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Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday is here yet again – it just keeps on showing up after Saturday so we keep doing a Selfie with Kitties Blue on the day after – SUNDAY!   Want to join in the Selfie fun?   Link up by clicking on The Cat On My Head’s badge above.   Then you can see everybody AND be part of the fun with your OWN Selfie too.

The very first thing I am doing before I show my SELFIE is to let you all know that Kitties Blue’s youngest guy, Sawyer, has had a rough time these past several days – two seizures and a trip to the vet.   We worry about him all the time and I know you do too – I did this badge for him a while back after a bad seizure – maybe if we post it again it will bring the little guy some GOOD LUCK.   He does need it and his parents need some more energy to deal with helping him.    Please keep all of them in your prayers.

I thought I’d do a FLASHBACK Selfie of ME this week.   Mom did take a “new” photo of me that we COULD use, but FLASHBACKS are fun.    I like seeing ME in the past – we all know what I look like in the present after all right?!

This is the “artsy” Selfie that Mom we posted on July 9, 2017 – I’d been here for five months and was feeling pretty feisty about then.    I was realizing that I wasn’t going ANYWHERE – I was HOME SWEET HOME!   


Here’s the “wee-me” photo that you can click to do the PUZZLE!!!

Happy Sunday and please don’t forget to send some POTP to Sawyer…..and his family.

Love, Teddy

P.S.  A reminder for Teaser Fans…..Monday there won’t be a PRE-TEASER class – just remember to show up Tuesday morning ready to study a photo and guess where it was taken!   Mom and I are going to go back to posting a “SPARK” on Mondays.