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Monsterizing Is Tough!



It’s MONSTER DAY of course since it’s Friday but I was watching Mom today and I realize that at Christmas, there’s a whole different way the house gets monsterized!    Why?  Well, there are decorations all over the place and wrapped presents under the tree so the MONSTER has to be careful where it goes or ELSE.   Disaster.   Mom is very careful now that there’s a train and presents under our tree – she gets CLOSE but not TOO CLOSE.   At least our tree is artificial and she doesn’t have to try and vacuum up all the pine needles from a tree that’s drying out in the house.  Whew!

No dry needles with THIS tree!

No dry needles with THIS tree!

Then of course we have the other parts of the house that get monsterized but they aren’t as DANGEROUS as right around the tree.   Mom just has one other spot to watch out for and that’s where she keeps her Santa collection which is ON THE FLOOR in the living room.

Snowmen on a shelf - and one cat!

It was safely UP last year on a little shelf in the powder room but this year it’s on the floor in front of the TV!

She’s added to the collection since this shot too – like with about four more snowguys – EXTRA DANGER.

I tried to convince her to just skip monsterizing until after the holiday……………but would she listen?  Heck no.   She will listen to be sometimes though – like when I tell her I’ve used my litterbox and I need her assistance, or when I need some treats and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs to get them………..THEN she listens.  She can’t HELP but listen.  I may be little but I’ve got a pair of lungs on me!

Not me but it COULD be!

Not me but it COULD be!

Speaking of Christmas, we did a whole lot of “email” holiday cards this year because – well – we’re CHEAP!   HAHAHA    Just kidding.   This is our Christmas card for this year though – if you’d like to have a copy of it – please feel free to copy it.    We love all of you to bits – you’re our friends – and we are hoping you have a really wonderful holiday……………..just do me a favor – KEEP AN EYE ON THE VACUUM CLEANER!



Sammy, Santa’s Elf


Teaser Tell All



Alright!   Wanna know who guessed FIRST yesterday?   Wanna know if YOU guessed right?   Wanna know if you’re getting a BIG GREENIE????   HAHAHAHA    OK – I’ll put you all out of your misery but first, let me show you the photos from yesterday one more time……………


Where were they taken and by which of my friends?   Well, they are both photos of the port in Oslo, Norway and YES the photo of the strange structure is the Oslo Opera House.   I just loved some of the guesses yesterday……….you all make me giggle on Tuesdays BIG TIME.

My Guest Teaser was Flynn’s Mom from Two Devon Cats – thank you so much for allowing me to show your beautiful photos of Oslo.   You get my gorgeous (tee hee) Guest Teaser Thank You Badge!

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Thanks Flynn from Two Devon Cats!

Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????????????????  My buddy Raz from Friends Furever blog – that’s who!!!   YAY Raz…….and you get that much coveted badge everyone hopes to get every Tuesday!

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

There were a lot of you who guessed Oslo though – some of you googled the photo to find out where it was but a few others had been on cruises into this port and recognized it.  So all of you who knew it was Oslo, Norway, please take your winnings!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

And for all of the rest of you – whether you guessed wrong or just plain had no idea whatsoever – even you are winners……….THE BIG GREENIE RIDES AGAIN!!!!!  WOO HOOO!!!



Thanks for playing along with me every Tuesday.  I hope Tuesdays are as much fun for you as they are for me and my Mom.   We just love seeing what pops up in comments and are excited for the First Right Guesser every time.

Hope all of you have a spectacular Wednesday……….we’re gonna be decorating the house for Christmas, inside and out!   YAY!   My stocking will go up on the mantel and I wonder if there will be any lumps in it yet or if I’ll have to wait for Santa Paws to fill it up?????

Hugs, Sammy

Sam in Library

I’m gonna wait right here so I can snoopervise the tree decorating!!!!

No Moaning Monday



I didn’t think it would get done BUT my parents didn’t let me down….they got the tree up and decorated.  I have to admit though that while I do like to watch the whole thing, this year I wasn’t QUITE as excited as in the past as I observed the activities.  In fact, Mom caught me at one point doing my usual…..

This decorating thing is exhausting!

This decorating thing is exhausting!


