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Housecleaning and Fill-Ins!



YEP – that’s about it! 

Today is cleaning day of course and we were happy to welcome back the Broomhilda family although they had their babysitter back so Baby Broomhilda is not here.   Just as well……I do enough whining for a baby AND a herd of cats…..HAHAHA

Did you miss me????

Did you miss me????

Me too????

Me too????

So the place is crawling with bulldogs cleaning under, over, around, through, above and below EVERYTHING in sight.   No doubt they’ll be out of here soon because they got their paws on one of those fancy machines that last week’s cleaning crew used……..a Dr. Seuss-invented “everything machine” !

CLEANINGDRSEUSSMakes short work of cleaning the house I can tell ya…………………Dad and I cleaned my litterbox though – some things a guy just needs to be responsible for and NOT let the cleaning crew handle, you know what I mean?

Thanks Dad - you can breathe now!

Thanks Dad – you can breathe now!

As soon as they leave, I’ll be able to work on other things………………like the Friday Fill-Ins from 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader.


I think it’s  lot of fun……………this week’s “fill-ins” are:   (this week Mom did the responses which are in ORANGE!)

1. The best money I ever spent was getting souvenir Christmas ornaments from every trip I’ve ever taken, and the worst was buying a pair of jeans one size too small so I’d be motivated to lose weight (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

2. My most memorable vacation was with husband David  at a river cruise along the Rhine – scenery was AMAZING.

3. It is a complete joy being a cat Mom when I have such a sweet little guy like Sammy in my life.

4.Once, I remember thinking 40 was OLD…..now I’m sneaking up to 70 and realize it wasn’t!.

That’s it for Me and Mom! 

Happy Friday Peeps!


Just Another Rainy Friday


Rain Makes Things Green

No this is NOT my yard.....IF ONLY!!!!!

No this is NOT my yard…..IF ONLY!!!!!

It has rained from first thing this morning until now and will continue into the night but man oh man has it made Spring POP around here.   The cooler temps came with the rain but that sure didn’t stop Spring from springing.   The pollen is flying around so the rain has put THAT under control, and the only BAD thing is I haven’t been able to go out and munch on the grass because – well – I don’t like to get too wet!!!!    Yes I’m a wienie – so what?    Not many cats enjoy WET………..well maybe some do:

CATINRAINCOATAt least this guy is prepared!

BATH2This guy is just plain nuts!

No I’m more the “keep me nice and dry pretty please” kind of guy and if I was getting too wet I’d definitely be like this guy:



Anyway, Mom planted a bunch of stuff earlier this week and if we could just get a bit of time without rain, I’d share some photos of everything……….so maybe by this weekend some time we’ll get Mr. Flashy Box out there and take some photos.

There was some cleaning activity around here today though so we did have the MONSTER MASH……we did have Mr. Vacuumator come out of his closet house and trip the light fantastic all over the house – Mr. and Mrs. Broomhilda did the dusting and heavy work and Mom and Dad snoopervised.

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mom says they scare the dirt and dust away.   HAHAHA…..actually I have to tell you that when my Mom was growing up her family had an English Bulldog for a family pet.  His name was Sir Reginald but they called him Reggie.   He was white with a brown “saddle” on his back and he was 80 lbs. of muscle.   My Mom used to TRY and take him for a walk but it was more like he took her for a walk.   She was no match for him and he knew it.   Anyway, he was one of the SWEETEST dogs they ever had so I’m sure if I could get close enough to have a conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Broomhilda (eeeek) I’d love them too but frankly……I’m just a TEEEEEENY WEEEEEEENY bit afraid of them!

So, that’s my Friday report.   Slightly boring but nonetheless it’s from ME so I know you’ve loved every word of it…………………..Right?   RIGHT?  RIGHT?


Happy Friday!!!!  Sammy


Fab Friday


Yes you heard right…..  

I’m not complaining about the sucky monster. 

Why?  Because I’m giving Mom

a break on my whining.

What? No noise complaints?

What? No noise complaints?

I’m always talking about how disturbing it is when Mom and Dad both have vacuum cleaners going on different floors of the house on Fridays and how much it disturbs The Royal Baconator.   The fact of the matter is that I no longer hear all that well so that these days sometimes those machines are going and I’m oblivious – so oblivious that when Dad gets about three feet away from me and I’m asleep he’ll CALL me to wake me up!    If he got any closer I’d hear him for sure and it would FREAK ME OUT.    So a gentle “Sammy” in my ear gets me awake and out of the way.

