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Can It Be Thursday Already?


YES IT CAN………..not only “CAN” it, but it truly IS.   Well, time is whipping by at an incredible pace and before you know it, we’ll be WELL into Fall and Halloween will be over and we’ll be talking TURKEY (Thanksgiving of course for those of us who celebrate it in November).

Meanwhile, the leaves in my yard are doing their thing………..just gorgeous if I say so myself!

Backyard tree in fall

Talk about ORANGE!

Maples are almost TOO pretty!

Maples are almost TOO pretty!

I am just loving the weather though – I’ve been outside as much as I can get OLD MOM to take me………….sometimes I just sit on the front porch and look out over my kingdom (haha) and think how lucky I am to live here………other times I cruise around a bit (with Mom watching me closely) and waddle (yes I waddle now when I walk) down to the front stone garden to do my business (yes you know what I mean), or walk down the sidewalk sniffing as I go for signs of introoders.   The skunks, raccoons, possums, and rabbits visit during the night time and I can SMELL them the next morning.   They even have the NERVE to come up on my front porch to drink the water from the water bowl that’s out there!

Excuse me Mr. Possum - did someone invite you here?

Excuse me Mr. Possum – did someone invite you here?

Anyway, I do love Fall and Mom and Dad are starting to have fires in the fireplace now which I REALLY like…………….talk about cozy.

I’ve had a lot of email lately from some of you asking about how I’m feeling these days.   Well, I have been very good about taking my thyroid medicine – Mom is still having good luck (mostly) with crushing the pill up and mixing it with either turkey baby food or beef baby food.  I love that stuff.  GOBBLE GOBBLE………I’m on board with baby food!    I don’t hork very often – I’ve always been a horker since I was tiny……but maybe once a week is my average.   All is well on the “potty box” situation too.    So that’s about it for my report other than I DO have mobility issues – if I’m lying down for any length of time it’s tough standing back up again – I will limp my first few steps and go slow then I loosen up.   Mom says it’s just like her and Dad……get stiff in the old joints and it takes a minute to get “steady” on the feet (or paws).

So – there’s the THURSDAY REPORT………Fall is falling, animals are visiting my porch, I’m in good shape for an old guy, and getting excited about SAM-O-WEEN!   I hope you are too??

Hugs, Sammy

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Door guard on duty….