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Another Monday!


It’s another Monday – another start to another week on the march towards the major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas………..then before you know it – NEW YEARS…………….and as you all know, on New Years Day I will celebrate my 15th birthday.   Wow.

FIFTEEN years (almost) since this picture was taken!  WOWZERS!

FIFTEEN years (almost) since this picture was taken! WOWZERS!

So, first things first – you probably know this already but the Blog for Peace is Tuesday……………You can get info and logos and all you will need at the Blog Blast for Peace page on Facebook HERE.    Choose a logo and make your own badge…………join the crowd who will be showing their peace badges on Tuesday!!!   I have mine DONE!

This was my badge for peace from LAST year!

This was my badge for peace from LAST year!

Also on Tuesday is the TUESDAY TEASER!    Yes indeed it returns at long last……….I just know you’ve missed it – but then again the party for Kyla was so important and so much fun maybe you didn’t notice there was no Teaser last week?   Well there is one this week and guess what……………..I have a GUEST TEASER!  That’s right……….so don’t miss out…………be here Tuesday to agonize over a photo taken on SOMEONE’s camera in SOME part of the world.



We have bone-chilling cold here………..thankfully no snow but boy oh boy is it cold.  I’ve stayed inside for the most part but WAS very brave and went outside with Mom yesterday morning in the wind and cold.   It was not pleasant but I did enjoy the fresh air – Mom probably didn’t – she was dressed in parka, hat, gloves and boots!   I of course wear my own parka, hat, gloves and boots thanks to my ginger furs!

Nope - I don't need one of these.....I'm BRAVE!

Nope – I don’t need one of these…..I’m BRAVE!



I Think Spring Got Lost…..


Yep – I sure do…….I think Spring got lost on its’ way to our house – and actually to a LOT of people’s houses.   I’m tired of it too – my Mom practically got blown down into the woods this morning while she was filling up the bird/deer/squirrel/whatever feeders in our backyard.  She was filling them up when a BIG gust of wind came along, ripped the bag of sunflower seeds right out of her hands and she lost her footing for a minute.  She could have rolled all the way down the hill (well maybe not quite but it sounds dramatic doesn’t it??).   Point is, the wind is ridiculous.  And Cold.  And ridiculous (oh I already said that).

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Dad I think I just heard Mom yell “HELP” out by the bird feeders!!! 

We want Spring.  Seriously.  Weird week though – brought temps in the 70s, plunging into the 30s and 20s, tomorrow in the high 50s, next couple of days in the 60s then SNOW SHOWERS AGAIN????  HUH?????  Are you kidding me????

I wanna see THIS - not piles of snow or dead leaves or BROWN grass!!!!

I wanna see THIS – not piles of snow or dead leaves or BROWN grass!!!!

***sound of cat hyperventilating*** Oh forgive me……I’m just so ready for the weather to get nice and stay nice.  Mom and Dad are too.  I know lots of you have it a whole lot worse – I read on some blogs that some of you have TWENTY INCHES of snow on the ground and some of you even more than that……so at least I can say we don’t currently have any snow left.  That’s ONE thing I can say “woo hoo” about right?   OK – thanks for letting me vent……..I feel tons better now.   🙂 🙂

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Yes Mom, I’m talking to you….who else can I whine to about stuff??????

Did you know Monday is St. Patrick’s Day?   I did…..I have two St. Pat’s pawties to go to – the TCC and Cat Scouts.   Not only that but tomorrow I’m in the DOGTONA Speedway car race at Ranger and Stuart’s big barkday party.  That should be a hoot.  And if that wasn’t enough fun – Mollie is having a “naughty underwear” blog hop on the 19th.   So even though the weather stinks, there’s plenty of fun to be had in blogville.  YAY!

I even got all "greened" up at Scouts for St. Pat's Day!

I even got all “greened” up at Scouts for St. Pat’s Day!

So will you be attending any Saint Patrick’s Day parties?  Will you wear something GREEN on “the day”…..Mom says if you don’t, you can get pinched.  I sure don’t want to be pinched so I might let Mom put a green ribbon on me – I said MIGHT!!!!  No promises!!!!



Stevie’s New House


Hi Peeps!!

I thought I’d let you know about a way cool thing that my parents did recently for our “neighborhood moocher kitty” who we call “Stevie” (short for Stephanie).   I’ve shared photos of her before:

She has a home (so they say), but she visits several of us on a rotating basis (us meaning neighbors) and in the last few years has pretty much decided she likes us best.  No surprise – my Mom feeds her and we’ve had a “padded kitty cube” with blankie in it on the front porch for her every year for the past several – she’s supposedly an outdoor cat – she won’t even come inside our house in fact.  Anyway, she’s friendly but keeps a bit of distance – we actually think she may have been a barn cat from one of the big horse farms around here – some of them have closed down and moved the horses out elsewhere but the barn cats were left to their own devices.

last week my Mom and Dad finally got around to taking the step to make life more comfortable during the time she spends here – especially since it’s been dangerously cold………they bought this from Chewy.com !!

