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Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!


What?  It’s Tuesday already?  Time flies…………..HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?


That’s right – first order of business around here on a Tuesday is commenting…….because you might be FIRST or one of the FIRSTS and get a badge.   Big deal right?   Actually for some of our students, getting/earning a badge to display on their blog, page, social media, whatever – is the BIG event of their day.    Even if it isn’t something you show off to anyone, you might aspire to get the accolade and congratulations from US and the Cheer Team?   If so, stay tuned……….Teaser is coming……..

I couldn’t BE more ready

Just a quick review of the rules and badges then ONWARD:

Remember today’s photo was sent in by one of YOU……………….so this isn’t one from our Graphics Department.    Imagine that.   So it’s liable to be from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.


Yes – anywhere.    Just do your  best to figure it out from any clues that might be present and tomorrow the Cheer Team might be cheering about YOU being a winner!

I am gonna study this photo and find some hints to google and get it RIGHT this week!

So let’s not delay the inevitable – let’s bring our Security Guard in with this week’s TEST!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

 Remember – we need town/state or country!

We have other photos of this beautiful spot but we’ll show those tomorrow when we do the Tell All.

Pretty place but it could be ANYWHERE!! I won’t let it get me down though – I’ll just keep smiling!

Hmm……cool photo but where the heck is that?!

Cheer Team?   Cheer these students up this morning will you?

We don’t know where this photo was taken
But if we were there we’d order a martini stirred and not shaken!
Looks LA DE DA and oh so very classy
Would we be out of place since we’re hot and sassy?
Wherever it is we’re ready to go
But for now good luck to YOU – will it be WIN, PLACE or SHOW??????


We’ll let you know who sent this pretty photo in tomorrow………….meanwhile GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!!!

I want lunch! I need regular feedings!

Alright, alright – don’t wet your diaper – let’s all go to the cafeteria for lunch…………then back here to work on the Teaser photo OK?     We’ll see everyone back in class tomorrow for the winners (and losers)!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Another Tuesday at Ding Dong School and we hope your lunch today will give you brain power to guess the Teaser CORRECTLY this week!   

Tuesday Menu Selections:

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Happy Guessing Students!   Oh – did you know today is HUG YOUR CAT DAY?  

Your Professors

June 4, 2019