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Teaser Answer and Other Stuff

Sam On His Tissue

OK Mom...let's tell everyone where you took those photos for Tuesday Teaser!!

Happy Wednesday!  So, I think that Tuesday Teaser was a good one wasn’t it?  People figured “Europe” but not really sure WHERE.  Well, the answer is:



AND….guess what…..two people guessed it right!  Miss Ingrid of ConsciousCat and Miss Isobel from IsobelAndCat ….. concatulations ladies for figuring that one out.  I’ll try to find another goodie for NEXT Tuesday.

In the meantime, as you can see from this photo, I’m still in love with tissue and newspaper.  I’ve transferred all my FAVE toys to the paper pile and while it’s in the middle of the room, and Mom has to pick it all up when she vacuums then carefully put it right back where it was (!!) she’s OK with that.  I’m OK with that.  Dad’s OK with that.  Sammy’s tissue collection lives on! 😉  Mom does occasionally substitute new paper for the old stuff – and who can blame her.

I’m not sure if it’s going to snow today but it MIGHT.  Not a lot – just a little, but this has been a weird winter.  I know all of my friends in Europe are having a REAL winter and in some cases more winter than they’d like to have with some SERIOUS snow.  We’ve had some little snows and a couple of icy days but mostly no big deal.  As I’ve gotten older I stay outside for shorter periods anyway.  I feel the cold more…..and not too crazy about cold feet either so maybe this is MY kind of winter after all????? 

Wherever you are I hope if you love snow you HAVE it….if you don’t love it you DON’T…..and if you wish you had it that you eventually get some!  How’s that for covering all the bases?????

Kitty Hugs from Sammy