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It’s that time again!  

Get out the monster machine

and clean the house time!

UHOH.....it's BROOMhilda!

UHOH…..it’s BROOMhilda!

As if it weren’t enough of an insult to the ears having that vacuum monster machine here, there and everywhere we now have BROOMhilda wielding a wicked duster and broom so there truly is NO PEACE on a Friday around my abode.


Does this guy REALLY wanna know how it makes me feel???


This pretty well sums it up!

I made an effort not to cause any extra time needed for cleaning the house today – I did NOT toss toys indiscriminately under furniture so there would be no moving of chairs and the sofa to rescue victims of me playing with my toys:

Nope- you don't HAVE to move it this week!

Nope- you don’t HAVE to move it this week!

I even performed a little “re-con” mission around the place looking for any dust bunnies that I could go ahead and eliminate prior to the CLEAN-A-THON……..

Here bunny - come out wherever you are!!

Here bunny – come out wherever you are!!

So I really did try to make it a SHORT cleaning operation today……………………but in spite of all my effort, there was not only cleaning but laundry being done………so I got VERY LITTLE REST.   I’m exhausted.   Pooped.   In dire need of napping.

Don't I look PITIFUL?

Don’t I look PITIFUL?

Well, I will make up for lack of rest tomorrow…………it’s also bacon Caturday so that will also soothe my aching head and ears and tummy.   I’ll be happy…..again……….at least for another week.   Then we’ll have this little discussion AND this little “whine-o-blog” from me again next Friday.   There are some things you can count on in life – – – –

  • I’ll discuss bacon on Saturdays (and maybe Fridays before Bacon Saturdays)
  • I’ll complain about cleaning day
  • I’ll need lots of sympathy from my friends

Is that OK with you?

Sleepy Hugs,




Whoops – before I forget……



What would we do without Mo keeping the Cat Blogosphere chugging along!  

Hope it’s a super special birthday!