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

When I’m on the Grandma Chair in the guest room I’m high enough to avoid the vacuum but the noise would scare me!

I think Broomhilda the Maid LIKES to scare me though………heck, I’m scared just LOOKING at her sometimes!



Broomhilda knows all my hiding spots for toys…………….not fair!

I promise there's nothing behind the couch this week Broomhilda - honest!

I promise there’s nothing behind the couch this week Broomhilda – honest!

Pretty soon all that will be over with – doesn’t take Mom and Dad long – they’ve got the routine down to a fine art now………….zip zap zoom and every room is ship-shape!   The last thing Mom does is clean the litterbox………….



About yesterday’s blog post – so many of you were tickled to see me performing routine maintenance on my ginger fabulousness and particularly liked that one photo of me doing my impression of a “Senior Contortionist”………….this one:


Mom remembered that we have a very similar photo – from several years ago……..


Not QUITE as “athletic” as the newer photo but still, I am demonstrating my “elasticity” which is hanging in there in spite of my sixteen years!   Next time the circus is in town I’ll see if they need a contortionist – I’m not to old to run away to the circus am I ???

SAMMYCLOWN2015 SAMMYCLOWNAnybody need a clown?

Happy Friday!  Sam the Ham

Pee Ess………before I go, I want to wish a special BIG SIXTEEN birthday to my ginger pal Flynn at TWO DEVON CATS.  Here’s to many more big days for both of us my dear buddy!


Fearsome Friday


Watch Out!  Cleaning Day!


I’m liable to be cranky too since I can’t play until after all the noise stops!



Mom and Dad are both polishing, dusting, vacuuming, buffing, straightening, stashing, cleaning, sponging off, de-smudging, and any other word you can use for “getting this place ship shape” !!!   So I say if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!

Doing my OWN "Spring cleaning" !

Doing my OWN “Spring cleaning” !

Getting my feets nice and clean…….and I’ll probably work on a few other areas as well (haha).

How about you?  Are you cleaning your house today or TRASHING the joint????

No this is NOT me......honest!

No this is NOT me……honest!

Hopefully soon all this activity will be over and I can relax…..or maybe eat a whole chicken…..or maybe nap??

Decisions, Decisions!





We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


I vote for all three!  

Happy Friday!  


Pee Ess…… Happy Birthday Madi!


If you click HERE, you can visit Madi and wish her a HAPPY 14th!!

Monster(s) Day

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

So Friday is cleaning day around here – you all know that by now……………but now we have an additional monster to put up with and that would be the evil Elf On The Shelf !!!    He’s free and he’s everywhere and he’s asking for trouble already!

This was him last year trying to steal my Mom's jewelry!

This was him last year trying to steal my Mom’s jewelry!

As you may remember, we received our Elf from my Cousin and buddy Bacon………..I’m not sure if I should be HAPPY about the gift or what.   The Elf On The Shelf is notorious at Bacon’s house for getting into trouble CONSTANTLY – the minute he’s allowed out of seclusion (day after Thanksgiving) until they cram him back into his box/bag/cabinet/safe deposit box – WHATEVER – things are chaotic at Bacon’s house.   I named my elf “Elfvis”……….clever huh?   Last year he managed to get into quite a bit of trouble and we’re heading down that road this year too.

Today I caught him in the water dispenser on the front of our refrigerator allegedly taking a shower.   He had a shower cap on and a towel wrapped around himself.  I tried to tell him that the water that comes out of that thing is COLD but he wouldn’t listen.


Then later I was walking through the library and I saw him whispering in the ear of our “Book Cat” statue…………..I had no idea what THAT was about until later………….


Apparently Elfvis had been asking Book Cat if he knew where he could find/steal a nail file.   Why?    Because he’d found the perfect Christmas tree and wanted to saw it down.   It was Mom’s Norfolk Island Pine Tree!   If I hadn’t put a stop to that little idea, Mom would have been VERY UPSET!


See what I mean?  When you have an elf in the house you need to stay on your toes (and since I have extra toes I’m having extra work staying ON them!).

Happy Friday – and to those of you with an Elf On The Shelf…………..KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN!

I've asked THIS GUY to help me keep an eye on Elfvis!

I’ve asked THIS GUY to help me keep an eye on Elfvis!

Hugs, Sammy