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Frozen Friday


Some critters like this cold weather stuff………………………..I’m not one of those critters!!!


I’m more THIS kind of critter…………..


I know it’s colder in lotsa other spots on the planet but today our HIGH was 12.   I’m careful when I slip out the front door for a three second breath of fresh air because I do NOT want to become a SAMSICLE!

At least I can look forward to one day of warmth when I go to Hollywood for the Oscars for Cat Scouts………..I’m an interviewer and will be hob-nobbing (whatever that means) with the stars in the warmth of sunny California.

Me and Meryl hangin' out at the Oscars......

Me and Meryl hangin’ out at the Oscars……

Then it’s back to reality………….which is COLD.   Maybe COLD reality is better than no reality at all?

Happy FROZEN Friday

Sammy the Eskimo

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Blowing and Snowing


We’re frozen solid here after two days of incredibly high winds (gusts to 50-60mph) and very cold temps……….and I for one am TIRED OF IT!   We really truly did luck out though on the snow thing because we only got about an inch of it – look what happened up north of Virginia!!!!   EEEEEEEEK!   YIKES!!!!!!    Brrrrrrrrrr!

Thank heavens this is NOT me!

Thank heavens this is NOT me!

Mom has been laughing at me through these past few days though because while I DO still ask if she’ll let me out the door, the minute she opens it and I feel the cold I run 100mph in the other direction OR I’ll go out then ask to come right back inside one minute later.  Hey I like fresh air but not FROZEN fresh air!


ANYWAY, moving on from weather to the main event this week which will be of course Tuesday Teaser………………no Guest Teaser this week but we WILL have one NEXT Tuesday!   Swell huh?   Tomorrow’s Teaser will be Mom’s.   And just to remind you – it pops up at a different time every single Tuesday.  Sometimes it’s early – sometimes it’s VERY early – sometimes it’s medium early……well you get the drift right?

Is the Teaser up yet?????

Is the Teaser up yet?????

Remember we have that brand new blog award too – the “First To Comment On the Teaser” award……….which LAST week was won by Easy!


You know you want it………….so stay tuned to your computer/ipad/iPhone/WHATEVER so you can comment first.  You may not know where the Teaser photo was taken but you can still be the FIRST to comment even if you just say HELLO SAMMY.

Now rest up – tomorrow will be here before you know it.

Have a hopefully UNFROZEN day!

Sammy (aka Sammy Eskimo)

Have you seen my new blog header?  In honor of February 17th MARDI GRAS!!!!!  





It can’t pawsibly  be a whole week since that noisy old monster thing was whipping around here can it?  Where does time go?   I guess I’d better just accept the fact that it’s cleaning day again and put on my headset and listen to some tunes while THE THING does its’ thing.


Other than that, nothing going on around here today except COLD.   Like I said in my blog yesterday, it’s tough to imagine Spring starts March 20th.   We’ve got a LONG way to go for it to FEEL like Spring that’s for sure.  Our HIGH today was 32.   Add the 50mph wind in there and I don’t even want to know what the temp was.

Wind?  Yep - makes it tough to know if this cat is coming or going!  HAHA

Wind? Yep – makes it tough to know if this cat is coming or going! HAHA

Mom has promised me (and you) that she will spend a little more time taking UPDATED photos of me instead of recycling the oldies.  Why?  Well mostly because I have slimmed down so much and am not the chubby little ball of ginger that you’re used to seeing.  I lost some weight and Mom gave me a break from camera posing while I was feeling a bit poorly and having difficulty adjusting to my medicine BUT that’s been ages now and my weight hasn’t changed so I’m ready to model.   HAHAHAHA

Thanks to everyone who said such nice things about my Mom’s oil paintings yesterday on my blog……..it made her feel all “warm and fuzzy”……….like a nice warm sweater!


Happy Friday/Monster Day

Hugs, Sammy



Monster Under the Bed!


HA!  There’s a monster in the closet and the monster is going to roam all over my house today removing bunnies of the dust type and wreaking havoc wherever it goes!   That’s right – it’s cleaning day AGAIN.   Why does it seem like this happens every other day instead of once a week?  Hmmmm?

Mom says most of the dust monsters are under the bed......I'm glad I don't have a bed then!

Mom says most of the dust monsters are under the bed……I’m glad I don’t have a bed then!

Are dust bunnies evil?  I don’t think so!   Do they deserve to be wiped out by the monster?  Seems like some sort of cruel trick to me!


Well, all the whining in the world isn’t going to stop Mom and Dad from doing the cleaning today so I guess I’ll just stay out of their way.   When in doubt – HIDE OUT.

Thankful for tents

Thankful for tents

I keep telling Mom maybe she should get a maid………you know – someone who can keep up with stuff instead of this once a week insanity?   I found this one online – I bet SHE could keep this place whipped into shape don’t you??????


We had some more “wintry mix” yesterday but just a bit………….overall I think we’ve been so lucky – nothing has kept me from a little sixty second burst of fresh air when I’ve wanted it the last couple of weeks – I whine at the door and Mom lets me on the front porch until I can’t stand the cold any longer and in I come.  What can I say – I like oxygen once in a while!

Then I was in a BIG hurry to get back inside...too cold!!

Then I was in a BIG hurry to get back inside…too cold!!

Hope your Friday is more quiet than mine will be……………….guess I could always just put on my headphones and listen to some tunes and ignore the chaos – right?

Hugs, Sammy





Back Again……….


Mr. Weather Dude said Tuesday night that Wednesday would be cold but there might be a “dusting” of snow to the north and west…………uhhuh………..yeah……….OK……….I can work with that!   Right?   Wrong!    If that was a dusting we got today – even though it was only an inch or so – I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (and that would be interesting since I’m a CAT!!!!).


Just a bit of snow early on – didn’t stick to the roads in our town – and out here it looked like this:

Not much on the Leyland cypress at the top of the driveway......

Not much on the Leyland cypress at the top of the driveway……BIG flakes though!

Seriously………….why not say “there’s a chance of snow throughout the Washington, DC region tomorrow”………..then we’re prepared…………we sorta know that we very well could have snow.  Plans could be made accordingly.  BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Good thing my Mom and Dad are retired and didn’t HAVE to go somewhere because the “dusting” we got turned out to be VERY slick……….Thank heavens for 4-wheel drive because my Dad – believing that there would be if ANY snow, a “dusting” left the house to run a lot of errands……..he was inside a store shopping for an hour and came out to a snowstorm of sorts…….BIG FAT JUICY FLAKES – no dust in sight.  HAHAHA     He got home alright of course and made it up our uphill driveway thanks to the Blazer……..

So you know how I complain all the time about the weather?  (If you don’t know that you should because I’m either griping about the rain or the snow or the temperature!)   I’m registering a complaint about the weather this time for sure.

Maybe I’m just getting really crotchety in my old age……….maybe I should just be glad I’m here PERIOD regardless of what’s going on with the weather.   After all, Mom and I were snug inside the house – I had access to her lap when she wasn’t on the computer – so why should I complain?

MAYBE just because I CAN complain………….age has its’ privileges after all!!!


Hugs from Snowy Virginia

Sammy the Reluctant Snow Bunny