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Fab Friday


Yes you heard right…..  

I’m not complaining about the sucky monster. 

Why?  Because I’m giving Mom

a break on my whining.

What? No noise complaints?

What? No noise complaints?

I’m always talking about how disturbing it is when Mom and Dad both have vacuum cleaners going on different floors of the house on Fridays and how much it disturbs The Royal Baconator.   The fact of the matter is that I no longer hear all that well so that these days sometimes those machines are going and I’m oblivious – so oblivious that when Dad gets about three feet away from me and I’m asleep he’ll CALL me to wake me up!    If he got any closer I’d hear him for sure and it would FREAK ME OUT.    So a gentle “Sammy” in my ear gets me awake and out of the way.

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

When I’m on the Grandma Chair in the guest room I’m high enough to avoid the vacuum but the noise would scare me!

I think Broomhilda the Maid LIKES to scare me though………heck, I’m scared just LOOKING at her sometimes!



Broomhilda knows all my hiding spots for toys…………….not fair!

I promise there's nothing behind the couch this week Broomhilda - honest!

I promise there’s nothing behind the couch this week Broomhilda – honest!

Pretty soon all that will be over with – doesn’t take Mom and Dad long – they’ve got the routine down to a fine art now………….zip zap zoom and every room is ship-shape!   The last thing Mom does is clean the litterbox………….



About yesterday’s blog post – so many of you were tickled to see me performing routine maintenance on my ginger fabulousness and particularly liked that one photo of me doing my impression of a “Senior Contortionist”………….this one:


Mom remembered that we have a very similar photo – from several years ago……..


Not QUITE as “athletic” as the newer photo but still, I am demonstrating my “elasticity” which is hanging in there in spite of my sixteen years!   Next time the circus is in town I’ll see if they need a contortionist – I’m not to old to run away to the circus am I ???

SAMMYCLOWN2015 SAMMYCLOWNAnybody need a clown?

Happy Friday!  Sam the Ham

Pee Ess………before I go, I want to wish a special BIG SIXTEEN birthday to my ginger pal Flynn at TWO DEVON CATS.  Here’s to many more big days for both of us my dear buddy!