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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


Time to Fill-In!  Let’s do it!

Every week McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing give us some sentences (two each) with some blanks for us to fill-in.   What does that do?   Gives us a chance to tell stuff about ourselves – that’s what!!   And the results are always interesting and sometimes surprising but ALWAYS entertaining.    So shall we do our thing?   If you want to do your thing, just click on the badge above, go to McGuffy’s and fill in the LINKY form – VOILA – you’re there with the rest of us – telling it like it is!

My Mom said she’d fill in this week…………..she almost always says that and I’m happy to let her because most of the time, I can’t think of anything good to say OR they are more human-ish questions than cat-ish.   Mom did her filling in with RED.   Can’t miss RED can you?!

1. My favorite part of November is Thanksgiving but ALSO the fact it’s the last month to have to wait for CHRISTMAS to be here!

2. Every November, I give my husband my Christmas Wish List – that’s something HE started when we got married – we keep a list of things we’d “like” to have then before the holiday we exchange lists.   My list always ends with the words “PLUS SOME SURPRISES PLEASE!” because I love surprises.

3. For me, peace feels like it’s just out of reach – like the old carousels that had the rings you tried to grab as you went around and around – it’s THERE but tough to grab……I hope and pray that we ARE able to grab the ring.
4. So far, my upcoming holiday plans  include NO traveling – just lots of home time with fires in the fireplace, stockings to fill, and the FUN of seeing Teddy have his first “real” Christmas!
OK – I admit – Angel Sammy told me that I will LOVE Christmas so I’m definitely on board with Mom’s last fill-in………………..Angel Sammy was a big fan of the train that went round and round under the tree.  Not sure how I will like that but I’m going to give it a try!

Angel Sammy checking out the Christmas tree in Dec. 2015

Dad has a NEW train since Angel Sammy was here though.    It’s smaller than this one.    This old train was 30 years old when it stopped working!    I have a list made for Santa Paws – Sammy helped me with it.   I’m not big on toys but he’s sure there will be SOME things that I will like – he also told me that Santa kind of just “knows” what we will like without me writing it on a list!    I think that must mean that Santa is MAGIC.

Anyway, that’s it for Fill-Ins this week.   Thank you Miss Annie at McGuffy’s and Miss Ellen at 15andMeowing for hosting Fill-Ins every week.

I have something in common with Santa Paws!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Teddy