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Holiday Bacon!


Merry Christmas Plus One!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me and my Mom and Dad…………we had a wonderful cozy Christmas and Mom made sausage gravy and biscuits in honor of her Dad who always made that for the whole family on Christmas morning when Mom was growing up.   Mom did, however, make me one piece of bacon because – well – it was Christmas morning!

Dad fixing the sausage for sausage gravy to help Mom out!

Dad fixing the sausage for sausage gravy to help Mom out!


Today though is BACON CATURDAY so we’re ALL having bacon………Not a pile of it or a tree full of it – just bacon and eggs and toast in NORMAL proportions!   (depending on your definition of “normal” of course!).

Don't need a tree full - just one piece!

Don’t need a tree full – just one piece!

Nope!  Just one piece please!

Nope! Just one piece please!

Here are some photos from My Christmas – we had a nice quiet day and I got some fun things from Santa Paws and my Mom and Dad and of course some of my friends (thank you!):

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I did kind of miss having a “white Christmas” though……….we had fog but that doesn’t count.   It was 70 degrees and rainy/cloudy all day……but INSIDE my house it was perfect – Christmas music playing, Christmas movies watched, Christmas dinner (turkey and the trimmings) to eat and lots of hugs and lap naps for ME ME ME!   I hope your day was perfect too.

Christmas is a lot of hard work!

Christmas is a lot of hard work!

Happy Christmas Plus One!  

Love, Sammy

Christmas Eve


T’was the night before Christmas……

Christmas 2011 Outdoor Decorations

We’re going to have a quiet Christmas Eve Day and get a good night’s sleep because Santa Paws will be coming tonight……Mom says if I try to stay awake and sneak a peek, Santa might decide NOT to come down our chimney after all so I’ll be good and tuck myself into bed well before he gets here. 

Sam Sleeping (again)

I’m not peeking Santa…..honest!

I’m so overwhelmed by all the holiday cards I got this year…….thank you my friends……this is my second slideshow of cards and it isn’t even ALL of them – we ran out of places to hang them!  


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Remember that even though we’ve had to say goodbye to so many friends this past year as they’ve left us for the Bridge, they are still with us always and forever in our hearts….light a candle tonight……they will see it…..!  

Baby Sammy Christmas card.....

Baby Sammy Christmas card…..

I’ll be back tomorrow morning to hopefully show some photos of our Christmas Eve and Morning!   Hope yours is merry and bright……..

Love, Sammy Claws

Sunday Selfie


The Last Sunday Selfie Before Christmas!!   

I’m glad to see I’m on the RIGHT list! 


We joined The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfie Hop – you can join too – just click the badge!



Love, Sammy

Last Bacon Before Christmas



Can It Be True?  

Today is the last bacon before Christmas?

Yes my friends………this time next week there will be NO presents under my tree – everything will have been opened on Christmas morning…….things may or may not still be under the tree that were opened and left in their boxes.    I will be enjoying my first “post Christmas bacon breakfast”  just like today I’m enjoying my last “pre Christmas bacon breakfast”.

BACONXMAS1Maybe this is what Mom will fix me for breakfast?   A Christmas tree full of bacon as one final BIG Christmas present?    Oh I should be so lucky.   One thing better NOT happen and that’s THIS:


This morning there’s no problem though because even as you’re reading this, I’m smelling bacon cooking in the kitchen.   I WILL have it today………………..!!!

Funny the kinds of things that pop up when you google “Christmas Bacon”…………there’s apparently a whole lot of Christmas tree ornaments for bacon fans – I’ve already added THAT to my Christmas list for next year.  There were even photos of bacon garlands for Christmas trees…..now that might be a bit much.   Even for ME!   And I even saw (are you ready for this?) bacon after shave lotion………..imagine walking down the street and having every cat in the universe trailing after you like the Pied Piper because you smelled like a big slab of bacon thanks to your after shave?!?!


Well, anyway, the new STAR WARS movie is finally out so this graphic that I’ve used a lot over the past year is definitely “IN SEASON” now – – – – – enjoy all you Star Wars fans (who also love bacon):


Happy Bacon Caturday! 

Sammy the Baconator


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