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Tell-All Class!


Greetings Students!   Hope you all had a great Christmas!   We did – now are you ready to hear the results of the Christmas Teaser?

We were thinking that everyone would be too busy to stop by school for the Teaser but we were wrong!   Who was our FIRST COMMENTER?



Sue Brandes from KATSRUS!

Concatulations for being so FAST and being our FIRST STUDENT of the day………..this is for you!

I was the First Commenter on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 25-2018!!!


We thought it might be a little difficult to figure the Teaser out so our Graphics Department gave us TWO photos to show you of this Christmas-decorated town to figure out.   Here are the photos again:

Two pretty photos of Venice, Italy’s Christmas celebrations!!!   Who guessed FIRST?

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi

WHOOP WHOOP WHOOOP for Miss Csilla!!

Here’s YOUR badge Miss Csilla!  

I got this special badge for being the First Right Guesser on the Teaser of Dec. 25, 2018!!

AND for those of you who ALSO guessed Venice, Italy – even though Csilla was the first – you still were right so you get one of these to celebrate with!

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of Dec. 25, 2018!

Of course if you guessed and you were WRONG – you still get a badge……one of our special Christmas GREENIES of your VERY own!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of Dec. 25, 2018 but I still got a cool badge!


Cheer Team?   C’mon down and give our winners some GOOD CHEER!!!!

Congratulations to those who could follow the clues!
Boo Hoo for the losers who have the blues…..
Now for the awards and we know you’ve been waiting
We’ll tell you now with no hesitating!
Miss Sue from KATSRUS commented first
She beat out the rest of you who were obviously cursed!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Miss Csilla the smarty
We think that she deserves a big holiday party!
Everyone though deserves a cheer
Because even though it was Christmas YOU ALL WERE HERE!!!!!!


Mad? Mad? You’re right that I’m MAD…..I wanted one of those cool Christmas badges!

No worries – there’s always next week!

Shall we console ourselves with lunch?    Let’s.    Then you get a half day off since it’s still the holidays.   What a deal huh?    We at Ding Dong Sheep School want you to spend time with your families not with your professors.    We’re pretty cool aren’t we???!!!

Miss Dingleberry is having her mustache lasered today and is getting some new glasses so she’s off.   The Assistant Culinary Specialist has run the show today.

The Assistant Chef trained at the Swedish Muppet School of Cookery! 


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Enjoy the rest of your day class and remember – STUDY HARD and you may win a badge next week which will be in honor of the NEW  YEAR!!!!!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy