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Christmas Card Update


I’m starting to get so excited about Santa Paws coming…………..Mom promised to make some cookies for him and I’ll leave him some eggnog so when he arrives Christmas Eve at my house, he’ll feel welcome!   We’re even going to make sure the fire in the fireplace is LONG GONE OUT before we go to bed – I wouldn’t want to scorch Santa’s pants.

Excited?  Oh yeah!

Excited? Oh yeah!

Thought I’d show you my Christmas card collection so far…………….Mom and Dad are QUITE envious as I have about five times the number they have (tee hee).   What can I say?  I’ve got a lot of friends!!!!!     These are just the ecards – I have a bunch of snail mail cards too…….THANKS EVERYBODY!

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In fact, now that I think about it – it’s a “Thankful Thursday”……….and I really AM thankful for all my friends…………….HOLIDAY  HUGS ALL AROUND!

Love, Sammy Claws


P.S.   One of my Scouting friends has just started her blog!  Won’t you stop by and welcome her to the blogosphere????  Foxy is her name and her blog is HERE!

P.S.S.   As is the way of the world, as one new friend arrives in the blogosphere, another one says farewell.   My friend Kyla the Scottie crossed the Bridge yesterday.  Her “Highland Games” were so much fun and many of you pawticipated in the Caber Toss that I hosted…..Kyla loved every minute of the Games.  She was a new friend but I will miss her like an old friend.  You can visit her blog HERE.

Pre-Christmas Eve Day (what?)


Hey Hey Hey!!!!   Time’s almost here everyone…………..I’m sure Santa is stuffing all kinds of stuff into his sleigh and his big bag thingie right about now – – – the reindeer are getting extra food because they’re gonna be working themselves to bits tomorrow night – Mrs. Santa’s probably packing a big lunch box for Hubby so he can have some snacks to tide him over until he begins visiting houses and eating about seven bazillion cookies and drinking three bazillion glasses of milk……in other words – even the Monday before Christmas Eve is probably BUSY!

Around here it isn’t busy though.  Everything is done…….we’re just taking it easy…….I looked at my pile of e-cards again and even though I know you’ve seen most of these elsewhere, I say “SO WHAT!!” – they’re FUN to see over and over AND I’m reminded yet again that blogville is full to the brim of fun friends and talented photoshoppers and photographers……”Tis the season” for sure!!   I also got a lot of cards mailed to me – and I love those too but Mom won’t rip them off the wall to take a photo of them…..(darn!).


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I’ve had a pile of emails asking if we will be having a Tuesday Teaser even though tomorrow is Christmas Eve…………….short answer?


So, you may have thought I’d give you the day off since it’s Christmas Eve but THINK AGAIN………..there will be a Teaser………..and I hope you won’t be so busy that you miss it.

I want to thank all my kind hearted and generous buddies who have sent me presents……I’m not going to show me opening all of them up because I haven’t – Mom’s being stubborn about some of them like my Secret Paws box from Spitty for instance 😦 😦   BUT I do want to thank each and every one of you for your thoughtfulness………I’m touched……….and thrilled as I always am that I have so many fabulous friends.

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thanks to all of you!

I hope you don’t get caught up in the frenzy of the day before the day before Christmas (hahahaha) and you’re able to take it easy today – We all usually celebrate having an “EASY” Sunday…..let’s make Monday just like that – what do you say??

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

Doesn’t get much EASIER than this!



Takin’ it easy Sam 🙂