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Conversational Snow

Sam Closeup Lap

Huh? What'd you say Mom?

Mom and I had some cozy time (as usual) yesterday afternoon while we watched the snow coming down.  Mom said it was “conversational snow”……not much to go on and on about but worth a “mention” !!   It was funny though because it kept changing – – – sometime teeny tiny flakes you could barely see – then it changed to big, fat, juicy flakes – then a mixture of both – then all sleet.  Couldn’t make up its’ mind! 

It’s too dark to see outside yet this morning but I’m going to bet that when I CAN see out there, none of the snow stuck.  It had been in the 50’s the past several days and think that made the ground and stuff too warm for snow to stick.  (gee – I sound like a real weatherman huh??)

Yesterday about dinner time Dad made a big fire in the fireplace and since my tissue collection is on the rug in the middle of the room, I had a perfect spot to watch the fire from.  We just spent the evening watching TV together and of course I grabbed some ZZZZ’s and it was the PERFECT day. 

So what makes a perfect day for you??????

Your Pal Sammy


Cozy Cat

Sam Under Afghan on Couch

Snug as a bug in a rug (well, afghan not rug.....)

This picture is a little blurry but you get the idea.  Mom was in her studio yesterday so I came upstairs to hang out with her.  This afghan was made for my Grandpa by my Aunt Valerie.  After Grandpa went to heaven, my Mom kept it and it’s one of my favorite things to snuggle up in.   When I’m in Mom’s studio she takes it off the chair where it “lives” and puts it on the couch…..I’ll stand on it and knead it for a while then curl up in it.  BUT sometimes I like Mom to put it over the back of the couch and make me a nice cozy tent!  Just like this!

I stayed in this tent for about two hours while Mom did stuff on her computer and wrote some notes and sketched……I like to keep my Mom company.  

Another way cool thing is that this morning – while it’s still nice and dark outside – Mom and I went for a walk out in the yard!  I guess it’s been quite a while since we’ve done that but I felt like cruising around this morning so Mom put my harness on, bundled herself up in her coat and hat, and out we went.  It was cool but not really too cold….and VERY VERY QUIET.  Lots of stars shining too.  We went around the whole perimeter of the house…..I’d stop occasionally for a munch of grass (what little there is anyway!!)……Mom would look up at the sky for her favorite constellations (at least that’s what SHE said even though I have no idea what a constellation is!!)….then we’d move off to another spot for me to sniff around.  Anyway, we went everywhere – even down in the front yard a little ways along the edge of the woods.  Then our neighbor opened his garage door to head off to work and when it squeaked open it scared me I pulled on the leash so hard Mom let it go and I ran SUPER FAST back to the basement door until Mom arrived and we came back inside. 

She got a cup of coffee to warm up and I had some of my breakfast.  It was nice to be outside after being inside for so long though.  I guess that’s what Mom means when she says she’s getting “cabin fever” !!??

Just another day in my personal paradise………… 🙂

Happy Friday……..



Sam’s New Favorite Nap Spot

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

I call this nap spot "The Grandma Chair"....I hope I don't roll over in my sleep!!

As you know, napping is my hobby.  I’ve been practicing it for almost twelve years so I’m now an EXPERT.  Yesterday Mom found me curled up on top of this chair in our guest room.   Lately I’ve discovered that behind this chair in the corner is a nice private little spot and for the last week or so I’d been taking naps back there…..but yesterday I climbed up on TOP of the chair and really liked it! 

This is a special spot……we call it “The Grandma Chair”…..why?  Well, the chair is a nice, comfy green armchair that used to belong to my Dad’s Mom.  The quilt I’m lying on is an old quilt that belonged to my Mom’s Mom.  In fact, the quilt was given to my Grandma as a present on her wedding day in 1946 so it’s OLD.  Older than me even!  Both of my Grandmas are angels in heaven now and I never got to meet either of them unfortunately. 

I think maybe when I’m all curled up on top of Dad’s Mom’s chair lying on Mom’s Mom’s quilt, I’m as safe as I can be – I can feel the spirits of my Grandmas “holding” me tight and giving me extra sweet dreams. 

How cool is that?   🙂

So where is YOUR favorite nap spot?  This is MINE (for now).

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat