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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Two For One Day!

First up is Thankful Thursday Hop with Brian – one we look forward to every week because we can publically share what we’re thankful for this week.    I am VERY thankful that my Mom and Dad are so understanding of my need to go for walks outside.   I know they wondered if I would be like Sammy and easily trained on leash and harness and WOO HOO for me – I was most happy about it.   If it meant I could go outside and sniff and walk and dig in the dirt and eat grass then I was UP for it.    Every day I get at least three walks – Mom or Dad or sometimes both of them.    Lucky?  Oh yes indeed I am!

There are so many things I’m thankful for though – this is just ONE of the things I love the most.

The next part of today’s blog is my Angel brother Sammy’s FAVORITE thing – the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge…………………..and he works very hard at the Rainbow Bridge all week then takes a break on Thursday to write a poem and email it to me via his Bridge Wi-Fi connection.    Here’s what I got from him LAST night to celebrate this week’s letter – the letter “G” !!

Hello poetry lovers!    Your old friend Angel Sammy coming to you from the Bridge and this week we are writing poems about ANYTHING starting with the letter “G”!    I also gave you four prompt words for you to choose from if you couldn’t think of your OWN “G” word – the prompts were:

(1) Garden (2) Giggle (3) Groceries (4) Grandma

I had a lot of trouble deciding which of these to write about but I wound up picking my favorite because it was “Mom” time for me when she worked in her Garden!   

“G” is for Garden

by Angel Sammy Kimmell, 7/26/17

Gardens are places where hopes can grow

You plant some seeds and watch the show!

Young seedlings pop up from the soil

Then comes the hard work but it’s worth the toil!

Veggies and flowers my Mom had gardens galore

She loved them all but the deer loved them more!

The critters would munch and get their fill

Mom’s All You Can Eat Buffet served food and they got no bill!

Time went on and she decided to change

No longer in the yard – she changed her range

She gardened on the porch and on the back deck

Plants she could raise and the animals were in check!

The woods around the house provided plenty for them to eat

The birdfeeders sunflower seeds were STILL their treat.

Our gardens are smaller but at least they survive

I always helped Mom take care of them as long as I was alive.

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

So did you write a poem today to celebrate “G” ???  If you did, put your blog link in my blog comments here and we’ll follow the link to read your WORK OF ART!    Or if you’d rather, you can put your poem in my comments – we can read the whole thing right there!    It’s FUN to write poetry – it doesn’t have to be in any particular format – it doesn’t even have to rhyme.   Just put your feelings and thoughts on paper and SHARE!   

Next week we’re moving on to the letter “H” and I’m going to give you the prompt words but remember you can write about ANYTHING starting with “H” – the prompts are just for fun and in case you can’t come up with something on your own!!   Ready?

(1) Happy  (2) Hobby  (3) Heart  (4) Home

I’ll be here next Thursday to see how you do AND to share my poem with all of you………………until then, this is your friend Angel Sammy heading back to do my work here at the Rainbow Bridge.   Remember, I’m always watching out for ALL of you………………

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Bro!   Thursdays just wouldn’t be the same without a poem from you.   We hope our friends write something to share too.    Speaking of sharing, Mom has some new photos of me beating up my poor old red tent.   It’s definitely on its’ last legs but I love it like it was brand spanking new.    I’m kind of tough on my toys……the old white mouse that belonged to Sammy’s has been reduced to a pile of rags (Dad’s old handkerchiefs) holding it together.   It looks just like a big pile of rags and I carry it EVERYWHERE – I even take it to the room where my Mom or sometimes my Dad happen to be and leave it so it can guard them and keep them safe!  

This was Sammy’s old mousie – just a white mouse that he used to keep up on my Dad’s dining room chair…..until I found it of course!

This my dear friends is what’s left of Sammy’s white mouse – held together with “bandages” !!!  BUT I LOVE IT STILL!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop…….see you then!

Love, Teddy


Pre-Christmas Crazy Cat

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Oh it's SO exciting around here this time of year!!!

 How’s a guy supposed to STAND all this excitement?!?!  I pestered Mom all day yesterday about those boxes she and Dad stacked in the library – I know what’s in there – I know those boxlids NEED me – and most of all I know that in just a few days the tree will go up and those boxes will open up finally.  In the meantime, I am having a hard time containing myself.  This morning while Mom made coffee I did the 1,000 yard dash in a big circle around the downstairs – – – thru the kitchen, family room, hallway, library, foyer, dining room and all over again about four times at my top speed (which is pretty darn fast!).  Mom laughed the entire time.  I finished with a flourish in the family room with my tail all bushed out like a raccoon and my ears back ready for play.

Isn’t it funny that some of us can be calm, cool and collected until there’s a BIG change in our routine, then we go nuts.  I’m one of those guys.  I may be almost twelve but I’m still a kitten at heart.  I’m right in the middle of anything my Mom is doing. 

