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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    The countdown to Christmas continues…………….and I’m ready to strut my stuff for another Sunday Hop hosted by The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    Want to hook up with us?   Please do!  Just click their badge and add yourself to the link.   Easy right?

I thought maybe I’d do a FLASHBACK SELFIE again today.    Mom took some photos of me this week but one is way too dark (even after editing) of me under the Christmas tree and the other is me belly-up in the guest room (been there/done that) so I’ll do a FLASHBACK instead.

I look back to this same period of time one or two years ago and see what I find…………………..ready?

This a selfie Mom did on December 9, 2018 so it’s only a year (almost exactly) old.   I can tell from the carpet that it was taken in Mom’s office and since I’m playing with tissue she was PROBABLY wrapping Christmas presents at the time.   I guess she added the Christmas border to jazz it up for December and I am recycling it because it’s HOLIDAY-ISH !!!

Mom had done a puzzle for this photo already last year so we just downsized the number of pieces from 130 to 99 and wish you luck with it!  Just CLICK the little photo!


Are you ready for the holidays?     We will be as soon as all the presents Mom and Dad ordered arrive and are wrapped.  In the meantime I have all the space UNDER our Christmas tree to myself – oh boy – now that’s what I call NICE NAPPING.   After the presents arrive I hope Mom remembers a certain CAT likes to sleep under there and leaves me some room!


Love, Teddy

Christmas Tree Naps and Eggnog…..

Under Sam's Christmas Tree 2011

No room for me under there anymore!!

 Just a few DAYS ago, I was still able to find a spot to snooze under our Christmas tree…..now it’s getting a little dangerous under there.  Scooting around under there finding a nap spot could cause an avalanche of boxes!  I’ve decided in order to safely enjoy the ambiance of my Christmas tree, I’ll just nap on the rug in front of it.  Mom kindly obliged by putting a piece of my newest favorite thing – the newspaper – on the rug and I just curl up on that.  No sense risking life and limb by going under there!!

Not all this stuff is for me you know.  Mom and Dad have things under there too.  I heard Dad say he’s finally finished shopping yesterday so I think all that wrapping stuff will go back in the closet for another year.  Not before I talk Mom into giving me a fresh piece of tissue though – I need something to mess around with until Christmas day.  That’s when I’ll get all those boxes and ribbons, and of course MORE tissue to play with when my parents open their gifts. 

Yesterday Mom got something to drink out of the refrigerator – something I’ve never been really curious about before, but thought maybe I should “re-consider”…..when she sat down in her chair with her drink I hopped up and asked if I could sniff it.  Well – it sure SMELLED yummy…..she said it was eggnog and that it was something I shouldn’t have because it’s not good for me.  WELL!  Since when have I paid any attention to THAT????  I gave her “the look” and she dipped her finger in her glass and held it out for me……….I gave it a sniff then a lick and while it was interesting I thought it was too sweet and funny tasting.  I guess that’s the last time I’ll be trying EGGNOG!!!!

Today’s Saturday of course and it’s cold here…in the thirties….still no sign of snow but at least I know that Santa doesn’t mind if it’s snowing or sunny and hot – he’s magic !!

Sammy, One Eggnog Avoiding Cat

Tree’s Up!

Sam's Christmas Tree 2011

Yippee! It's up! Mom left the whole back free of presents so I could hide back there and spy on everyone!!

 At last….I’ve got my tree up…..Honestly I tried to stay out of my parents way while they decorated but it wasn’t easy.  I especially liked those boxtops when Mom would open up another ornament box!  Every time Mom tried to take a picture of me “helping” though I was smart enough to run off before she could.  Sneaky huh?

When the box that has Dad’s toy soldier collection for the mantel and our Christmas stockings in it was opened up, Mom took my stocking out and it rattled!  Yes – I guess there was a toy in the very bottom that I didn’t SEE before we put it away….so I got an early Christmas present because Mom gave it to me and I played with it while they finished decorating.  I think they were glad I was distracted…for a while 🙂 !

I’ve got LOTS of photos to show you but don’t want you to get tired of seeing our house and stuff so I’ll share them over the next few days. 

Mom says I’m just like a little kid when it comes to being so excited about Christmas but guess what…..she and Dad are like that too!  I think maybe there’s just something about Christmas that brings out the “kid” in us? 

Nothing wrong with that!!! 

Happy Sunday

Sammy, One Very Happy Christmas Cat






Where's The Christmas Tree?

OK...the presents are here.....I'm here....so where's the tree????

 So we’re doing this in stages I guess.  The presents came down from the upstairs but so far NO TREE!  Here I am in the library, next to the presents, patiently waiting….well, sort of patiently….and I’m even trying to show my parents EXACTLY where I expect that tree to appear.  I guess I’ll just sit here until they get the message!

Are you tired of hearing about my Christmas “expectations” yet?  🙂  Sorry about that but I get pretty darn wound up this time of the year.  Have always been that way since I was a little guy in fact. 

I know this is the weekend Mom will decorate our porch and we’ll get the tree here in the library, and then it’s just counting down until Santa Paws comes to see me – well, I guess he’s going to see ALL of us and not just me! 

Last night when it got really dark, we could see that lots of people in our neighborhood have decorated outside this year.  Some years they do and some years they don’t – this looks like a bumper crop of holiday lights this year.  Before Christmas, my Mom and Dad will get in the car one night and drive around to neighborhoods just to look at the lights.  Some people get pretty carried away with big yard displays and lots and lots of lights.  We just decorate our porch but it always looks pretty.  I’ll make sure Mom takes a picture of it so I can show you.

Well, I guess I’ll resume my position in the library waiting…….I just know that they won’t let me down – they PROMISED me that the tree would go up this weekend – and the minute the clock ticked past midnight last night it became “THIS WEEKEND” ………

Let’s go people!  Time’s a’wastin’ !!! 🙂

Sam, One Impatient Cat