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Tricky Monday


Happy Monday!  Why is it “tricky” ??  For me its because I’m working on tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser and the photo I have in mind is ringing a bell as one I’ve used before…………..EXCEPT I checked my old Tuesday Teaser photos and can’t find it.  SO I think I’ll use it (actually THEM since I’m posting two).   If I have used them before – you’ll get your hug for sure because you’ll just KNOW where it is.  If not – well good luck.  HAHAHA

Other than that – it’s still too dark outside this morning for me to see but it would appear that the weather guy was actually right!  We have snow but it’s hard to see how much – maybe 2-4 inches though.  Yesterday afternoonwe got  a few flurries before dinner but if you blinked you missed it….no “real” snow.  So maybe later, when Mom and Dad finally get out of bed and we get this household popping, I’ll be able to take my new sled out there to give it  whirl????

Which reminds me – I have mentioned that I have the sled next to my toybox which is as you know not a “box” at all but a little red wagon.

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

That’s not a REAL raccoon tail by the way…..

I’m getting quite a collection of THINGS though and while this entire big house is like one big “Sammy Room”, I’m wondering if I need a bedroom of my own.  Know what I mean?  I could put my special stuff  in one room (instead of all over the house).   Here’s some of the things that would have to go in MY room:

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

My Grandma’s old chair with my other Grandma’s old quilt on it!

My tissue collection of course....VERY necessary.

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

This is what I want for my wall to wall carpet…..and handy snack!

So – do you think I’m asking for too much?  Am I dreaming the impossible dream?   I promise I’d keep my room clean and straight.  Honest. The only problem I can think of might be the fact that the Monster wouldn’t be able to keep my “carpet” clean……would my Dad have to bring the lawnmower inside to mow my room???   Oh – no – never mind – I can keep it trimmed by snacking regularly!!

Problem solved…………..but that still doesn’t answer the question of “will my Teaser photo be a REPEAT!!!???”    Guess we’ll find out tomorrow….huh!

Happy Tricky Monday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Landscaping 101

I Love My Yard!

Practically all the leaves are sucked up by "THE MACHINE".....a few strays....but after a breezy Saturday, there will be another load of them down I bet! Yippeeee!

Sometimes I’m not so sure my parents really appreciate my “help” !  For instance yesterday……….my parents were out doing the first spring clean-up/mow/trim thing and I decided to skip one of my many planned naps of the day to help. 

I decided it would be great since I’m so much closer to the ground than they are and can SEE stuff down here better if I did a walk-through and pointed out all the bare spots in our struggling lawn.  I figured Dad would want to know where I would appreciate some nice soft green GRASS growing instead of a dirt spot or mud puddle.  You’d think he’d appreciate that – right?   Instead of thanking me – my parents both pretty much ignored me.  I even stayed on the front porch out of their way while Mom mowed and Dad did all that other noisy stuff with that blowing thing and the trimming thing…..usually I’m INSIDE when they do that – today I was being “companionable” and helpful. 

Daddy’s big joke is that he and Mom are “the landscaping team of Kimmell & Kimmell”……..well I just thought it would be nice if we changed that to “Kimmell, Kimmell & Kimmell” with my help spotting the bare places in the lawn.  Do I have to tell you that it’s the last time I’m going to offer my help?  From now on, I’m going to be INSIDE in a window watching them groan, moan, and sweat while I enjoy a nice leisurely and infinately more comfortable few hours. 

If they want a nice lawn they can crawl around on the ground and find those bare spots without me!  So there! No I’m not really mad…….I’m just being silly………as usual……..but they really should have paid attention to me as I pointed those spots out. 

Sammy the Landscaper

Spring Fever

Sam grazing on the grass

What a great day for nibbling the grass and catching some "rays" !

What a pretty day it was yesterday!  The sun was out, there wasn’t much of a breeze, and there was no sign of the mean old cat from next door to bug me so I asked “pretty please” to go out.  It was great.  The grass isn’t really growing yet so it was tough finding a few long blades but I did so I was able to have my “greens”!  Mom sat on the front porch and kept an eye out for me while I went down the sidewalk checking for anything edible……I got to the driveway by the garage and the UPS guy’s noisy old brown truck came down the main road and stopped – then turned up MY driveway!  That’s when I high-tailed it back to my porch with Mom running behind me.  She knows how much I hate company and when I see anyone coming up my driveway – it’s time to go hide!!!    Mom and I came inside quickly and I went to my safe place in the basement while she looked out the window and sure enough he had stopped about a third of the way up – and backed back down (wrong address I suppose). 

That was about the extent of the excitement around here on Friday.  Other than of course the “MONSTER”  (Mom’s vacuum cleaner) was on the loose because it was housecleaning day…..

Anyway, being outside on such a pretty day makes me remember that it won’t be long before I’ll be asking to go outside a LOT more because spring will be here.  Mom will be planting stuff in the gardens and the grass will be growing just right for my snacking and birds will be building nests so there will be lots to watch from my various perch locations in the house. 

However – before we get to all of that, we have to finish winter and the weather guy says Sunday we could get a BIG dose of winter.  He’s not sure yet (of course) but we could get anywhere from an inch to a foot of snow.  Good grief!   I guess I’ll be thinking back to today and how nice it was to at least THINK about spring……………….sigh………………

Happy Saturday Peeps!




Mom Mowed The Dirt Yesterday

I love playing in dirt....Mom's not so thrilled about that though!

Grass? What grass? Our yard is weeds and dirt this summer!

Where’s my yard???  My pretty green grassy yard dried up WEEKS ago and all we have now is crabgrass (which grows very well I must say) and dirt.  Now don’t get me wrong – I happen to LOVE playing in the dirt – but I also like to munch on the grass from time to time.  Nothing “munchable” out there anymore…..it’s dried up and blown away in the breeze.  Sniff.

Anyway, yesterday Mom got the lawn tractor out and I thought to myself “humans are nuts – there’s not a blade of grass out there and SHE’S gonna mow!”…………but then I noticed down in the front yard that the crabgrass was pretty high.  High enough I could see it flapping in the breeze – Mom likes a “neat” yard just like she likes a “neat” house.  So I realized she just wanted to clean things up a bit outside.  When the tractor started up I just watched from the front door inside the house – didn’t take her long to finish up.  Still, it looked like this big cloud of dust moving around the front yard because she was surrounded by DIRT flying up around the mower!  My Mom the dust cloud….HAHAHAHAHA 

I really miss my grass though……..crabgrass does NOT – repeat NOT – taste good enough to eat.  I like that nice tender green fescue stuff…..something tells me I’m going to just have to wait until next Spring to see it again.  It’s been horribly dry and hot this summer and our yard is too big to keep watered with sprinklers and stuff.  WAY too big. 

I remember when I was little Mom got one of those little containers of “kitty grass” for me at the pet store.  She watered it and the grass grew and we waited and watched it getting taller and finally she put it on the floor for me to munch – YUCK!  Mom likes to tell the story of my reaction to the kitty grass…..I took one bite and promptly spit it out and tried to bury the whole container under a throw rug.  That was the last experiment with grass around here!

Sigh…………so I’ll try to be patient – either for a week’s worth of rain to bring back my pretty green yard before fall gets here…..OR for next spring when I KNOW it’s going to be fresh green stuff coming up out there……..and I can pretend I’m a GOAT again!!!!!

Happy Thursday Friends!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who misses his grassy yard)