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Routine Maintenance


Morning All!

Every once in a while a guy needs to take care of business right?   You know – keep himself in shape, tone it up and clean it up………………..toning it up isn’t tough, you just need a good exercise regime.


But it’s also important to keep yourself properly bathed and manicured and – well – you know – CLEAN in all areas if you get my drift…………………….

Today Mom was working on the computer and heard me doing a major “lickety-lickety-lick-lick-lickety” sound and when she turned around, she could plainly see that I was “down for routine maintenance” – kinda like an elevator sign in a high rise.   HAHAHA


As you can see, I perform this task in front of my new best friend……………Mom’s space heater in her office.   I don’t care what the temperature is, it can’t be too warm for me these days and oh boy does it feel great on my achy breaky joints!    I’ve got my feet tucked under my fleece blankie which of course will be my reward (a nap that is) when I’ve finished with my maintenance duties.

Mom thought that was such a swell shot of me she used the zoom and got a closer shot of me working on my chesticles:


Then, after all was right with my furs in those areas, I moved on to something more – well – important……………….you don’t want anything to ruin the effect of all the handsomeness if you should neglect to clean up all those little HIDDEN spots now would you???


Mom!  Did you have to zoom in on that one and blow it up so BIG?????   Can’t a guy get any privacy around here?    I guess I know the answer to that one!

I suppose this isn’t as bad as it COULD have been………..but still………….Honestly!

Hugs, Mr. Clean



Happy Fursday!   Fursday is the day I spend not only snoopervising the bed linen changing/laundering BUT the day I spend taking a longer “personal assessment” of my anatomy and making sure I’m nice and clean and tidy all over.

We cats are very good at grooming and staying clean (anything it takes to avoid an actual BAFF in the water we’ll do).   So, I take care to get all those “spots” taken care of to avoid the evils of dunking me in the water.  After all, I’ve avoided that misery for 14 years….with the exception of one bath the day after my Mom brought me home when she said I was “stinky from the shelter”, I’ve never suffered a bath.

How could somebody this adorable be "STINKY" ???

How could somebody this adorable be “STINKY” ???

You may recall that I have been NEAR water before…..remember when my parents went to Maine not long ago and I stayed at the spa?????   But that doesn’t count……

I actually preFURR to do my own “detailing” – like a fine car goes for a detail, I spend THURSDAYS detailing myself.

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So how about you?  BAFF or no BAFF?  Are you a water lover or “NO WAY BABY” cat like me????


Sammy (aka Mr. Clean)