After I calmed down, I sat on Mom’s lap while she watched the news and weather on TV.  There’s SNOW in Tennessee and Mom says that’s not too terribly far from Virginia……….wonder if it will sneak over here and dump some white stuff in MY yard?!  We are supposed to have rain today but so far – nobody’s talking about a white Christmas. 

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I hear the unmistakable sound of that shopping bag up in Mom’s studio where she has all the wrapping stuff.  That’s my cue – – – time to go pester her – – – Daddy’s busy having his coffee so I’d better not bug him but Mom’s always ready for a “Sammy-Pester” !!!!  GOOD OLD MOM!

Happy Tuesday

Sammy, One Getting-To-Be-Excited-Cat

The “Runaround”…….

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Come on Mom! Let's play!

So, several days of rain, rain and more rain have me feeling not only water-logged but ready to play.  While Mom made coffee this morning I decided to shake things up a little bit and spent about two minutes running in a circle at top speed – from kitchen, through dining room, through foyer and a big slide on wood floors into the living room and continuing on this circuit while Mom giggled herself silly in the kitchen.   I then proceeded to run up two flights of stairs and immediately back down, finishing with a bit of a slide across the linoleum in the kitchen to my food dish wherein Mom had already deposited my morning meal!  I guess you might say I’d worked up an appetite by then so it worked out PERFECTLY.

While Mom sipped her coffee, and after I had about half my breakfast (I always save some for mid-morning snack) I ran back upstairs and went into Mom’s bedroom, hopped up on the bed and pestered Dad until he got up. 

It’s what I do…….this “household/human management” thing……After almost twelve years I pretty much have it fine-tuned but there’s always some tweaking needed.   I just happened to really luck out in the human department though – training my parents actually has been pretty easy.  Once in a while they slip up but…………THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL………… 🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled People Manager

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of….Catnip

My Cousin Toby as a Pirate (sort of)

Cousin Toby....The Pirate (sort of)

So, I understand from other blogs that today is International Talk Like  A Pirate Day.  In the spirit of the occasion, I thought I’d show a picture of my buddy, Cousin Toby, in his semi-pirate costume.  To be honest, he was having to wear a patch over his eye to keep light out while it healed BUT, you have to take your pirates as you get them – right?  I think he’s adorable (for a dog) and since Mom has never caught me in my full pirate regalia (nor will she ever) I’m borrowing Toby’s picture. 

As for talking like a pirate?  Ahem…..(clearing throat)……I’ll do my best:

“Ahoy Mateys!  Avast and shiver me timbers but it’s chilly out here on the water this fine morn!  Heave ho me hearties and hoist the black flag as we send the traitor to walk the plank! “

Now since I’m not crazy about water, I’m not sure you’d ever catch me on a pirate ship or shivering my timbers (I don’t think cats have timbers do they???) but you gotta remember today is a special occasion!   So come on gang – break out your pirate gear and have at it…….

Oh and a very special thanks to Auntie Carol and Cousin Toby for the photo of Toby in his pirate outfit – – – understated as it is, it’s still the thought that counts!!  (p.s. Toby’s eye is just fine now)

With a hearty yo ho ho and a Happy Monday

Sammy, One Spoiled Pirate Cat

Sam the Household Manager


It’s not easy being me….I have a LOT of responsibilities in this house believe me.  Keeping everything operating the way I want it to operate is pretty much a full-time job. 

I have to keep one eye on the clock at all times.  At precisely 5AM I wake up Mom every day and supervise the selection of my breakfast preparation…..the minute I’ve checked out what’s in the dish, I tell her it’s time to take me out on my leash for our first cruise through the yard – I know that breakfast dish will be waiting for me when we get back inside!  I have specific spots in the yard I have to check – the two cats next door need to be reminded constantly whose yard THIS is so I “mark” the trees along the property line every morning.  The rest of the day I circulate around the house to my various perches and make sure things are as they should be outside in my yard.  If I spy something that doesn’t belong there (like those darn cats) I run to get Mom and tell her in no uncertain terms that something is amiss.  Later in the day I sit at the front door and watch for the mailman.  As soon as he puts mail in our box I run and tell Dad since he likes to get the mail. 

I also tell Mom every single time I use my litter box.  Yep….I’m all for flushing as soon as I’ve used it.  Cleanliness is next to Catliness you know!  I make sure she takes care of “it” immediately or I’ll pester her to death.  Hey – I’d clean it myself if I could! 

Anyway, you can see that living here is a very busy life.  Still I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Mom and Dad love me and I love them and we look out for each other.  That’s why I don’t mind one bit being House Guardian and Household Manager. 

It’s a tough job…….but SOMEONE has to do it!

Happy Sunday from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat