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Bacon Buddies!


Let’s Be Bacon Buddies!

A King needs buddies as well as loyal subjects – and it’s even better if buddies ARE loyal subjects!    Are you on board with that arrangement?   Because I love all of you and even though I’m royalty (hahahahaha), I would like you to love me too!     If I give you plenty of bacon maybe that will show you how much I APPRECIATE you!!!

Shall we begin the abundant bacon breakfast this Saturday morning?????????????????   Oh yes – LETS!!    Grab a plate and fill it up with whatever you wish from the ROYAL BACON BUFFET.  Mouse over the photos to find out what they are!

We also have some pretty lattes for you to choose from!

So did you get enough to eat?   If not, I have no problem with you having seconds or thirds!     It’s what we do on Saturday here in Baconia right?    Celebrate the JOY OF BACON!!!!

Don’t worry – there’s plenty to go around!

Have a grand Caturday !

See you next week for more………BACON!

Your King, Teddy




Breakfast With Bacon!


I Can Smell Bacon!   Can You?

Oh yes!   Nothing smells better………NOTHING!   Let’s eat!   You don’t want to DEFY the Kingly Decree do you?????

Make sure and show this to your humans – they need to realize that it’s IMPAWTANT the King’s wishes be followed!

Here are some suggestions you can give them of what to serve YOU today:


And don’t we deserve a little bacon in our lives after entertaining them all week?   Loving them all week?   Letting them sleep with us, pet us, brush us, feed us, ALL WEEK?

Indeed………..bring on the bacon I say.

Show them this DEPRESSING and SAD graphic!    We must do better than AVERAGE!

Angel Sammy – the former King of Baconia – and I agree on this!

If all else fails – remember we have the power of “THE LOOK” on our side!   Don’t hesitate to resort to it if you need to!

As I leave you this Saturday, may I give you this FINAL THOUGHT:

Happy Baconday from your King!

Heavenly Bacon



Heavenly Bacon!  

Of course as far as I’m concerned, ALL bacon is heavenly no matter where you eat it.   Then again  I’m the Bacon King so I MUST think all bacon is heavenly right???   Right!


Yep – Grumpy is right – who needs beans and peas when you can call BACON a veggie?!

Awww...My Baby Picture!

Even as a kitten, I learned how to yell for bacon before I could yell for Mom!


Around here you don’t have to dress up in a costume to get BACON either!


We are proud to be members of the Bacon Lovers of the World right?   Right!


Just close your eyes and make a wish for bacon and WHAM BAM the bacon fairy will visit!

If she lets you down and doesn’t show up, visit me – you know I’m THE SPOT for bacon!


They don’t call me that for nothin’ you know!!!!!!

See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfies at Kitties Blue………..be there or be square.


“Let Them Eat Bacon” !

Your Angel Bacon King Sammy

What’s Better Than Bacon?



That’s right – nothing is better and we’re gonna enjoy it today for Bacon Caturday right gang?


So are mine!   BIG TIME!

What shall we have for breakfast this morning?????????


Maybe………what else ya got?


Now you’re talkin’  !


Side dish???



Yeah I think we’re on the right track…………by the time we finish with this meal we will have our FILL for the week right everyone?

Purrrrrrhaps while you’re digesting “all of the above” it would be a good time to share my newest BACON MEME with you – this one came to us from our buddies and pals at Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head)


This is my buddy and pal Mauricio from Kitties Blue modeling the latest in cupcake hat wear……doesn’t he look fabulous?   You see Mau is the official Cat Scouts baker.   He has a Bake Shop at Scouts and when we need a special cake or cookies or better yet – CUPCAKES – he’s the guy to see.   I think he makes a most handsome cupcake don’t you?   Thanks for sending me the MEME guys – I love it.


I know this has ZIP to do with bacon, but it’s one of my Mom’s favorite things to giggle over so I’m indulging her today – after all, she’s MAKIN’ BACON for me this morning!


OH IT IS SO GOOD TO BE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Bacon Day!  

Your King

PEE ESS………………..DEAR BLOGGING BUDDIES – if you are used to seeing comments from me on your blogs and HAVEN’T in a while, please check your SPAM folders because chances are I’m in there!!!!    Lately when we comment on several blogs, our comments do not show up………don’t want you to think we don’t follow you any longer – we think we’ve gone to your SPAM!   (whaaaaaa!)




Following Doctors’ Orders!  


Yep – never ignore your doctor’s advice…………we’re definitely following my doctor and Mom is cooking bacon right now…………..yep – nothing smells as delish!

BACONBEG8After breakfast is over, Mom says we will need to water all the plans on the deck and on the front porch.   They’re growing by leaps and bounds…………but with all the hot sunny days, she has to water EVERY MORNING.   Mother Nature hasn’t helped with some RAIN so Mom had to step up!

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

The deck box plants are blooming like mad!

Mom’s sweet potato vines are getting long – and we know that we’ll have a good crop of ‘taters this Fall when Mom cuts back the vines and cleans out the planters!

Sweet potato vines

Sweet potato vines

Halp!  I'm in jail on the front porch!

Halp! I’m in jail on the front porch!

What was that noise????  I think it was a chipmunk!

What was that noise???? I think it was a chipmunk!

See?  No shortage of excitement around my house on a Saturday……………..but the best part of course is the start to the day with BACON!

Yep - this is my policy for sure!!

Yep – this is my policy for sure!!


Hugs, The Baconator