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Sunday Selfie


Time To Hop!

It’s us and we’re as usual joining up with the Kitties Blue for a Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!    The day we all put on our best “look” and focus the camera on US – so we can be stars – well, maybe not stars, but at least we can show ourselves off all around the blogosphere.    If you’d like to do the same, just click the badge above and visit them – use their LINKY tool and before you know it, people far and wide will be visiting to tell you HOWDY DO!

By now you know that my Mom is in love with Lunapic so just about EVERY Sunday she uses them to jazz up my selfie photos.   This Sunday is no exception.   She used an effect called “REDBLUSH” this time and what do you know – it wasn’t so WEIRD that you can’t tell it’s me – this time you can clearly see me – even if I’m close enough for you to kiss my nose in this photo!!

Yep – close enough for a smoochie!   

We are continuing our prayers for everyone effected by EITHER of the hurricanes……….Harvey or Irma……….ANY storm can be so very devastating and we will worry until we know all of you are SAFE.   If you are far away from the storms, be thankful you are spared this time around.     Everyone – please stay safe…………….

Love, Teddy