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Sunday Selfies!


It’s That Time Again! 

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!

Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Sunday is Easy Peasy for me and Mom because all I have to do is stay still long enough to snap a picture of myself and that’s that – we post it – we join the hop and then we spend the day visiting other “Hoppers” who have done the same thing.   It’s a fabulously fun hop – and you should join up at The Cat On My Head (click their badge below and be transported there!) OR at the very least go there and visit the links – see for yourself how many fantabulous friends post their selfies on Sundays!


I look like I’m surrounded by ice cubes!  Well, the heat index yesterday was 109 – EEEK!  

Visit The Cat on My Head and see for yourself how the rest of us are keeping cool (and cute)!

Happy Sunday



Heat Wave Continues…..


Jeepers……I told you we were supposed to have a hot day but who knew it would be hotter than hot?  Friday it was way over 100 degrees and even in the shade it was unbearable.   I did just what I said I was gonna do – stayed inside and dreamed of cooler weather:

Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

Ahhh…nice cold SNOW…!

Late in the afternoon my Dad went down to the mailbox to get the mail and when he got back up the driveway he sat down on the front porch to read the newspaper.   He saw me at the door looking out and opened it to see if I wanted to come out on the porch.  All it took was about five seconds for that heat to hit me and I said “Thanks but no thanks Pop!” and headed back into the living room and my tissue collection.

Nice and cool under my tissue tent…..

I feel really sorry for the animals who don’t have shelter in this kind of heat and I don’t just mean around here – EVERYWHERE!   I also know lots of my friends and their humans don’t have air-conditioning and when it’s over 100 degrees, it’s hard to imagine NOT having it.   Our feral visitor “Stevie” stayed cool yesterday – she spent time in the shade lying on the cool grass….and Mom filled up her water bowl on the front porch twice – she even put an ice cube in it to keep the water cold! 

Stevie keeping cool in the grass!

I guess Mom will be heading out in the backyard any minute now to get the gardens watered before it starts heating up for the day.  I’m also sure she will offer to let me follow her out – because she usually does and I watch her water all the plants and the deck boxes then coil the hose back up (my favorite part…watching the hose!) and finally come back inside.  But this morning, I’m gonna PASS on going out with her.  I’ll watch her from inside the basement where it’s nice and cool.  See?  It’s even too hot for me to be COMPANIONABLE these past few days!  I hope it cools off soon…….I do like gardening with Mom in the mornings…………. 😦

Hope you have a COOL Saturday….either inside or out! 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


The Heat Is On!


OK….it’s just plain WEIRD – the weather that is.  People from all across the country and in fact OTHER countries are remarking on how different their weather is and has been……I’m one of them!!!  Today the weather guy said our high will be (get this…brace yourselves) EIGHTY-SIX !!!  Yes that’s what I said….! 

I thought I’d share a photo that I’ve had on my blog before of my cousin Toby.  Toby’s a shih tsu who lives with his sister Mollye up on top of a mountain in West Virginia with my Aunt Carol.  Toby knows how to cool off on a HOT day.

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

Toby Keepin' Cool !!

Toby just popped himself into the little pond Aunt Carol had in her backyard and lay on his belly and got cooled down. Looks pretty comfy to me…….and I have a feeling that before the day is out lotsa folks around here will wish they had a pond to cool off in – ‘cept for the fishies of course because they’re already IN a pond and already nice and cool!  It’s Friday………..or because it’s gonna be pretty hot maybe I should say it’s FRYday????  (tee hee) Sammy

Wowzers…What Weather!

Sam's house on the hill.

I can’t believe it but yesterday it was in the eighties!  EIGHTIES! 

If Mom had bought me that kiddie pool I begged her for LAST summer, I would have gotten the thing out, blown it up (well, Dad would have done THAT part for me) and filled it with water and taken a swim!  The fact I’m not crazy about water doesn’t enter into the picture – – I would have had just a couple inches of water in it so it wouldn’t have been like taking a BATH or anything (yuck).  Just a bit of a cool off.  We had the A/C on in the house even………..all day…………amazing.

Can this go on?  Who knows…..I guess this is one of those times when you just say “I’ll enjoy it while it’s here” – right?

Now – moving on……..Guess what ELSE happened today?  I got a really fun package of goodies from my buds Nellie and Kozmo at CATFROMHELL.  In honor of the fact I helped my friend Kozmo on his recently concluded Evil Mr. Chirpy Caper, I got my very own little yellow stuffed chirping chicken!  Yes…..and believe me when Mom showed me the envelope and it was chirping, it most certainly got my attention!  Mom got a new mousie pad too for her computer which she REALLY needed.  Her “David’s Bridge” one she did when she first published her book was looking – well – pitiful.  This Cat From Hell one is pink and looks nice on her drawing table.  I’m so happy.  Mostly I’m just VERY happy to have so many great friends in cyberspace.  I really am.  Blogging every day is a lot of work (as you well know since most of you do the same thing) but it’s let me meet a lot of fun kitties, dogs, birds, and people. 

I might be “one spoiled cat” but I’m also one LUCKY cat. 

Consider yourselves hugged! 


Yowza! It’s HOT…


Heatwave?  Yeah man….I’d say so….hotter than hot even!  When I got Mom up this morning for her “feed Sam breakfast” duty call, the windows were totally fogged up – they STILL are and I bet they will be all day long.  Mom says the humidity is as high as the temperature.  All I know is it’s pretty icky and sticky. 

