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Cool Friday


Hi Peeps!!

Well, we’re back in business with A/C here and not a moment too soon I might add. It was a hottie yesterday but now the new A/C is in, the intruder was nice and I spied on him from afar, and all is well in my world again.  I had given some thought to volunteering to help the intruders in the interest of getting the project done ASAP……..

Hey guys - need any help?

Hey guys – need any help?

In the end they did it in the amount of time they said they would and my basement is all cleaned up and is now MINE ALL MINE again.  Woo Woo…………….

Speaking of COOL though – yesterday Mom got word that the printed version of her book is now available on Amazon (as well as Lulu)  just like the Kindle version already is. If there’s anyone out there who prefers reading IN PRINT vs. as a download on an e-reader, GO FOR IT! Mom would be pleased for you to read it and maybe even do a review on Amazon of the book for her if you enjoy it.  Thanks to those of you who already have.

Have you had enough COOL stuff or want more?  Well, another COOL thing is all the incredible new stuff Mollie has in her shop these days.  My Mom is loving all the jewelry with animal themes AND the cartooned ornaments – almost every day there’s something NEW and fun to buy……clever and cute I’d say.

Know what?  It’s been such a crummy week that I’m not even going to mind it being monster day today.  Nope – I won’t be complaining and whining as usual.  I’m just gonna be glad it’s QUIETER racket than the intruders made yesterday and call it a day – – – – THEN I’m gonna get my Mom to play with me on the stairs – nice newly vacuumed ones!

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Come and get me Mom!


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