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Rain Dances Work!


Dear Friends – THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your offers to help with the rain dance stuff here in Warrenton, Virginia yesterday when I was complaining about how dry it was and how desperate we were for some “wet stuff”.  About 3:30PM I heard the rumble of (dare I say it?) THUNDER…….the sky got a bit dark…….Mom checked Doppler radar on the TV and sure enough – RAIN WAS COMING…..within ten minutes the sky opened up and it rained like mad…….it kept it up too throughout most of the evening.



Sam Standing at Front Door


Everywhere I looked it was WET……puddles, mud…….all the usual stuff and while I haven’t yet been out this morning to get up close and personal, I’m sure I’ll have a puddle or two I can poke and play in (if Mom’s not looking of course) and who knows – maybe my elusive froggy friend I haven’t yet seen this year will be out for a stroll or a swim and I can say hi?????

Freddy my friend - where are you this year?  You're "missing in action" !

Freddy my friend – where are you this year? You’re “missing in action” !

SO – thank you my friends for being so helpful……..because it worked.  If you ever need me to do the Rain Dance for you – just let me know OK?


Tomorrow is Speedy’s Pirate Party blog hop (I think it’s a blog hop anyway)……wait until you see MY get-up – Mom helped of course!

Milou, Texas and Kitshka’s brother, has his 14th birthday pawty on the 16th which happens to be the same day that Bacon our piggy friend has HIS birthday pawty so WATCH OUT WORLD – BLOGVILLE IS PAWTYING TO THE MAX!!

Mollie and Alfie are having a logo competition over at their place – yep – they are asking for peeps who want to design a logo to submit their designs and then I think we’ll all get to vote for them!  Pop over and read Alfie’s blog posting about it.  Should be fun.  My Three Moggies have already entered their suggested logo – put your artistic thinking caps on and design a logo!!  Woot!

Happy Friday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

An Unlikely Couple….


Good Morning!  So here’s the deal………I’m starting to suspect something might be going on between our “yard cat”  who visits us off and on during the day for a mooch, and Freddy the pool-loving frog.   Mom and I have both noticed that frequently (like yesterday morning for instance) the two of them show up on the front porch at the same time.  Yep – they sure do. 

Yesterday morning at 5AM when it was still pitch black outside, Mom looked out the windows around the front door and saw Stevie so Mom got Stevie’s food, opened the front door and there sat Freddy AND Stevie.  Mom bent down and filled Stevie’s bowl – and Freddy moved under a plastic table that has a big plant on it.  Mom quickly ran upstairs and got her digital and snapped these:

I think Freddy was embarrassed for Mom to catch him with Stevie on the front porch…..or maybe he’d just popped out of his “pool” ??

“munch….crunch….hmm…wonder why this water has a decidedly froggy aroma and taste???!!!”

The distance between Stevie and Freddy was about two feet.  Freddy was WET……I suspect Freddy was taking a soak in Stevie’s water bowl but I can’t prove it.  The other possibility – that they arrived on our doorstep TOGETHER is too mind-boggling for me to handle.  Is this a case of “THE ULTIMATE ODD COUPLE” ??????????????????

Freddy is a big froggy and undeniably handsome I’m sure to a lady frog, but for Stevie and Freddy to be anything other than friends that hang out?  Well that’s downright impossible.  I think they are “night time friends”…….Freddy’s out at night just like Stevie is – I guess they’re hunting or whatever it is they do……..and maybe they’re just good company for each other……..whatcha think?  Reasonable assumption? 

Sam On His Tissue

I’ll have to spend some time today pondering this “odd couple” theory of mine….it’s rather mind-boggling isn’t it?!

Perhaps it will just remain one of life’s little mysteries………but I do LOVE a good mystery! 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy “Sherlock” Holmes-Kimmell 😀 😀 😀

Ready for Freddy?


Happy Monday!  Boy oh boy am I excited……..yesterday morning when Mom went outside in the dark (5AM) to walk down to the mailbox to get the Sunday paper – GUESS WHO WAS WAITING ON THE FRONT PORCH?????   GUESS WHO ELSE HAD HER CAMERA READY AND WAITING??????     😀 😀

YAY!  Mom was so excited these aren’t the best photos in the world but capturing the elusive Freddy on film with him hopping around in the dark wasn’t easy.  She only had the light from the porch to help her and she just guessed about how to aim the camera and snapped.  Let’s hear it for Mom!

Big Daddy Freddy!

So here – without further ado – is my froggy buddy Freddy – on the sidewalk then after he hopped into the garden (I don’t think he liked the flash much!). 

Gimme a break lady – I don’t like that flash thing!

Now – here’s the even BIGGER surprise.  When Mom was coming back from trekking down to the mailbox it was a teensy bit lighter already outside and she saw movement on the sidewalk at the opposite end from where Freddy was (near the porch).  She stopped,  watched and sure enough a LITTLE frog was there on the sidewalk.  I’m positive it must have been Freddy Junior wondering where the heck his Dad was – this little guy looked just like big Freddy – same coloring – only little.  He was right where we used to see Freddy all the time until Freddy discovered the water bowl we keep on the front porch.  We now call it Freddy’s Jacuzzi since Mom found him IN the water bowl one morning having a nice soak.

Daddy! Come home Dad! Breakfast is ready!

Come down here Dad – there’s a crazy lady with some kind of flashing light thing – HELP!

Life around here is interesting isn’t it?  Many of you wanted me to try to get a photo of Fred but not only did we do THAT, but we got a bonus – – – – Freddy Junior too!

Happy Monday……………… 😀 😀 😀

Sammy, Friend to Freddy and his Son Freddy Junior

Rain! (and Freddy the Frog)

Where Sam's friend Freddy the Frog lives!

Here's where Freddy lives....whenever it rains, he comes out from these flowers to say hi!

Hi Everybody!  Guess what….it’s raining this morning….the kind of rain I like – nice and gentle.  I could hardly WAIT to go outside this morning because I knew my friend Freddy would be there.  He always comes out to play when it rains.  Sure enough, Mom and I rounded the corner by the end of the house and there he was – sitting on his rock!  Mom left me there with Freddy while she went down to get the newspaper from the mailbox – when she got back, Freddy and I were doing our usual thing.  Freddy sits and waits for me to give him a little push then he hops.  I just gently give him a shove and he’ll hop again!  I know if he didn’t enjoy our game he’d just hop away but he never does – he sits and waits for me to gently touch him and one big hop is all he does! 

Sometimes I wonder if Freddy has a family that lives there too.  Maybe under those flowers and the dwarf alberta spruce tree there’s a whole frog community!  Freddy and his wife and children, and maybe Aunts and Uncles and who knows how many other frogs…….Freddy’s the only one I’ve ever seen though.  I know it’s him every time – he’s bigger than my paw and has spots on top.  I’ve seen other frogs around our yard or on our driveway, but Freddy’s the only one who plays with me. 

Like most cats (so they say!) I eventually get tired of playing push the frog, or Freddy will hop back into his garden and disappear OR it starts raining really hard and I run for the door!  But while Freddy’s around, it makes rainy days that much more fun and special.  Of course we’ve needed rain for so long, it’s special anyway but getting to play with Freddy MADE MY DAY!

Hope you all have a nice rainy Sunday too (or if you don’t need rain, maybe you’d rather have a sunny Sunday??)…….

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat with a Frog Friend named Freddy