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Monday Morning Meow


Hi Peeps!  What a glorious Sunday we had.  Yep – it was chilly but not TOO chilly…..sunny but not TOO sunny…..and busy but not TOO busy. 

Mom worked on her computer a lot – well, I had to consult a bit because she was working on some designs for my “store” – and as the design consultant of course I had to stick my paw in and stir things up!  We’re making progress though.

When I wasn’t actively HELPING, I was doing some bodily maintenance – you know, like cleaning my ears, straightening out my tummy hair, and of course the old foot cleaning:

Good thing I only have extra toes on my FRONT paws – I’m not much for “fancy foot work” (haha) !

Sometimes we cats have to get into some rather unusual positions to get all the bits and pieces of our fabulous selves – good thing most of us are so good at cat yoga…..and if we are slightly full-figured (not me of course) it’s even tougher to contort the old body in order to get clean.  That’s why we rely on YOU – our peeps – to help us with all of this stuff by giving us the old brush from time to time:

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed
Yep – that’s the spot Mom…….

It feels great and is ever so relaxing…….

So, how did I get off on a tangent?  I was trying to tell you that we had a really great Sunday and wound up making it all about ME and my grooming…….not the most exciting subject in the world but after all, this is MY blog – right? 

Sammy Hugs for Everyone! 

Sort of Spring Again!


Hi…..me again…..and while I’m not complaining about the weather like I seem to do frequently, I do want to say that this is the wackiest spring we’ve had in my entire twelve years! 

We have wild swings from being in the 80s to having hail/snow/frost within the same week and YES I know some of you have that all the time but WE don’t here in Virginia!  Well, let me qualify that, we DIDN’T until this year. 

So I never know for sure if it will be a “lotsa naps” day or a “lotsa outside time” day.  That means I’m pretty much doing what most cats do which is live in the moment!  Nothing wrong with that……right? 

Here’s me today:

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Wake me when you're ready to go outside Mom!

I’m snoring away until Mom hears Dad saying “let’s go out on the back deck so Sam can have some fresh air!”……so up I get and:

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

OK, it's nice back here....but couldn't you have put ME in the picture???

Then after about 45 minutes it’s time to go back inside – Mom sits down on her recliner so of course I just HAVE to:

Sam Closeup Lap

OK...now let me just make sure I understand....we're going to STAY INSIDE for a while - right???????

See what I mean?  IN/OUT/IN/OUT……as for what kind of day weather wise it was – we started out with frost warnings this morning, then it warmed up to the mid-60s which really wasn’t so bad. 

I just had one of those days yesterday – had to stay on my toes (or at least either on my toes or on my tummy on Mom’s lap – one or the other).   Not a bad way to spend a day huh? 





A Just Plain GOOD Day!


My "umbrella" tree!

Wow – yesterday was a pretty day – well, honestly it didn’t start out all that great but that just gave me a chance to have a decent nap when Mom got home from her errands….but the REST of the day I spent inspecting the front yard.  When I went to the front garden I found that my FAVORITE plant was way bigger than it was just a week ago!

I call this my “umbrella” because if I’m out in the rain it keeps me dry (sort of) and if I’m out on a sunny day it keeps me out of the sun (mostly) and if I’m spying on a squirrel or bird it’s PERFECT cover!  It is of course Mom’s dwarf Japanese red maple tree.  It’s 15 years old – older than me even…..

My Dad went flying today because it was such a nice day.   I know most of you have seen Dad putting the plane away after he’s taken it out for a spin but just in case!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Dad "parking" the plane in it's hangar after flying......

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a swell day again.  I’m sure I’ll be able to go outside and do another yard inspection tour.  My parents count on me for SO MUCH around here!  Another way cool thing I realized today is that my one year “Blog-A-Versary” is coming up in a few weeks.  I started my blog on May 10, 2011.  Just think!  Almost a whole year I’ve been telling you every single day what I’m up to….not earth-shattering stuff I suppose, just another day in the life of a spoiled cat….but I sure enjoy doing it.  I’ve met and made SO many new friends all over the world.  I’m thinking of doing something special for the occasion so stay tuned OK? HAPPY FRIDAY….Your Hugging Buddy Sammy 😀 😀

Rainy Day Napping


What’s better than a rainy day for NAPPING?  Now be careful how you answer that.  Think about a nice rainy day – you’re all curled up on a favorite blanket, quilt, bed, soft chair, floor (?), cat bed, and you hear the sound of a gentle rain on the window or roof…….you get drowzy just listening to the steady sound of drops dropping.  Before you know it your eyes get heavy and WHAMMO – you just drift off.  Kinda like the picture at the bottom of this blog.

Mom went to the dentist so she was gone all morning – Dad kept me company and we patiently hung out together – me staring out the window and him reading a book in the library.  Soon we heard the garage door go up and there was Mom!  I followed her right on her heels when she went upstairs to change clothes, then back downstairs to get the mail, then finally she landed in her recliner and I could hardly wait for her to put the blanket on her lap.  I hopped up on her legs and within about two minutes I was SOUND asleep!  Of course she just happened to have her camera in hand so that’s why I was caught in this rather compromising position!!

So – whatcha think…….rainy days YAY or rainy days NAY?  You already know how I vote……………… 😀

Kitty Hugs, Your Pal Sammy the Grand Master of Napping

Snoozy Sunday

Sam Sleeping Close Up

Ahhhhh……Sunday.  My parents read the Sunday paper and I sleep.  Why read the paper anyway?  Now if you want me to involve myself with the newspaper – give me a chunk of it to add to my tissue pile !

Sure – I’ll read it….but I have to read it MY way….from the inside out.  HAHA …..

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....

Another Sunday rolls around and I get a FRESH supply of newspaper to play with!

But really – all I want to do on a lazy Sunday is BE lazy.  At my age, I’ve managed to perfect the fine art of “lazy” so why mess with a good thing??? Speaking of LAZY, my Dad’s still sound asleep in bed.  Mom and I have been up for a while now but I’m thinking MAYBE, just MAYBE I should go hop up on the bed and come up real close and give him a nice, loud 


Or would that be crossing the line of “acceptable behavior??????  I’ll let you know how my plan turns out. 

Happy Sunday!

Little Devil Sammylittle happy face