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Cats and Mysteries


Hi Peeps!!

Nothing like a good mystery book and a niptini to make a guy relax in the evening!

Nothing like a good mystery book and a niptini to make a guy relax in the evening!

I think all of us are familiar with a lot of the authors who have great series written that include cats in the cast of characters.  There are some especially fun mystery series involving cats who actually help with investigating!   Mom likes to read those.   However, when my Mom decided to WRITE a mystery wanted the cat in the book to be just  a companion for the main character rather than a partner helping to actually solve the crimes.

Enter Eddy the cat………..he’s the companion to Bailey Ferrol, young female private investigator in the small Virginia town of “David’s Bridge” (yeah – the name of the book is The Mystery of David’s Bridge…..get it???).


Yes there is a bridge in the town of David’ s Bridge and yes there is a mystery involving something NEAR the bridge……….but you need to read the book to find all that out.  What I REALLY wanted to talk about is Eddy the cat and how the “real” Eddy the cat inspired Mom’s cat character.

The "Eddy" who inspired my Mom!

The “Eddy” who inspired my Mom!

You all know by now that Eddy was the “before me” cat in my Mom’s life.  The day after my Mom’s Dad passed away Eddy decided to adopt my Mom – he was a stray in her old neighborhood and Mom was sitting on the steps in front of her house that morning and here came Eddy – he gave her a big head butt and lay at her feet looking adoringly up at her.  Anyway, after investigating his circumstances, she found out he’d been abandoned so that’s when Eddy (at age six or seven) came into her life.  Later when she and my Dad built a new home in the country (where I live now) Eddy came along and lived out his days here.

The Eddy in Mom’s book has some endearing qualities too……..for instance he sleeps with Bailey in her cozy attic bedroom and follows her everywhere when she’s home.  He has a basket by the fireplace in Bailey’s living room and Bailey is constantly finding “treasures” that he’s either brought in from outside OR “borrowed” from Bailey’s room…….or in one instance, REMOVED from her favorite comfy bunny slippers (Bailey finds the ears in Eddy’s basket at one point!).   When Bailey’s had a bad day – Eddy’s there to make her smile.   (BY THE WAY CATS – that’s what we do right?  Keep our humans smiling?????)   Eddy even passes judgment on some of the men Bailey has as friends – he knows when someone is dangerous and he knows when someone is “on the up and up” and in fact when Bailey really does find a good guy and starts dating him, Eddy makes it clear that he approves!

Eddy is Bailey’s “soft place to fall”……………the live of a private investigator can be rather dangerous (as you see in the book) and busy so as Bailey’s cat, Eddy keeps the home fires burning and gives her the love and affection she needs greeting her when she walks in the door after a long day helping the police on a case or investigating something on her own.

In a book full of mystery and intrigue – scary situations and tense action – reading about Bailey and Eddy’s relationship gives little moments of fun before the next round of excitement hits!

Mom had intentions of writing a sequel after this book first came out a few years ago – she even started writing it and then became sick and had a year of treatments which kind of left her not interested in writing anymore.  A very NOT HAPPY situation for her as she loved writing.  Guess what – in the second book (the one she didn’t finish writing), Eddy comes through the cat door one day in Bailey’s house with a tiny kitten that was abandoned by it’s Mom…….Bailey bottle feeds it – and know what she names it????????????????  SAMMY!!!!!  Yep – I was going to be one of the STARS of the second book.  Well, Mom still has that old manuscript and who knows – maybe one day she’ll feel like finishing it (and the other novel she had started which wasn’t a “Bailey” book).  Meanwhile she helps me write my blog……….SO she’s still writing!

If your human likes mysteries – especially with cats in them (!!) – give “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” a try.  It will be back in print soon but right now it’s available on Kindle (there’s a link to it on Kindle on the RIGHT side of my page here!!).

I can highly recommend it………………(tee hee).

Happy Friday………….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

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