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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday AND Whoops!


First Things First…….!!

Can you believe that yesterday was our blogaversary and MOM FORGOT?   Well she did………….now I have an excuse as I wasn’t around when the blog was started – I’m the new kid on the block and I’m PAWSITIVE if Angel Sammy was still living with us he would have known and told Mom.    But we did NOT get the “wake up” call until today with our friends at Friends Furever wished us a Happy Blogaversary!    GOOD GRIEF MOM!     I’m so THANKFUL that we have friends who pay attention to these things since Mom wasn’t!    That’s what I’m thankful for as we join up with Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY.    Want to share your “thankfuls” ??   Click the badge and do that right now before you read more!

Mom and Angel Sam started the blog on May 10, 2011.    To me that sounds like EONS ago but then I’m just a kid.    Mom posted a link to our first post here on our blog yesterday, which was rather pitiful, rather short, and had very little interesting information in it – which is reflected in the FEW comments we got back then!    We’ve come a long way baby – we have tons of followers, tons of fun, and have celebrated the blogaversary ON TIME every year until now.    Here’s the link in case you want a good YAWN.    CLICK HERE

Since we’re a day late, we won’t get too carried away celebrating – let’s just say the chances are SLIM we will forget again!    Tee Hee    Maybe just a WEE celebration?


Yummy choc/strawberry cake!

Now shall we move on?    Today is my brother Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post day – and he never lets me down – he always visits me the night before and brings me a poem he’s written for the occasion.    We are nearing the end of the alphabet again – this is our second time through…………but we will continue with a Poetry Day – we just might add a little TWIST to it which we’ll talk about after we get to “Z”!

Take it away Angel Sammy!

Greetings Poetry Fans!   Today we are celebrating the letter “V” !    If you have written a poem that you’d like to share with everyone, just put your blog link in my comments and let us know you want us to visit and see your glorious work – OR – you can post your poem right here in my comments if you like!   Put a little poetry in your life – you’ll be glad you did!

With Love from the Rainbow Bridge…………..Angel Sammy



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 5-11-2017

One thing that I totally do not miss

Is the vacuum cleaner’s whine and hiss!

At the Bridge we don’t need to daily clean

This place is the most orderly spot you’ve ever seen!

Monster machines in closets there are NOT

Wall to wall beauty is what we’ve got.

Back home on Fridays I knew the sound

When Mr. Monster would come around.

Our house was clean as clean can be

But Mom did “monsterizing” regularly!

When I got old and my hearing was failing

I got more brave and less scared of “de-TAIL-ing” !

That machine was a monster and I kept my tail under

If it had sucked up my tail it would hurt like thunder!

Nowadays from my cloud I can see little Teddy

Preparing to vacate when the vacuum is ready……

He hides in the basement until cleaning’s done

For sure that old monster is way far from FUN!

My Angel brother sure can write a poem can’t he?    Actually I have become a little more brave with the monster – when Mom opens the closet where it lives I watch until she plugs it in – THEN I run and hide.    I used to run the minute she opened the closet – I’m making progress!

Happy Thursday! 

Love, Teddy

Now that you finished reading my blog – why not stop by my friend Raz’s blog HERE and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  

Tell him Teddy sent ya!

Quiet? What’s THAT?!



Sam Under Afghan on Couch
Can’t a guy get some peace and quiet ’round here??

So you’re probably wondering why I’m hiding behind the afghan on the couch in Mom’s studio.  Well, things have been a little out of the ordinary around this place for a while.  It all started with the great, noisy house-bath project when the guy with that monster machine spent HOURS cleaning the house, front porch, and garage.  After THAT was over things got peaceful again.

Then for a couple of days all was well……..it was chilly and I whined about that a bit but at least it was QUIET.  Today much to my shock and dismay (or shock and awe if you wish) a guy showed up with the same noisy machine and spent two hours cleaning my deck!  So that’s when I said “enough is enough” and went upstairs to my Mom’s studio and hid on the couch under the afghan.   I heard my parents say the same guy is coming back tomorrow to stain the deck.    With some luck that won’t involve some kind of noisy piece of machinery because frankly – I’m a nervous wreck!!  I need my nap time!!  I was severely nap-deprived again today. 

I’m too old for this…….the least they could have done was sent me on an all-expense-paid trip to visit my buddy Pedro in Hawaii while they did all this house stuff!!!!

Well, Happy Friday anyway……..and I hope yours is QUIET!

Sammy the Grump


Sam the Football Fan…..

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

Go Redskins! I love to watch football on TV...go figure...

Here I am, on the floor in front of the television set….watching football which is one of the only things I’m interested in that comes out of that big screen in the corner!  All those little people running around like crazy people – chasing a ball (which of course I can relate to)…..falling down on the ground and running – SO much to watch!  Sometimes I watch other stuff on TV for a few minutes but I can watch almost a whole football game without getting bored. 

Yesterday our team (The Washington Redskins….RED…..my favorite color of course) won their game, but just barely.  Mom was on the edge of her seat – I was on the edge of my rug – and both of us were worried for a while that those little people running around had run out of steam and were going to lose the game.  Whew! 

I might not have watched as much football yesterday as I did if it hadn’t been one of those rainy, chilly afternoons.  Just chilly enough that Dad built a fire in the fireplace – so my spot here on the rug was close to that on top of being close to the TV…….it was the perfect cozy spot to enjoy the game.  I’d normally be on Mom’s lap but she gets a little carried away (NOISY) and I’m not crazy about people talking loudly….I’m a quiet kind of guy!

So that’s how I spent MY Sunday afternoon – how about you??

Sammy, One Spoiled Redskins Fan