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Teaser Tell All


Well, I know I confused the HECK out of some of you yesterday morning when WHAMMO my blog goes live and there’s no Teaser Photo there………….would you believe I was just seeing if you were paying attention?  No?  Well I didn’t think you would…………the actual reason it wasn’t there is Mom woke up in the middle of the night in a panic because she thought she’d previously used the photo she has ORIGINALLY put on my blog for the Teaser and got to the computer in time to keep that photo from staying on my blog.  She removed it and uploaded different photos to her computer but FORGOT TO INSERT THEM ON MY BLOG!   DUH…..MOM…..good grief!

SO – my girlcatfriend, the beautiful Sundae, emailed me to say “SAMMY – CHECK YOUR BLOG ASAP” – which I did and saw the error and some smarty-pants comments from you early birds about the Non-photo.  Mom took care of it and VOILA………we’re back in business!

Here’s the photo that was briefly NOT on my computer……………………


I had some great guesses – I discovered by following up on some of those guesses that the chateaus and castles, etc. in the Loire Valley look a LOT ALIKE………..!   However, THESE photos were taken at the beautiful Chenonceau Chateau which was one of my Mom’s favorite stops on their tour through France.   What a beautiful place – kind of fairyland-like and magical she says.   Here’s a better shot of the whole thing:


So who was the first RIGHT GUESSER???   My buddy Easy!   Leo from Doggy’s Style guessed another chateau which looks VERY much like Chenonceau though and a couple of other people guessed that same one too.    Easy, here’s your PURPLE BADGE :


AND those others of you who guessed Chenonceau get THIS:


AND those of you who didn’t have a clue get THIS:



Now, those of you who aren’t on board for the big Valentine’s Day Ball affair that ‘s happening in Blogville might do well to visit HERE to get the scoop – the clock is ticking – time’s a wasting’ and if you want to see yours truly and his hot date Sundae there, get going my friends!   And if you wanna go to the Ball but don’t have a date – visit EASY – he’s the guy to see if you need to be “fixed up” (and I’m not talking surgery here gang – I’m talking about getting a DATE!).


In other news, I got a NEW award from my buddies Mollie and Alfie – never seen this one before and all I need to do to accept it is thank them (THANK YOU!!!!!), link to them (DONE) and nominate six other friends for this beautiful award!


Well that’s quite something to be one of the “Best Blogs Around The World” don’t you think???     Who do I nominate????  Hmmm?????

Queen Nellie!

Bacon (My Cousin) the Piggy

Katie Isabella

The Florida Furkids


Two Blind Cats and Crew

We also managed to squeeze out some snow yesterday and last night………it’s still dark or I’d show you what it looks like outside……………although you HAVE seen snow before so no big deal right?????   Right!!!

So that’s about it for my show today ya’ll………………..tomorrow’s another day…………..in fact it’s a THURSDAY kind of day and I’ll be seeing you same time same channel.

Your Man About Town

Sammy !!