon which probably would embarrass the heck out of Teddy if he saw Mom posted it but she couldn’t resist……….it’s cute……..embarrassing but CUTE!


CAN YOU HEAR THE SNORING??????????????????????  I can hear it at the BRIDGE!


I’m ready to cook for Teddy’s Birthday Party tomorrow!!  Let’s do it Mom! 

EVERYBODY plan to come celebrate Teddy’s First Birthday!

LOVE, ANGEL SAMMY (and Teddy too)

More Baby Shots

More Shots of Baby Sammy

I can't even FIT on top of that tan platform thing anymore! And the basket? I still like to poke around in it even though I can't wedge my big old self in there anymore......

Mom’s still going through my baby picture album and here are a couple more “gems” for you to take a peek at.  It’s really funny about that tan thing.  Mom keeps some toys in the openings but honestly there’s no way I can get IN there anymore and I really don’t fit on top of it either! 

I’ve always liked baskets – I think a lot of us felines do from what I’ve seen on other blogs and in other people’s houses who have kitties.  We like to pick and poke on whatever the basket’s made of but it’s also a nice little cozy item that most often FITS JUST RIGHT.  We can get inside of it and it just fits around us like it was made for us!  This basket I’m standing in still sits next to my Dad’s chair and it’s probably got the same magazines and catalogs in it as it did twelve years ago when Mom took this picture!!!  ( 😉 sorry Pop!)   My Mom has a basket by her recliner too and I like that one too but for another reason……Mom has a book of crosswords and word puzzles that she messes around with sometimes and inside of the book is a pen.  Tee Hee……..I like to steal the pen and hide it somewhere…..usually under the footstool or in the kitchen pantry.  I know – I know – you’re saying to yourself “that’s mean!” but really it’s just another game. 

We cats love to play games………with ourselves, with our “siblings” or even with our parents!!!

Happy Saturday Gang!

Your Pal Sammy



Training Humans….Not Easy!

Yet another baby photo of Sam

Lemme go Dad...lemme go...I wanna run around...lemme go!

Gee, this picture makes me look pretty small…..Daddy couldn’t keep me on his lap for long – I just put my little “tractor paws” in gear and off I’d go!  HAHA  One advantage to having big paws with extra toes – it was hard to hang onto me for long.  Nowadays, it’s hard to get me to move……..I much prefer a long and luxurious nap in one of my favorite spots.  I can remember when Mom took this photo though – – – Dad was a little bit “out of his element” when I first came to live with them.  He had very little experience with cats……he’d had a dog for 16 years when Mom first met him……he didn’t “get” cats.   His dog had been totally dependent on him and having an independent kitten running around the house was a BIG adjustment!

Mom knew all about cats.  I didn’t have to train her at all! 

Anyway, I worked hard on getting Dad to adjust to having a wild kitten around the house…I’d pop up in the most unlikely spots just to keep him on his toes.  In a big three story house like this, I had lots of places to hide and wait until he came by – then I’d jump out and scare him.  Wheeeeee!   Nowadays of course I’m much more dignified and settled down….that’s not to say that I don’t work hard at keeping my parents on their toes though.  Lately my favorite thing to do is hide somewhere and not answer when they call me.  HAHA   Then they have to search alllllllllllllllllll my hiding spots in the whole big house looking for me.   I figure it’s good exercise for them at their age.  

That’s another thing………we’re ALL growing older together.  How cool is that?  Still, it’s fun to look at all these old photos and remember when I was just a baby and we were all adjusting to each other.  The beginning of my life as ONE SPOILED CAT!

Happy Wednesday Peeps……….


Cats Love Laps!

Lap Naps Are GREAT!
Lap Naps Are GREAT!

So here I am – at a very early age – learning the fine art of lap-napping as ALL cats eventually learn.  I didn’t quite have my positioning right, but Dad didn’t mind.  I just kind of slid down from lying across his waist but he was just happy to have me there in his recliner no matter what!  Anyway, we cats are truly MASTERS of the fine art of napping.  I can find some really great spots to catch a nap.  I have some window perches Mom and Dad put in some of the windows that are great, but I also like falling asleep in the sunshine on a bed or the couch and now that I’m “a cat of a certain age” I have been known to nod off out on the front porch while Mom’s sitting in the rocker keeping an eye on me. 

Mom’s got a lot of pictures of me napping – why?  Maybe because I do a lot of that around here….but that’s just because I am so happy to be part of my family and feel so relaxed that I frequently nod off.  It takes a lot of energy to be a cat….so we have to recharge our batteries more frequently than humans do.  As soon as I wake up from a good nap, I stretch my legs, give a BIG yawn, and run off to find some mischief to get into.   Life is great – especially after a good nap. 

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?