I tried to be helpful to Mom this morning because it’s laundry day.  I like laundry day as those of you know who have been reading my blog.  The laundry basket becomes “available” on laundry day for me to play in AND Mom takes the sheets off her bed and changes them – I’m AT THE READY to help!  Here I am just after she got the blanket back on – if I play my cards right I can keep her from putting on the bedspread every single time by snuggling down for a nap – she can’t resist leaving me to snore away…..I’m sneaky like that!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

My favorite blanket just happens to be on Mom's bed.....I have to time it JUST RIGHT on sheet changing day so I can grab a nap before the bedspread goes back on!!

Hey!  Do you HAVE to use the flash on the camera?  How’s a guy supposed to get any rest with lights going off all over the place? 

See – it’s all about timing….timing it just right to get a nap on Mom’s blanket is just one of the reasons I keep a close eye on things around here on laundry day.  Now my next trick will be waiting for the laundry basket to come out of the closet so I can “hitch” a ride inside it when Mom takes it down to the laundry room! 

I hope it’s cooler in your part of the world than it is here….but if not, STAY COOL – well, since you’re reading my blog I already know you’re “cool” (wink wink)!!  Right?

Sammy, One Cool Spoiled Cat………

Move? Hmm…Only If I Get a Screened Porch!


Whoa….just got back inside from a very quick porch break and as much as I like a sniff of fresh air – I’m glad to be in the house again.  It’s hot and humid already and it’s still so early!  There’s no breeze – I can’t smell anything out there – not man nor beast (haha). 

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

It's a good day to stay inside and PLAY all day!

I heard Mom and Dad talking last night about maybe moving to a new house.  Something smaller because they don’t really need such a big place since it’s just us here…..I’m not sure how I feel about that.  This is the only place I’ve ever lived !  Will I have stairs to play on in the new house?  Will I have a yard and gardens?  Can I look out the windows and watch birds and squirrels and deer?  Lots of things to think about……but one thing they DID say that I like – they said they would DEFINITELY build a big screened porch FOR ME!!!!!  Well, maybe not JUST for me – I’m sure they would like having one too – but I would really like that a whole lot.  Outside smells and feeling but no bugs to bug me and I’d be safe so Mom wouldn’t have to stay with me every minute I’m “out”…..now THAT sounds great. 

We’d also stay here in this same town……just move to a place that’s not so much to take care of.  We have all these rooms that we don’t need (well THEY don’t need….I just consider them quiet napping spots where nobody will bother me!!!).  I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad…………something to think about……………it would be weird living in a new place after all these years but…….that screened porch sounds pretty good to me!

Happy Wednesday from Sammy, One Spoiled, Cool Cat!


My nice shady back yard hideaway (one of them!)

I'll be outside enjoying the gardens today - for a change!

Goodie!   Last night we had a bit of rain (yes I hid in the basement because of thunder!!) but this morning – it’s REALLY nice outside….so nice I let Mom put on my “sweater” (that’s what she calls my harness) and out we went in the dark before the sun came up……I love to go out and sniff around before anybody is awake.  Mom looks at the stars and I look at the trees for birds just waking up!  Anyway, it was way cooler – very nice – a little wind so I could hold up my nose and see who else might be around……I stopped walking at one point because I could smell deer – sure enough there they were – moving through the neighbor’s front yard.  Six of them.  Then five minutes later the neighborhood cat that comes for a handout showed up!  We had to come inside so Mom could get a treat for her.  I decided to stay inside and just watch “Stevie” (our visitor) through the front door windows.  We hadn’t seen her for a couple of days so I was glad she was OK.

SO – do you get the idea I’m happy this morning?  I sure am.  It’s been too hot to be outside and today it’s nice so I’ll be out there as much as Mom will let me.  I know she has stuff to do today so I’ll have to be patient and take my turn to ask to go out – BUT I pretty much have her wrapped around my little paw (well, big paws since I have extra toes!!) – SOOOOOOOO – I hope wherever you guys are it’s a nice day too so you can take your little (or big) pet children out for a walk to enjoy the air. 

As I said before…………….YIPPEEEEE!!!!!


Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!



One Cool Cat……


No weather complaints this morning from THIS spoiled cat that’s for sure….it’s only in the 70’s and feels SO much better out there.  Those of us with fur or hair or fuzz or whatever covering our bodies appreciate a break from the heat that’s for sure.

This morning Mom brought her digital camera downstairs from her studio – I know what that means – she’s going to try to take more pictures of me.  I know I can be very photogenic but I also know that I have this trick I do when at the last possible second I turn my head and NOT look at her or the camera!  HAHAHA  Well, anyway I think it’s funny although she is not amused. 

Mom and I were looking at some postings by her friends on Facebook this morning and she showed me some pictures that were way cool!  Mom’s friend Dana Smith-Mansell has some dogs dressed up with sunglasses and beach/pool gear…..got me thinking yet again about the possibility of a kiddie pool.  Anyway, I’ve never been to the beach before…..but for me, it seems like it would be just one great big huge LITTER BOX!!!!!

I’m off to see what kind of mischief I can get into.  There’s always one or two surprises just waiting to be sprung on Mom.  It’s a tough job but SOMEONE has to do it!

Enjoying the sunny stairs while in the A/C!

Enjoying the sunny stairs while in the A/C!