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Cleaning……and Waiting


Yep – cleaning the house has priority on a Friday BUT I’m still waiting, waiting, waiting for my lab results on the blood work too.   Cleaning and waiting – sounds like a law firm……”Good Afternoon, Cleaning and Waiting, how may I direct your call?”……..HAHAHAHA


Anyway, Mom and Dad have a couple of things to do this morning that will put cleaning on hold briefly – Dad is going in to sign the tax forms which are done AND Mom is dropping off the PC in the computer shop for the new CD/DVD drive installation!    This time I won’t be missing for DAYS – we have the new laptop so life will go on in the Kimmell household even though the PC is in the shop!



Yesterday was an amazing day – we really did have a touch of REAL LIFE SPRING.    I know it won’t last – it’s too early for it to last – but it was just plain GORGEOUS.   Seventy-four and sunny and Mom got the lawn tractor out for the first time and did a turn around the yard.  The lawn looks like “****” (if you get my drift), but there were some long tufts of “sort of” grass and a lot of leaves and now it’s at least cleaned up!   GO MOM!   She loves riding that thing – I was waiting for her when she came back inside all dust covered from the dry dirty back yard where she probably shouldn’t have driven but did.    So – Spring is arriving.  Our Bradford pears are blooming – that’s a sure sign there is HOPE!    As soon as there’s something pretty to show I will but right now – it’s still pretty BARREN out there.

Too early for azaleas but never too early for sidewalk cruising!

Too early for azaleas but never too early for sidewalk cruising!

I’m ready for the Easter bunny…………………..he never lets me down – just like Santa – always on time and always makes me smile……………………he recycles my basket – has used the same basket for 16 years now.   But there’s always something FUN in it on Easter morning – not a boring old egg!!

Don’t ask me where my 2014 basket is………Mom forgets to name photos LOGICALLY sometimes!

Anyway, I hope you’re ready for Easter if you celebrate it………………………..I’m just READY FOR BACON tomorrow!   I’ll also be BRAVE when the cleaning starts today – honest I will!

Hugs, Sammy

Pee Ess    The waiting is now over – the vet called before this post went live so I can report that I have to UP my dose of thyroid meds (whaaa) – two whole pills a day vs. 1-1/2 pills a day.   I’ll do my best…..after all, Mom gives me my pill in baby food which is pretty nommy so maybe it won’t be so bad….maybe.




Monster Time



Is this guy Irish????

Happy Friday – or – as we know it around my house – MONSTER DAY.    The house gets the “works” from my Mom and Dad with the dusting, toilet cleaning, kitchen counters and sink cleaning, vacuuming – it’s the noisiest day of the week.

Broomhilda will arrive shortly and help but really it’s my Mom and Dad who do the BIG stuff………….Broomhilda mostly just likes her uniform!


A lot of us furries really just plain do NOT like all the flurry of activity, removal of dust bunnies, moving of our toys from spots we’ve stashed them, etc., but we DO appreciate a clean litterbox!   


Some of us will even help our humans clean THEIR litterboxes!    That’s what I call “above and beyond the call of dooooody” though!


It’s true that the only really EASY to clean thing in the entire house – is US!

CLEANING-SELF!Well, it’s been just swell talking to ya but I’ve gotta get going…………………..I gripe and complain a lot about cleaning day but in the end, I do help.   Sort of.   I mostly stay out of the way and that truly IS a big help………..I will also occasionally sweep the litter I toss out of my litterbox when I’m using it into a pile for Mom.   I know – I’m spoiling her right?    Well, maybe we should call my blog ONESPOILEDCATANDMOM???????????


See you tomorrow for BACON CATURDAY!    Oh yeah!    My reward for surviving cleaning day!


Mr. Clean




Well I could hardly be called Cinderella right?  So I’ll be Samarella (NO – not SALMONELLA!!!!!)  and tell you that it’s CLEANING DAY and you know how hard Cinderella had to work with housekeeping – I’m working my buns off here today too!   Thank heavens BROOMhilda came by to snoopervise!

Samarella, at your service!

Samarella, at your service!

Thanks for snoopervising today BROOMhilda.....!

Thanks for snoopervising today BROOMhilda…..!


