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Tuesday Teaser And……..More!



I’ve got LOTS to tell you about today including giving you the challenge of the Tuesday Teaser sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, what do you say we get on with it huh?

Today’s Teaser might be one of those toughies……I say MIGHT because I’m always surprised how you pick up stuff that to me isn’t a hint, but to you it tells the tale!    But as always, you must tell me WHERE the photo was taken – city/town/country/state OK?   OK!   Mr. Silver Briefcase – you’re ON!!!!!!

Wait a minute Sammy – did you forget something?  

The cute cheerleader?

Shake it - Don't break it! RA RA RA!

Shake it –
Don’t break it!

Thanks Suzie Q…..sorry about that!   Now, Mr. Briefcase – please do your thing!

Reporting for Duty! Here's today's TEASER!

Reporting for Duty! Here’s today’s TEASER!



Tough or Easy – it’s up to YOU!!!!!  Where was this photo taken????????

Remember, if you’re first to comment on this blog today – just a comment – not even a GUESS if you don’t have one, you get THIS:

First Commenter!

First Commenter!

If you’re the FIRST to guess the location of the photo shoot than you get THIS:

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

If you’re RIGHT but not first, you still get THIS:

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

If you are wrong or haven’t got the slightest idea, you get THIS:

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

See?  It’s a WIN/WIN!    Now hurry up and DO something!  I’m WAITING!

♥    ♥    ♥

Now, here’s PART TWO of my blog today!    This is something totally exciting………I hope you think so too………….

My dear Cousin Bacon (Pig Love!) asked me if I thought it might be FUN to start a NEW and exciting way of “sharing the love” we animal bloggers have for each other on a special day every year starting February 15, 2016.  It would be called Anipal Appreciation Day!   What better time to get together and share the love than the month of February.   Whether you are a cat, a dog, a horse, a bird, a bun bun, a pig or a human – let’s get together for a day surrounded by love.  Why wait for the could have, should have or would have after one of us crosses the Rainbow Bridge.  Let’s celebrate life now and let each other know what we mean to each other???   We will give “shout outs” to our pals – no set number of them of course – it’s all up to you……..tell everyone what’s special about that blog buddy of yours – the way they blog?  The way they care?  The way they make you smile?   That’s what we all call a “shout out” !

Here are the guidelines for celebrating Anipal Appreciation Day:

1. Post your Anipal Appreciation Day blog on FEBRUARY 15, 2016.
2. Title your blog Anipal Appreciation Day.
3. Put the badge below on your blog post for that day.
4. Give shout outs not only in the blog you write that day, but when you comment as well.  There is no set number of shout out’s you are required to do – let your heart lead you.  We are *not* leaving anyone out.
5. If you can, give your Anipal’s blog link so we can all visit each other easily and so your Anipals know you’ve linked to them!
6. HAVE FUN!  This is the most important rule – have FUN and share the LOVE!

Here’s the badge you can use for your post on February 15th:


My buddy Bacon came up with the rules and the idea………I designed the badge…….it was a “Joint Labor of Love”………..and we hope that you’ll mark your calendars NOW for this special day – the first one EVER.   I want to thank my friend Bacon for coming up with this idea……….I’m flattered he asked me to help him promote it and let me design the badge………now let’s see if we can make it a day to remember and let our Anipals know that the day after Valentine’s Day is THEIR day!

Don’t worry – I’ll remind you on Valentine’s Day that the next day is Anipal Appreciation Day!!!!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thankful for my friends

The Eve Of Sixteen



Hello Friends and Pals and Fans and even those of you who accidentally found your way here – HELLO TO YOU TOO!    Happy New Year’s Eve!    But it’s not just that – it’s also the “eve of 16” for me.   Wanna know something?   I didn’t think I’d make it.   Not that I was particularly SICK this year or anything……………true when I lost a ton of weight and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism Mom had a FIT but we’ve got that pretty much worked out between us.   I “mostly” take my pill when I need to…………………………mostly.



I think it’s just that this past year we’ve seen SO many of our dear friends go to the Bridge………..many of them have been around my age or even younger………a few older but not many.  Sixteen seems to be a “ripe old age”…………well, guess what………..I don’t intend to go anywhere!    Now I know that these things can happen quickly when they do (and actually when my time comes I hope it is quick!)………but I’m having too much fun to go anywhere!

I love Tuesday Teasers

I love blogging every single day

I love having friends around the world

I love sharing the fun I have in my life

I love my Mom and Dad

I Love My Life!

So please remember to help me celebrate the occasion of sticking another candle on my birthday cake tomorrow morning………….I’ll have a celebration breakfast for everyone.   If you have been partying on NY Eve you’ll have some coffee and a little breakfast at my place.   I’ll make sure there’s no loud music…….I even remember LAST birthday when I had a similar celebration and I provided lots of nice comfy beds for those of you who needed some sleep………..I’ll do that again this year.   Come recover at my house……….and celebrate me turning SWEET SIXTEEN!


See You In 2016?

Love, Sammy



Happy 4th!!



We live too far away from DC to see them but they're SPECTACULAR!

We live too far away from DC to see them but they’re SPECTACULAR!


Today will be a long day around here…………..Mom and Dad are going next door later for a cookout with friends, then coming back over here for fireworks and croquet……….where will I be?  INSIDE TAKING COVER!   Actually I’m not scared of fireworks so who knows – maybe I’ll ask Mom to let me sit on the front porch while they do their thing way down in the front yard.


