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Filling In and Cleaning Up


WOW………….what a busy sounding title to my post today right?   Well, that’s because it’s Friday Housecleaning Day but it’s also Friday Fill-Ins with 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader.   So I think THIS week I’ll do the fill-ins FIRST then tell you about the BIG CLEANUP event.


This week the sentences to fill-in are:     (This Friday I’m doing the fill-ins instead of Mom, and my answers are in RED)

1. The best brand of kitty treats is Whiskas Temptations (especially the tuna ones!).
2. I refuse to buy toys unless there is a sale or a coupon.   (that’s because I have tons of toys…..but if Mom gets a coupon for a freebie or sees something on BIG sale she will get it for me!)
3. I am inspired by animals who do hospital visits or help in disasters or who visit nursing homes, etc..
4.Whenever I hear Mom call me (and sometimes I don’t hear her), I run to her – always.
TA DA!     Thanks to 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s for this FUN Friday activity!   NOW – ON WITH THE HOUSECLEANING!
Today we are actually cleaning INSIDE and OUTSIDE but Mom, Dad and I (the Broomhildas retired) are handling INSIDE and the power washing company will be handling the OUTSIDE.    Every two years my Mom and Dad get the house power-washed……….we have a lot of trees and all the shady parts of the house get algae on the siding and Mom says “ICK” and Dad says “YIKES” and I say “HURRY UP AND DO IT SO I CAN GET SOME PEACE AROUND HERE”.    I’ll just listen to the noise those power washing thingies make and be glad when it’s over.   I think we will have the inside done before the outside starts though.
Let's DO IT!

Let’s DO IT!

Mom is ready to go.....

Mom is ready to go…..

Dad's ready to go!

Dad’s ready to go!

I'm ready!

I’m ready!


DONE!   Lunch break!


WHAT – no bacon milk shake?

OK – that’s about it from the house of horror on the cleaning front……………..no doubt the outside will be as spic and span as the inside is when the power wash doooooods get here.   Let’s hear it for INSIDE and OUTSIDE cleaning day!




Sam the Cleaning Cat

“Friday Fill-Ins” and Cleaning Day



It’s that time again!

It’s cleaning day at my house and guess what…………the Broomhildas aren’t coming – we’re on our own – no substitute cleaners so we’re back to the “FAMILY CLEANING DAY” mode!   No worries – we can handle it…..if the crew of bulldogs can do it – WE can do it.

However, I did put out a minor distress call to the neighborhood felines who were MORE than happy to give us a hand…………..why not take advantage of their willingness to chip in right?   (click on the pictures to see captions and “bigify”!):

See?   Didn’t take long at all.   Sometimes I wonder why Mom ever employed the Broomhildas………………we cats are always ready to help out right?

Thanks for asking us to help out Sammy! We're all going home to take a nap now. Just give us a buzz next time you want help with the house OK??????

Thanks for asking us to help out Sammy! We’re all going home to take a nap now. Just give us a buzz next time you want help with the house OK??????

Now for the FUN part of this post today – the Friday Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!    Here are the sentences for this week’s challenge and MY (not Mom’s this week but MINE) answers are in RED!    If you wanna play along, just click the badge below and join the BLOG HOP for this fill-in fun………………



1. I used to love to eat cheese,  but now it  repulses me.
2. I would never eat deli meats like ham, turkey and salami, but now I love it.
3. I always cry for my Mom to come clean my litterbox the second I use it.
4. Seeing Mom first thing in the morning before she combs her hair always makes me laugh.
So there!   Mom did the fill-ins the last couple of weeks and I thought it was high time I got to do it…………………….considering my fill-in for #4 though I’m thinking Mom may want to take over again next Friday.   EEK!


Hugs, Sammy

Here We Go Again!

Yeah?  Whaddaya want....I'm tryin' to clean up this joint - don't bug me kitty cat OR ELSE!

Yeah? Whaddaya want….I’m tryin’ to clean up this joint – don’t bug me kitty cat OR ELSE!

It’s CLEANING DAY at the Zoo! 

