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It’s Monster Time!




Happy Monster Day!    Today’s the day Mom gets the vacuum cleaner out of its’ safe enclosure and turns it loose on the house.    I think of it kinda like some of you humans might remember the “monster that lives under your bed” thing when you were little kids!



Well, for me, that’s kinda what it’s like on cleaning day.  Sad isn’t it?  I’m almost sixteen years old and I’m STILL hating that vacuum cleaner.   Mom says maybe I need some therapy – purrrrhaps the animal psychiatrist could help with that.   There’s a Doctor Pugster in town – I may go see him.


On the other hand, maybe I should just MAN-UP and put my big boy panties on and let it roll…………after all, I’ve never been attacked by the thing, never had my tail sucked up accidentally……and I definitely have big boy panties I could wear (hahahahaha).



I’m going for it today…………………I’m gonna stand right there while the machine is in the SAME room with me………I’m gonna STARE it down………..it’s either HIM/HER/IT or me and it isn’t gonna be me!   I’ll report on what happened as soon as I come out of the coma induced by my uncontrollable fear of the danged thing.






Yeah….it’s “OH NOOOOOOOOOOO” time……………monster out of the closet and the whole nine yards………the only thing saving today is that that landscape architect guy will be here at 9AM and I can spy out the window to see Mom dragging him around the back yard while he figures out what on earth we can do with it considering our budget of $1.37.   Should be a challenge huh?

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

A shout-out to Carol and her wacky family at Creek View Carol blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award………….I already have that one (actually I have about ten of them…teehee) but I STILL love that people find my humble blog worthy of special mention!   If you don’t know this blog – PLEEEASE visit – it’s a huge hoot – Mom and I love reading it.   There truly is NEVER and I mean NEVER a dull moment in Carol’s house.

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?  Mine is packed to the gills (although I don’t have any of those to pack) with events…………….

  • Saturday:  My Mom and Dad are deserting me to have a cookout with the neighbors…..you know what that means……they will be gone FOREVER AND EVER and forget to bring me a kitty bag
  • Sunday:  Botany Test at Cat Scouts, Tabby Cat Club  Indianapolis 500 Race fun
  • Monday:  Cat Scouts Memorial Day Picnic and my blog Memorial Day post (linking with my buds Raz and Gracie)

I know – I know what you’re thinking – this is NOT a “busy schedule”…………well for me it is………..so I’ll rest up while I can.   Starting tomorrow I’ll be one busy dude………I need to be ON MY GAME so rest is essential!

Shhhhh!!!!!   Quiet Please!!!!

Shhhhh!!!!! Quiet Please!!!!

Happy Friday!!  

Sammy the Snoozer


Whine-less Friday


Happy Friday! 

So I have to own up to the fact that for DAYS I was whining about the driveway project and how much I dreaded the noise and strangers around and blah blah blah.  Well, instead of all that horror I predicted (and whined about!) it was a dream……two guys came – had a quiet machine – spread out the black goo on the driveway nice and neat and off they went and it didn’t even take 45 minutes!  I barely knew they were here!  I’d been SURE it would send me to the basement or at the very least my afghan tent and instead, I apparently (Mom says) I slept through most of it.

Sam Sleeping Close Up


You’d think after all these years I’d have learned not to decide how something was going to turn out BEFORE it “turned out” wouldn’t you? 

Anyway, it’s done – and while today is housecleaning day – which I also usually whine about – I hereby declare that I, Samuel Kimmell, will NOT whine during the performance of houscleaning duties by my parents today – up to and including the closet monster noise – I will calmly wait for everything to settle down and just act like it’s just another day! 

Snoozing on the stairs

See? Nice and calm….that’s me!

It’s still dark out but Mom plans to go out as soon as she can see outside and check for animal prints on our driveway though – several of you said it might be interesting if there were some prints from “unauthorized animal traffic” on the not-quite-hard driveway surface from overnight.  Tee Hee…..secretly I’m hoping there are…….why?  Well, just because I think it would be pretty cool if there were some raccoon paw tracks or deer tracks or fox tracks across it for “interest”…..who wants a plain old black driveway when you can have SPECIAL ACCENTS on it?  In fact, if I’d been allowed outside yesterday I would have waited until my Mom wasn’t watching me toooooooooooo closely and creeped slowly down the sidewalk to the edge of the driveway and stuck my extra-toed paws in!  I probably would have gotten in trouble for it BUT just think – I would have really left my mark around here when we move!!! 

Happy Whine-less Friday! 😉

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀 😀

Friday is Monster Day……


Happy Friday Fans!   It’s cleaning day around here – you know that means the monster will come out of the closet in a little bit so I’m hurrying to get my blog done before the noise begins. 

Sam Playing on Stairs With Stuffed Cat
Grabbing some sun before THE MONSTER starts up!

I wonder why someone hasn’t invented a SILENT vacuum cleaner?  As smart as humans think they are (haha) it seems like someone would have figured that one out.  I know a lot of cats and dogs who agree with me…..WHERE’S THE MUFFLER???????????????  We actually have TWO monsters in our house…..since we have three floors, we have an older vacuum on the top floor so Mom doesn’t have to drag the big noisy monster up to that floor – pretty cool huh?   I think Mom and Dad wish they’d gotten more wood floors in the house when they built it (before my time!) instead of all the wall to wall carpet.  I like the carpet myself  but I guess it’s harder to take care of.  I don’t run around here quite as much as I used to, but back in my younger days I’d be tearing around the house and got good traction on the carpet but when I’d hit a patch of wood floor (like in the foyer) I’d slide!  When I was a kitten once I slid right into the front door and smashed my poor nose……….doesn’t take too many of those accidents to learn where to run and where to walk carefully!!  I’m no dummy…………..

So I guess in our next house (Mom and Dad keep promising me that screened porch in the next place!), we’ll have more wood floors and less carpet.  Now that I’m older and spend more time takin’ it easy, that shouldn’t be a problem….AND of course that means the MONSTER won’t be making an appearance every week either. 
BRING ON THE WOOD FLOORS!!! (and the screened porch)  🙂
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat