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Perky Again!


How I Spent My Tuesday

Napping with Mom on the recliner

Napping with Mom




Napping on Mom



It's good to be me......

Napping on the Sofa

Got the general idea?  Halloween hoopla just plain wore me out.  I certainly got caught up yesterday though…..I’m feeling perky this morning. 
I’ll find something to get into today – i can just FEEL it – I’ll start by opening all the cabinets up in the kitchen and leaving the doors open……then maybe I’ll leave a few toys in unexpected spots – like on the stairs maybe……I may even get up the energy to do one of my famous “three floors of stairs running marathons” !  Of course if I do that at my age, I’ll be worn out again and have to spend all day Thursday napping to make up for that.
Hmm……..perhaps I’ll just be my usual self today.  Whatever that is.
Sammy, One Rested Cat!!