THANK YOU so much everyone for sending purrs and prayers to my friend Raz’s Dad who had a cath and surgery yesterday.  He’s fine and will get to come home today after a successful “repair”……….obviously his family is relieved but so are ALL of us.   When something is wrong with one of us – it’s wrong with all of us right?   Anyway, HUGS to you all for your thoughts – I know Raz appreciated that.

Today the 4th of July is being celebrated all over the blogosphere but one spot where I’m involved is the Tabby Cat Club – with my friends Raz and Gracie and all of you kitties who are tabbies and part of the club.   We’re having a blast – you don’t have to be a member of the Club to see the photos and comment if you like so come on by to visit us HERE.   Now if you ARE a tabby cat and would like to join?  Please do!  We have tons of fun.


We’re also celebrating the 4th on Cat Scouts (I’m a busy guy aren’t I???) – with an all day picnic and a float parade.  Floats?  Yep – like the Rose Parade only with cats…hahaha…My Troop is called The Wildcats – I’m the Troop Leader and all four Patrols in my Troop are making floats for the parade.  I’ll share photos with you on Saturday’s blog!


Over and above these celebrations my Mom can’t help but think about her Dad today – he was VERY patriotic – he loved serving in the United States Air Force, which he did for his entire career.   Whenever he had the occasion to, he was in his uniform proudly saluting as the flag or a member of the Armed Forces walked by in a parade or at an event.  Maybe nobody else noticed, but my Mom did – often a tear would escape his eye because he was so full of pride when he saw the flag…..my Mom got that sense of pride of country from him.  Of all the songs written about the USA or celebrated by people in the USA, this remains her favorite:

GOD BLESS AMERICA (by Irving Berlin)

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

Celebrate the day………..be careful…………have fun………..!

Your Pal, “Uncle” Sam (haha)


Counting Down!


OK – It’s Official…..

I’m EXCITED Christmas Is ALMOST Here!


Although I guess I don’t look overly excited here do I ??

Well, I really AM excited – honest…….Just a few more days and Jolly Old Saint Nic will be popping down my chimney (note to self: tell Mom NO FIRE in the fireplace the night of the 24th!!!) and leaving lots of toys and goodies for me and maybe one or two for my parents UNDER my tree and in my stocking.

Another thing that’s about to happen is my BIRTHDAY.   Now I know there’s a BIG blogville celebration for New Year’s Eve and since my birthday is January 1st, I decided NOT to have a big pawty this year since most of you will already be pawtying for New Year’s Eve.  So, here’s what I’ll be doing for January 1st.   Plan to stop by my house on your way HOME from your pawty and I’ll give you breakfast!  How’s that?  I’ll have a breakfast buffet with lots of goodies to munch on and plenty of catnip coffee for you to wake up with since you’ll probably be – er – um – well – HUNGOVER from New Year’s Eve.

So plan to be HERE on New Year’s Day – it’s just a matter of popping in your teleportation devices and tunnels and coming HERE from your parties just to celebrate my 14th birthday with me.   CAN DO??????


YAY……what a fun way to start 2014 – with me !!!

I also made a special card this morning to post on the Cat Scouts site – I got extra credit for doing it – we all got some “karma points” if we did a card to our fellow Scouts…..what do you think?   It got me my extra points!!


Well that’s enough fun stuff for this Thursday………I don’t want to wear you out this early in the morning so hopefully you have enough energy left to attack the Christmas tree, rip open some presents or stalk your humans and attack them around a corner or some other kind of fun.  You know the song says “Tis the season to be jolly” so come on gang – GET YOUR JOLLY ON !!!

Have a Happy Thursday

The Almost Birthday Boy, Sammy !

Marvelous Monday


Marvelous……that’s what I said!!  Why?  Because it’s the start of another week of glorious Spring.  Yesterday all three of us spent a LOT of time outside – in the sunshine, in the shade, wherever we were, it was perfect. 

Mom and Dad did mulching and Mom did mowing…..and planted some more stuff.  “My” tomato plant is now planted in its’ pot on the back deck.  I can see it from inside the house to keep an eye on it but when I’m outside on the deck, I can curl up and be right next to it while I snooze. 

Here's part of the back deck.....it's sort of a golden stain they used on it.  Looks nice and you'd never know it's a 16 year old deck!  Looks brand spankin' new!

The “tomato pot” is right behind that green chair….the tomato plant is still pretty tiny but it will grow QUICKLY with ME looking out for it!!

Today I think Mom and Dad are going to head to the store they hope to buy Mom’s new computer from.  Keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed that they find something.  Believe me – anything would be better than NOW!  😀 😀 😀

Today is also my buddy Nerissa’s birthday……Like I’ve said, there are a LOT of birthdays this month aren’t there!  

Plenty of tissue and bows means lot of PAWTIES!

Plenty of tissue and bows means lot of PAWTIES!

I also wanted to post this officially – since Mom’s computer has been a mess.  Actually even before it got really bad, we have had problems reading and especially commenting on Blogspot and Blogger blogs.  SADLY 😦  a lot of my friends are now “out of reach” for me……..and I miss you very much.  I hope that with the new computer and new EVERYTHING (including browser) we’ll be able to read and comment on your blogs but for now – just know I WISH we could visit you!!   Just pretend I’m there….OK?  😀 😀

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser.  I’ll try to find a goodie for you – I try EVERY week but sometimes I miss and sometimes it’s a hit !  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow………..meanwhile:

Kitty Hugs, Your Pal Sammy