After all, nobody was paying attention to ME the whole day…….it was all about decorating.  I did go under the tree and managed to avoid getting stepped on as my parents put the decorations on but Mom didn’t have her camera in the library so no shots of that………there will be plenty of time for pix of me under the tree though.  So far no prezzies down there to get in my way!



Here are some other shots around the house…..even the bathroom didn’t escape Mom’s decorating efforts!   These snowmen (and a cat that looks like me) are on a shelf in the powder room. 

Ho Ho Ho in the Powder Room!

Ho Ho Ho in the Powder Room!

Then there’s Mom’s Santa collection……………


The mantle has stockings (bet you can tell which one is MINE!) and Dad’s nutcracker collection on top………….

Christmas Stockings

I bet you can tell which one’s MINE!?!

And last but not least……..outside looking at the house (Mom will take another one when it’s darker so you can see all the lights better).  We’re FINALLY decorated.  Sigh.  Now I can concentrate on other things – like TOMORROW!  

Mom you should have waited until it was darker!

Mom you should have waited until it was darker!

Today is the last day to submit your photos for the “NAUGHTY” contest – in fact they must be here by 4PM Eastern Standard Time (my time) today in order to get into the poll.  Tomorrow I’ll have TWO blogs.  One with the Naughty Poll and the other with the Teaser.   I’m gonna be one busy guy (oh and I suppose my secretary will be a bit busy too come to think of it………..).  

I’d better get some rest today……………this week will be kinda busy.  I’m not as young as I used to be so I’m making sure I get PLENTY of naps between activities.   The fine art of napping – – – – something I learned from my Dad!  (tee hee)

See you tomorrow! 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Tree’s Up!

Sam's Christmas Tree 2011

Yippee! It's up! Mom left the whole back free of presents so I could hide back there and spy on everyone!!

 At last….I’ve got my tree up…..Honestly I tried to stay out of my parents way while they decorated but it wasn’t easy.  I especially liked those boxtops when Mom would open up another ornament box!  Every time Mom tried to take a picture of me “helping” though I was smart enough to run off before she could.  Sneaky huh?

When the box that has Dad’s toy soldier collection for the mantel and our Christmas stockings in it was opened up, Mom took my stocking out and it rattled!  Yes – I guess there was a toy in the very bottom that I didn’t SEE before we put it away….so I got an early Christmas present because Mom gave it to me and I played with it while they finished decorating.  I think they were glad I was distracted…for a while 🙂 !

I’ve got LOTS of photos to show you but don’t want you to get tired of seeing our house and stuff so I’ll share them over the next few days. 

Mom says I’m just like a little kid when it comes to being so excited about Christmas but guess what…..she and Dad are like that too!  I think maybe there’s just something about Christmas that brings out the “kid” in us? 

Nothing wrong with that!!! 

Happy Sunday

Sammy, One Very Happy Christmas Cat






Where's The Christmas Tree?

OK...the presents are here.....I'm here....so where's the tree????

 So we’re doing this in stages I guess.  The presents came down from the upstairs but so far NO TREE!  Here I am in the library, next to the presents, patiently waiting….well, sort of patiently….and I’m even trying to show my parents EXACTLY where I expect that tree to appear.  I guess I’ll just sit here until they get the message!

Are you tired of hearing about my Christmas “expectations” yet?  🙂  Sorry about that but I get pretty darn wound up this time of the year.  Have always been that way since I was a little guy in fact. 

I know this is the weekend Mom will decorate our porch and we’ll get the tree here in the library, and then it’s just counting down until Santa Paws comes to see me – well, I guess he’s going to see ALL of us and not just me! 

Last night when it got really dark, we could see that lots of people in our neighborhood have decorated outside this year.  Some years they do and some years they don’t – this looks like a bumper crop of holiday lights this year.  Before Christmas, my Mom and Dad will get in the car one night and drive around to neighborhoods just to look at the lights.  Some people get pretty carried away with big yard displays and lots and lots of lights.  We just decorate our porch but it always looks pretty.  I’ll make sure Mom takes a picture of it so I can show you.

Well, I guess I’ll resume my position in the library waiting…….I just know that they won’t let me down – they PROMISED me that the tree would go up this weekend – and the minute the clock ticked past midnight last night it became “THIS WEEKEND” ………

Let’s go people!  Time’s a’wastin’ !!! 🙂

Sam, One Impatient Cat