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Pre-Teaser Monday Time!


Happy Fake Spring at Ding Dong School!!

Hello Students.  I bet you were surprised to see all the Spring flowers and stuff out front of the school when the bus dropped you off this morning.    Our groundskeepers were so sick of Winter they put a bunch of potted plants (some of them are plastic) out front just to give it a little bit of a SPRINGISH feel.    Winter needs to take a hike.

Enough weather talk.   Today we have a couple of things to take care of in class.    First thing is to get you prepped for tomorrow.   Just a bit of a refresher on rules and badges and boring stuff like that.    THEN we will head to the cafeteria where our Miss Dingleberry will be meeting Dream Date #2 (who you chose for her) and we hope to see a little spark there!     Then they will be whisked off in the limo to their dream date.    More on that later – right now let’s talk TEASER.

I’m so happy we’re helping Miss D!

I’m glad we’re helping Miss D too but let’s talk TEASER!!!

Here are your rules YET AGAIN………………and the badges that are up for grabs:


So now you have an extra reason to want to win the Teaser competition this week………………………. !!    Remember – our post for tomorrow will be coming to you at a SURPRISE TIME so be on the alert!!!!!     Most of all remember when you get here to COMMENT FIRST!

Now you’re talkin’ !!


We are ready to win a “bit of the Irish” with a badge too!!

I’m glad we’ve got you fired up…………..now all we need to do is head over to the cafeteria for the MEET AND GREET between Miss Dingleberry and Dream Date #2!

Miss Dingleberry, here is the Dream Date #2 candidate that our students picked for you!!!!

Presley Elvisburger, this is our very own Miss Dingleberry!

You two will be whisked off on your special blind date in the luxury limo we rented for the occasion, and the two of you have an all expenses paid date at:


The beautiful Elvis Restaurant with its’ owner/head chef, BBQ Bob!

We hope you kids have fun!

Don’t worry about a ‘ting Miss D – Your Svedish Chef has it under control!   READY FOR LUNCH STUDENTS?

Today’s Menu:


Remember – surprise time tomorrow and COMMENT when you get here!  

Your Professors