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Back To Bacon


Let There Be Bacon……Double Portions!

I guess my Kingly Decree last week didn’t stop Irma after all but I promised you double ration of bacon this week to make up for NO bacon last Saturday so…………………

Let the baconizing begin!

Uhhh…..’Scuze me, your Kingship, but my kitchen staff

didn’t show up this morning so it’s just ME

cooking for your Kingliness and

your Guests this morning so

I ask your Royal indulgence this morning??????

I’m sure my guests will understand………………oh and when that staff DOES show up – tomorrow or whenever – FIRE THEM!


Yes indeed – we can’t have NO SHOWS working in the kitchen.   What about when I have a Kingly reception or party – we can’t have unreliable staff!!!!  NOOOOOOO sireee!

UHOH……I didn’t know the household staff was overhearing our conversation Chef – but all our Castle Departments should be staffed with DEDICATED personnel!   Oh, Miss Pennyweather, your staff was listening to my conversation with the Chef!!!!

Rest assured your Kingship, Housekeeping is under control!


Excellent Miss Pennyweather.    Your crew keeps the Castle in very good order – thank you for your dedication to castle cleanliness and your  loyalty!

Breakfast is Served!

Well done Chef!  Did your kitchen staff show up after all?

No Your Kingliness – the Housekeeping staff came to the rescue and helped me out!  



It’s been a good day in Baconia……

Royal Waves, King Teddy

Please stop by their blog (click the badge) if you haven’t yet to leave Miss Sharon and the kitties a message. 

Their hearts and ours are broken that Mr. Bill has gone to Heaven.

Bacon Saturday!


Let’s EAT!

Welcome Friends!   Another delightful Saturday is beginning and as always we will start ours with BACON!!!!!

This might be enough to START with anyway………….

Thank you oh Bacon Fairy for visiting us today!!!!!!

Mine tingle EVERY Saturday and sometimes other days of the week – I’m a baconator like my big brother Angel Sammy!

Sometimes we have to work REALLY hard to sneak a bite and other times it’s just in the food dish!

Then there are those HAPPY ACCIDENTS when bacon accidentally lands on the floor – give those peeps the innocent eyes thing and it will be YOURS!

Wait…..I can’t see why we can’t wrap the neighbor’s cat in bacon.  If we did, maybe I’d LIKE him.

This stuff is for real – Mom gets it at our grocery – and trust me – it’s SPAMALICIOUS!!

I trust you will have a satisfactory Saturday AND that you will be able to hypnotize your human into serving YOU bacon today.

Now, if you’ll ‘scuze me, I’m gonna take a snoozie in my Kingly Quarters!


Happy Bacon Day!

Teddy, King of Baconia