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Who Me? I’ve Been Good!

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

Huh? Did somebody say breakfast is ready? Is bacon involved by any chance?

I don’t mind being interrupted while I torture Mr. Yellow Fuzzy Ball when it comes to that favorite sound of mine – Mom putting my breakfast dish down on the floor!   What’s even better though is if, right after she puts my dish down, she gets stuff out of the refrigerator to make breakfast for Dad….why?  Because almost always, BACON is involved. 

I’m not a “people food” kind of guy but bacon – well – let’s just say I don’t turn down a tiny little piece if someone just happens to offer it to me.  I’m not a PIG about it – just a little piece will do.  Mom says it’s NOT good for me but I daresay it’s not good for Dad (or Mom) either!  Do we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have to do stuff that’s good for us?  Huh?  Once in a while it’s good to be bad.  That’s my philosophy anyway. 

Oh boy – I DO smell bacon cooking…….I’ll make Mom feel good by eating some of this cat food stuff she put down for me but then I’ll go sit quietly by my parents at the table…..and give them:


Tee Hee……..it works every time……… 🙂