Watch out for the maid……

she’s kinda grumpy!

Hello Peeps – Happy Friday!    Seems I don’t have to put on my apron and drag my cleaning stuff around to help Mom out today – MAIDZILLA is gonna be here today to lend a paw.  I’m staying clear of her………wouldn’t you????

Watch out dust bunnies…………that’s all I’ve got to say!


I heard from a lot of you that you had fun seeing all the wacky photos I have in my collection here.  It was fun putting that slideshow yesterday together – I’ll have to do that again one of these days!

Meanwhile I’m prepping myself for tomorrow and the arrival of BACON.   I’ve looked forward to it all week in fact.   I sure hope my doctor never says “this boy should not have bacon!” because I tell you this, I’d need to check into BACON REHAB because I could never voluntarily stop eating the stuff!


This isn’t me but it sure could be on Saturday morning!


Love, Sammy



Thankful for bacon

Thankful for bacon




I think that might be the way people in Maine would say “monster” don’t you?  Maybe?   Anyway, it’s MONSTA day.   I’m ready.  I have TWO plans for how to deal with it.  One involves being brave (not likely but possible) and the other involves being a wienie (more likely and probable).


My doctor says I should do what makes me FEEL good when it comes to the MONSTA.

What would make me feel good is if the Monsta lived in the closet and never made another appearance but that’s not gonna happen SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………..watch out dust bunnies and old ginger kitty cat!


Once things quiet down I’ll be back out being a pest – I’ll admit it – the last few days I’ve not had much of my medication even though Mom has spoiled me even more than my usual “spoil” with ham and ham gravy baby food, chicken and sweet potato baby food, and turkey and turkey gravy baby food……..even my old FORMER favorite, strawberry yogurt.  I’ve turned my nose up at ALL of it.  I can tell she’s hiding that dingy dangy pill in there SOMEWHERE.    Anyway,  when I haven’t had my meds in a few days I get RESTLESS………..I scream more……….I pop up in Mom’s lap (at my insistence in the first place that she sit down IMMEDIATELY) and stay for approximately 2 minutes and 23 second before I pop back off and head somewhere ELSE to scream for something.  Pest?  Yeah I think that just about describes me.   I know – I know – I hear you lecturing me already…..”you have to take your pills Sammy”………”please take your pill Sammy”……..honest, I am trying to cooperate but…………………SO Mom will talk to the vet guy about transdermal meds – I’ll have to go to the vet in the next couple of weeks for my 4 month thyroid check anyway.

I’m such a little devil aren’t I ??????

Anywho…………after cleaning today not sure what my parents are gonna do……….hopefully it won’t disturb my nap.   Snoopervising cleaning is exhausting.

Yes Mom....we know how you feel about it all.....

Yes Mom….we know how you feel about it all…..

Hugs, Sammy

The Monster’s Here


Here we go again on a Friday….of course that’s monster day around here and I am as prepared for it as I ever am.   Just keeping an eye on the hallway closet waiting for it to make an appearance.    Then “LET THE CLEANING BEGIN!!!!!”…………………

"Mr. Clean" (?)

“Mr. Clean” (?)

There are two ways of looking at the cleaning thing………..one of course is that we keep our homes nice and neat and clean and  tidy, but we should also consider that when we clean, we might be destroying the lives of millions of dust bunnies all across the world!


I say I’d rather do without the bunnies and the sneezing from the dust and live in a nice clean house…….if anyone’s gonna mess this place up it should be ME!   Right?

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Yeah the place is a mess but I like my stuff where I can keep an eye on it!

Tomorrow is Bacon Day as you all know but Sunday is a HUGE day………..it’s Mother’s Day ( yay for Mom) AND it’s my 4th blogaversary and the party I’ll be giving for YOU – all my friends  –  to celebrate that occasion.  Make sure you stop by  even if it’s just for a minute OK?


Now get out there and start your Friday———————-it’s  the end of the week and  you have to START today to get to the end of today and the weekend!  Right?  Right!

Hugs, Sammy

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