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The “Cookie Rug”

Sam On His Cookie Rug

Having a munch on some treats (or cookies as we call them in my house!)

Hi Everybody!  Happy Saturday……today I have a sort of long story to tell which relates to this photo Mom took of me Friday.  

WAY back when I came to live with my parents twelve years ago I sort of bonded immediately with my Mom.  She was my “primary care giver” and had several cats throughout her life whereas my Dad hadn’t – maybe I somehow knew that?  Anyway, one of the things she did RIGHT OFF THE BAT was make my Dad the “cookie/treat dispenser”……her way of getting me to depend on Dad for something.  Well, it worked – big time.  The little rug that sits in front of his recliner became the spot where, if I wanted a treat, I’d go and sit and give him “THE LOOK” – sure enough, my personal cookie dispenser (aka Dad) would give me a handful of treats on the little green rug! 

Eventually of course we started calling that rug “the cookie rug”……after some years, if nobody noticed that all my treats were eaten and there weren’t any there for yours truly to munch on, I would leave a rather BLATANT and noticeable reminder that someone was falling down on the job!  That’s what the pink rubber circle is all about. 

Actually that little pink rubber circle used to live in the basement.  It was part of a toy I had torn apart (oops) many years ago…..all that was left were two rubber circles – a red one and a green one.  

It was MY idea to leave the reminder but much to my parents’ surprise, the red rubber circle that I had kept in the basement all of a sudden started appearing on that green rug – Mom said “that’s to call attention to the fact that he’s out of cookies!” and that’s exactly right.  I brought it upstairs and deposited it on Dad’s rug during the night because – horror of horrors – he FORGOT TO LEAVE ME COOKIES BEFORE HE WENT TO BED!! 

So, there you have it…….the story of the little green cookie rug and the pink rubber circle.  Mom always puts the pink circle back by my toy box if she finds it on that rug (after she gives me some treats of course!).  Sure enough…….it makes its’ way back to the REMINDER SPOT if someone doesn’t keep my treats stocked up.  Heaven forbid.  Who runs this joint anyway????????????? Hummmmmmmmmm?????

Happy Saturday gang



Mom, Dad (and Me) Celebrate

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

Mom heading up the aisle with her Dad - 9/8/90

Yep – twenty one years ago today Mom and her Dad were heading up the aisle in a little chapel to join my Dad up front to say “I DO”…..Her Dad was very sick but had wanted to escort his daughter up the aisle in his old Air Force uniform since he hadn’t been around (!!) when Mom got married the FIRST time!  Why not?  Because my Mom and her first husband eloped!  This time, Mom and Dad did it right – in a little chapel with their bestest friends and family!  If I’d been there I could have been the ring bearer – I would have been so cute walking down the aisle with their rings on a little pillow strapped to my back!  HAHAHAHA  Of course if a church mouse had shown up – well – goodbye rings! 

OK – enough silliness….today is their special day and I gave them a special present.  What?  Well, I don’t sleep with my parents on their bed – I used to when I was little, but I haven’t done that in several years because I prefer prowling the house at night and sleeping during the day!  However, last night I gave them my anniversary present – – – I came upstairs just before midnight and hopped up on the bed, came over to my Mom and purrrrrrrred loud enough for her to hear me – she woke up and snuggled me next to her.  I stayed the whole rest of the night right between my Mom and Dad. 


Kitty Hugs and Kisses from Sam, YOUR Spoiled Cat


To Bee, or Not To Bee…..

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

Hey Mom...do you see where that bee landed on my nose yesterday??

Happy Sunday Folks….so here’s my latest saga.  It’s totally BEElievable!  I was out on the front porch with Mom while it was lightly raining yesterday afternoon.  Mom was in her rocker and BEEautiful me was sitting on the top step to the porch just out of reach of the raindrops.  I had my eye on a big old bumble bee that was “visiting” Mom’s potted plants on the porch.  I have a healthy respect for bees…..when I was younger I thought they were fair game for a swat-fest like other flying insects – I’m always up for a game of “you buzz around me and I’ll try to smack you down” but I learned bees shouldn’t be messed with.  

Anyway, I watched it and watched it and it even buzzed around Mom briefly before landing on an azalea bush (maybe having a drink of water) then it made a BEEline for yours truly!  Quick as can BEE and BEEfore I could react – it landed on my nose!   I just sat there…..I didn’t know what to do……neither did Mom……I just told myself “BEE still Sam” and sure enough off it flew – in fact it flew away from the porch and out into the yard FAR away from us. 

I don’t think bumble bees are as MEAN as some of the other stingy things that come around the flowers and stuff on the porch and yard……..we get hornets and wasps and all kinds of critters that are downright MEAN.   I think Mr. Bumble yesterday was just curious about the furry red and white striped creature watching him from the porch and decided to check me out “up close and personal”……

Maybe now I have a new friend.  Somehow I think I’d rather have a chipmunk as a new friend rather than an unpredictible BEE! 

Farewell Mr. Bumble…….please find yourself another “landing strip” to park on instead of my nose!

Sammy, One Spoiled Bumble Bee Landing Zone…….NOT!