StevieBed1 StevieBed2

Stevie LOVES it………….it’s got a 20 watt heater and the wiring/cord, etc. is all outdoor approved – the whole thing is waterproof – the heating pad has a fleece cover on it that’s washable.  It has a front and BACK door flap (although we had to take the front one off because Stevie was afraid of it (!!).  It was just “velcroed” on anyway – no biggie.  Mom wanted to get a photo of Stevie IN it but she roams around all day – and comes back at night to sleep here so we just have daylight photos.

With the weather as cold as it’s been, my parents wanted to upgrade the “home away from home” that we can give her when she’s visiting US.   Other families she visits may be doing similar things to help her but we wanted to help keep her warm too.   She may not be ours but we feel like she loves us so we’ll do our part.    When I go outside and Stevie is around she often will come up and poke me or leap on me and it scares me – YES I’M A BIG WIENIE but remember I’m an only cat……and I was a feral and who knows what happened to me before I was adopted – I just don’t like or trust other cats.  But I do SOMEWHAT trust Stevie.  That’s a big step for me.

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

See? I like having my WHOLE yard to myself – with no Stevie in sight!

SO, that’s my story for the day………..Stevie the wandering cat will have a safe, warm place to sleep when she’s here…….and plenty of food in her tummy (she eats what I eat and that’s pretty yummy stuff)……..and who knows – if I ever really get to trust her maybe – just maybe – I’ll allow her to move in even if right now she’s not too interested in that!!!

Happy Friday – it’s monster day around here so I’m headed to my hidey-spot in the basement………………..!!


Sammy – your intrepid reporter

Pee Ess….tomorrow is our beautiful ginger friend Dinnermintz SEVENTH birthday so make sure and visit to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!!

Slushy Monday


Hi All!

I tried to think of some “cute” word like mushy, slushy, to put in my blog title today because it is quite slushy/mushy thanks to the weather we had YESTERDAY on top of our “ain’t going anywhere until it gets a bit warmer” snow of a few days ago.  Wanna talk miserable?  Well it was……….ice/rain didn’t do a THING to get rid of the snow – it just made it like one big ice rink out there.  We stayed put………..AND I must say we have been WAY WAY WAY luckier than many of you because I’ve read on your bloggies that you have FEET of snow.  We have INCHES of snow……so I’m grateful for that.

One thing for sure – unless you’re living down south (and many of you do!) or in some other area of the world where it’s NOT “Winter” (like Down Under!!) you’re having a COLD spell right now.  Colder than usual maybe.  Mom’s brain was frozen yesterday (obviously) since she put me in a snow angel outfit and made that my “Silent Sunday” post!!!  HAHAHAHA

In case you missed this embarrassing photo YESTERDAY, Mom's embarrassing me AGAIN today!!

In case you missed this embarrassing photo YESTERDAY, Mom’s embarrassing me AGAIN today!!

To stay somewhat warm, we’re having a non-stop fire in the fireplace today.  We did that yesterday and it was toasty nice in the house.  We do have the heat on of course but that fire in the fireplace is like frosting on a cake…..just that much cozier.

LUV football - Super bowl, regular season - doesn't matter to me!

Come on Daddy light my fire !!!

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser – are you going to be ready?  The last two for the holidays were sort of easy because I was having fun using the North Pole for the Christmas Teaser and New York City where the “BIG BALL” falls on New Year’s Eve for the New Years Eve Teaser.  Well, we’re going back to the basics this time.  So be prepared.  This will be a photo my Mom took SOMETIME and SOMEWHERE and it will be up to you to guess where!!

Meanwhile, please stay INSIDE if you can……that’s what I’m doing.  I’ve been outside for 30 seconds a time or two but it doesn’t take long for that COLD to go through my pinkie paw pads and send me the message that it’s time to get back inside – – – ASAP – – – cold like this is dangerous.   If you can help an animal in need (a stray or feral) please do….shelter and a dish of food and water would be most appreciated I’m sure!!



Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

Me in my younger days – MUCH younger!


Speechless Sunday



(my version of a Wordless Wednesday!!)

Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

We’re all complaining about the hot weather…..I thought I’d just remind you of what’s coming sooner than you think!


Sammy 😀