We’ll get this place whipped into shape before you know it…………………..I have help…………….someone is in charge of dusting under the beds:


Someone is in charge of floors:


And Mom said she’d take care of laundry so at least my crew doesn’t have to do THAT little chore……………………

Before you know it, the house will be:


Then I can play……………and have fun…………and of course snooze………….it will all be a distant memory – this cleaning thing just happens once a week but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t seem like just yesterday when we were doing this!

Speaking of playing though – yesterday I read on Hailey and Zaphod’s Blog HERE that to celebrate Phod’s FIFTH Birthday, they’re having a FUN kind of fund-raiser!   They want to see the REST of us “foolin’ around” – a photo of us just plain having some FUN.   Now if that’s not FUN, what is?!   And on top of that, Hailey and Phod’s Mom is going to donate $1.00 for every photo submission they get AND $.50 for every comment made on Phod’s Birthday Post on April 1st.   Donations will go to the Ontario SPCA.    Why am I telling you so far ahead?   So you can look in your photo stash and come up with a photo of you foolin’ around to send to them at leeandphod(at)bell(dot)net !    I sent mine in – how about you??????


Cool huh?   Feel free to use the badge to help them raise some money for their chosen cause and remember to get your photos to them ahead of time!!    April 1st will be here before you know it!

Big Hugs,

Mr. Clean (aka Sam)



Monsterizing Day and More



It’s my 16th Gotcha Day!

OK – the fact of the matter is that I don’t  celebrate my Gotcha Day every year…………..I’ve been here for so many years and have been so very happy and I do so many other “celebrations” all year long that my Gotcha just hasn’t been something I “crow” about.   However, I thought maybe since it’s been SIXTEEN years since I was adopted from the shelter, I would have just a little party.  No biggie – a few snackables and some cake – and share it with all of you – my good buddies and friends.     So – ready???  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SEEE????  No big deal………just a little snack here and there – no fuss, no muss.  Before I turn it over to the Vacuum Cleaner (since today is housecleaning day here) I just want to thank you all for being part of my SIXTEENTH Gotcha Day celebration………..you’re the BESTEST BUDDIES EVER!  




It’s time to get the monsta out of the closet – everybody TAKE COVER!


HECK NO!  It hasn’t even STARTED yet! 

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

UHOH.....it's BROOMhilda!

UHOH…..it’s BROOMhilda!

Alright everybody – listen up – I’m running the show today so I’ll give you your assignments and I want to see some ACTION around here!

MARVIN, you’re on windows!



BOB, you’re on dish duty!



GLORIA, you’re in charge of laundry!



SAMMY, you can get the dust bunnies from behind the couch and under the bed!



“Scuze me BROOMhilda, I have a little toe maintenance to do first!”

And in the end, the house is as spic and span as it can be…….


WHEW! I’m glad THAT’s over with and everybody is gone – now I can REST!

Sam Closeup Lap

Mom – they ARE gone now – right?

“Yes, Sammy my sweet, things will be quiet now – go to sleep big guy…….!”

LOVE, SAMMY (and Mom)

Cleaning Day



When the weather outside is too cold to do anything out there – what do you do?   CLEAN THE HOUSE!   Yep – even if it wasn’t the usual day for housecleaning around here (which it is), we’d probably be doing it.   There’s been a lot of in/out/in/out around here – trudging down to the mailbox at the bottom of the driveway, taking ME ME ME out on the front porch and down the sidewalk (now that it’s free of snow and ice!) and trips to the outside trash can…………..so even though Mom and Dad (not me of course) change shoes from “inside” to “outside” shoes, some dirt/sand/whatever gets inside.

Out comes the MONSTER………………..it handles it all – noisily of course but it’s handled!


I’ll tell you how it makes me feel Dr. Puppy, it makes me feel like my head will explode from the noise!    BUT, I just go down to the basement and wait it out.



Before you know it – things are back to normal………………..



I say normal but you know what?  I’m not sure there is a “normal” around my house……………..if there is, he’s hiding in a closet somewhere and only comes out at night when we can’t see him.   Probably goes to my treat bowl and helps himself.   Watch it Mr. Normal……..I’ve got my EYES on you!


Happy Friday!!