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Pre-Tease Monday


Attention Class!  Be purrpared!


That’s right – tomorrow is “you know what” day here in my classroom and I do hope you will be READY for it?   Did you spend the week since last Tuesday studying geography, maps, globes, watch travel programs, look in atlases, etc.?   WELL OF COURSE YOU DIDN’T!   We all have better things to do – so you’ll just have to fly by the seat of your pants tomorrow and try your best!

I’ll post a photo on this blog at a SECRET TIME, and you will get to figure out where it was taken……………..you’ll have to tell me country/state/town/city and that’s that!

It could be ANYWHERE in the world!

It could be ANYWHERE in the world!

Know what else?   I’ve got another FABULOUS Guest Teaser for you………………….this is another one sent in by a follower of Teaser Tuesday………………….so make sure you’re ready tomorrow – when?  Well of course I’m not telling………it’s TOP SECRET – but if you are FIRST to see it pop into your inbox tomorrow, you might win the “FIRST COMMENTER” prize!

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/14/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/14/16

Yep – you don’t even have to GUESS – just be here FIRST and post anything and it could be yours – sometimes we have THREE clocked in at the same time here by WordPress – we round up to minute and don’t use seconds so who knows – you might be in a TIE to win this – in which case all get a badge to wear with pride!

You also might be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER, or, if you have NO IDEA where the photo was taken or guess incorrectly, you will get the world-famous GREENIE!

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I hope that fires you up – and if it doesn’t fire you up – maybe our entirely inappropriate and edgy sometimes insane Tuesday Teaser Cheerleader, Wacko SuzieQ might get you fired up!



Bingo Bango Bongo The Teaser's NOT the Congo I'm so cute and witty The Teaser's NOT New York City Bim Bam Boom We'll be Teasing BEFORE NOON!

Bingo Bango Bongo
The Teaser’s NOT the Congo
I’m so cute and witty
The Teaser’s NOT New York City
Bim Bam Boom
We’ll be Teasing BEFORE NOON!

Well I suppose she sort of helped you all instead of wreaking havoc as she usually does………..and no insults in this either………..amazing………..thank you SuzieQ – we’ll see you tomorrow when hopefully you will be in an equally magnanimous mood!

See you in class tomorrow…..


Professor Sammy

P.S.    On a sad note, we all learned yesterday that Merlin the ancient Meezer of Cat Wisdom101 has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and in fact has been there watching over Miss Layla and his other family AND all of us since May 11th.   It was a private grieving moment so hadn’t been announced until now.   My own heart is broken as I somehow thought of Merlin as my favorite Uncle….I hope that he will be a face in the crowd of my “besties” who are already at the Bridge when I go – I cherish the thought of walking over to him and giving him a Big Sammy Hug………..ONE DAY…………