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Lazy Friday


Why lazy Friday?  Well because I’m planning on being a lazy bum today……………..that is after the monster stuff is done with of course.  The noise machine will work its’ way through the house slowly but surely – dust bunnies will be removed and/or pushed around and THEN and only THEN will I be able to move into “bumhood “……………. snoresville …………… naptown ………….. snoozylvania !!

Sam Sleeping (again)

My whole sleep routine has changed through…………..you will remember that I had a couple of years of enjoying afghan tents up in my Mom’s studio – every day when she was painting/drawing/writing I’d camp out under the afghan and sleep while she worked.  Well, I am no longer a big fan of the afghan tent.   No particular reason – I just like to keep my parents on their toes and make them wonder what’s going on in my ginger covered head.   Part of that is changing up my routine – nothing worse than being PREDICTIBLE!   So now I sleep other spots………….and my Mom never knows WHERE she’ll find me (unless I’m on her lap of course).


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Also Mom asked me to thank those of you who have recently ordered her mystery novel from Amazon either the Kindle version or the paper version because she’s had notice of some sales and it HAD to be you!!!   Anyone who has yet to read her mystery novel, “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” – well you’re missing out on a treat.  Even though I’m her “kid” and am bound to brag on her, I must say that complete strangers STILL write to her to say how much they like it – so if you’re one of the few who hasn’t read it yet – just click on one of the links on my sidebar.  Give yourself a treat.  You deserve it.


Yes that's my Mom's own painting on the cover!

Yes that’s my Mom’s own painting on the cover!

Speaking of books, you all know Bailey the Boat Cat who is now living full-time on his boat “Nocturne” with his parents in lovely Italy????   Well his book “Bailey the Boat Cat” was launched yesterday and he’s so excited he can barely stand it.  Mom says she remembers when her first book was launched and it is indeed an exciting time – BUT, now that his book is available, you should consider getting it because it’s BOUND to be a fabulous read.  The adventures of a cat who lives “THE LIFE” on a beautiful sailboat????   Oh yeah….you betcha – it’s going to be a big hit.

Hope whatever ELSE you have to do on your Friday, you manage to include some “LAZY” in your schedule…………….it’s what we cats do best!!!  Why change???   It works for us right gang??


Hugs, Sammy the Snoozer