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Monster Friday


“Knock, Knock….Cleaning Service!”

Oh how my Mom would like to hear that every Friday instead of dragging the monster out of the closet and doing all three floors of housecleaning herself – well, truth be told, Dad DOES help but still, for two humans and a cat it’s a lot of cleaning!

So I’m going to start helping…………..It’s only fair…………….


Then when things are all nice and spic and span (or at least as close to it as my parents will ever get!), I can finally curl up and get in a nap (or 10) and all will be right with my world………..!!


Keeping this spot on the Guets Room bed nice and warm for Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig when they get here to visit me NEXT week!!!!!

Now – what else can I do (or not) today????

Hugs, Sammy, President

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