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Caturday Countdown


Hello Furrrrrriends!

Today is the day my parents will begin the annual ritual of dragging untold numbers of boxes UP from the basement into the library and begin the GREAT HOLIDAY DECORATING EXTRAVAGANZA for this year.

I have some favorite parts of that whole operation – – – one is waiting patiently (well trying anyway) for the tree to go up so I can immediately get UNDER it and from there watch the rest of the fun.

Where's The Christmas Tree?

Alright – let’s get the show on the road folks!

Another favorite part is when the tops come off the storage boxes.  The tops are fun to play in and if I’m lucky – and Mom and Dad are occupied elsewhere – I can steal an ornament out of a box and play with it before they find me!

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Love this box top!

I’ll be anxious to see how Mom decorates OUTSIDE the house too although she’s pretty much stuck with the same thing the last several years.  She used to get evergreen boughs from the plant nursery for the front porch but they dry up quickly and there are needles all over the place (and tracked inside accidentally) so she doesn’t do that anymore. 

Anyway, that’s all my family has planned for today – except of course for starting the morning off appropriately and adequately with a good meal (including the “B” word!! 😀 ) and in my case, one nap before the extravaganza begins.  A guy needs his energy for snoopervising this whole thing – right????

Happy Caturday to you all…………………. 😀 😀 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Pee Esssss – Mom worked on the Naughty Poll yesterday – we have TEN entries so far and it’s gonna be tough deciding who’s the naughtiest – trust me!  Hee Hee

Marvelous Monday


Happy Monday!  

Some of you said you thought you’d come to the WRONG blog when you visited me yesterday because of my “SURPRISE” holiday look.  Well, someone has to keep you on your toes and it might as well be me!  I thought it would be fun to “dress up” my blog for Christmas.

I dressed up the blog but not QUITE as much as Mom had this card she did “dressed up” huh?!?!

Mom said she’s heading out the door this morning to begin the annual ritual of shopping for the holiday.  I made sure to casually mention (after I told her how gorgeous she is and how young she still looks….blah blah blah) that I would certainly appreciate a few special presents from my Mom and Dad under the Christmas tree this year.  You know – like a heated window seat??  I told her I had put that item on my Santa Paws Wish List which I’d already mailed off to the North Pole but JUST IN CASE, if she happened to find one in her shopping travels, it would not hurt if I had a couple of them around the house (assuming Santa comes through that is).

Early morning bird watching

Hey Ma…..how about one of these perch things with a heater built in??? Huh??? Maybe Santa Paws will bring me one???? Hint Hint????? Nothing worse than a cold tushie!


We’re still working on something to do for a holiday contest so stay tuned………in the meantime what’s tomorrow everyone???

Tuesday Teaser!

I’ve got three vacation photos picked out but haven’t decided which one to use.  Just remember when you arrive here in the morning to have your glasses shined up and ready to inspect the photo OK?  Last week I fooled EVERYBODY and this week I wonder if I can go for TWO IN A ROW!!!

Hope you all have a MARVELOUS MONDAY…….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Where's The Christmas Tree?

Say Mom…..when are you and Dad putting up the tree….huh? THIS is where it goes…..I’ll keep the spot warm until you put the tree up OK?????

Creative Overload


Oh boy – just wait til you see this.  My Mom was playing on the computer this morning kind of messing around with designs for a Christmas card that I could give to my friends. 

Did she ask me if I would like to HELP?  No.  Did she ask me what kind of design I’d like the card to have?  No.  Did she try to make the card dignified yet festive such as a mature cat like me would be proud to give to his friends?  No. 

In fact, she went TOTALLY overboard…….at some point she decided to just go CRAZY………I bet you can’t wait to see the result – right? 

Well, trust me the below “creative overload card” will NOT be the Christmas card I will be sending out to ANYONE this year…………I GUARANTEE it!!!  😀 😀 😀

Ouch…..almost hurts your eyeballs doesn’t it ???

OK Mom……I have to give you points for trying….but did you have to TRY SO HARD???????????????

Happy Furrrrrrrriday Frrrrrrrrrrrrriends! 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Christmas Angst: I’m Over It!

All Dressed up for Christmas!

OK....I'm ready! No more Santa angst thanks to you!

Thanks everybody!  I feel so much better after getting all your input on my serious Santa angst the last couple of days.  Obviously I’d forgotten that Santa has magic available to him which allows him to go everywhere, leave toys and goodies for everyone, get inside everyone’s house, and land that sleigh anywhere he needs to.  Snow or no snow, he completes his rounds and heads back to the North Pole to rest up until next Christmas.  WHEW!

Now I can really relax – Mom went shopping again yesterday and I think maybe that was the end of the shopping for the holiday.  There’s lots of things in my stocking but not TOO much stuff because of course Santa will need to put more in there…..you know me….I’ve been Mr. Perfect around here!

This picture of me is familiar to those of you whose blogs I follow on WordPress.  It’s my profile picture and one of my Mom’s favorites with me in my “Meowy Christmas” scarf.   It was taken a few years ago when I still used this style of “cat condo”…..I can’t fit inside the napping spots in this two holed perch – I’m too big but when I was little I loved to curl up inside and take a snooze.  I also don’t hop on top of this anymore – I had the unfortunate experience about a year ago of hopping on top (where I am in this photo) and having the whole thing fall over!!!  Now I don’t use it but I DO hide toys inside the sleeping spots so it’s at least USEFUL….

Anyway, today’s blog is really about ME thanking YOU for telling me not to worry about Santa.  Everything is in control.  Magic is a wonderful thing isn’t it? 

Happy Tuesday!

Sammy, One Relieved Cat

Last Day Before The Tree!

Sam in Library

Catching some rays in the library.....

Yippeee!  Today’s the last day before my parents put the Christmas tree up in here.  It will block the sun from coming in of course but that’s a small sacrifice for the trade off of having a tree in my library.   Unfortunately, I won’t get my choo choo train under the tree – at least for a while.  Seems that’s a hot item in the stores this year…..but my Mom is keeping an eye out and even if we have to take the presents out from under the tree long enough to “install” the train – no biggie!

After all, I can – if I really want to – be incredibly patient.  Oh sure, I want what I want when I want it but I CAN sit back and wait.  Sometimes.  And a train under the tree can wait.  Most of all, it will be fun to smell all the familiar smells of the Christmas decorations all over the house and seeing my stocking hanging by the fireplace.

Mom will be taking lots of pix of this whole thing so you’d better be prepared for some after this weekend!  I wonder if my stocking will have any lumps in it right away or if I’ll have to wait before there are lumps to wonder about until closer to Christmas?  Those mysterious lumps always turn out to be toys or a new kind of treat.  Time will tell.

You can bet though that today – I’ll be enjoying my last sunny library chair nap before the tree goes up…..besides, I have plenty of sunny nap spots in this big house but only ONE tree inside it!!!

Happy Friday Friends………Sammy